Monday, June 16, 2008

Tyler and Karen

Tyler is my youngest son, just in case you did not know.
(Just a little side note: For some unknown reason the pictures keep disappearing from this post. I don't seem to be able to correct it.)

He has been dating Karen for the past 7 months,
except for a 3 week pause earlier this month.
I love these pictures. And I have heard so many nice things about Karen.

I asked Tyler once why he always seems to be dating English majors.
He said, "Because I don't like it when girls can't spell."

I've seen some of Karen's writings and she definitely expresses herself very well.
I've heard she is a great speaker, too.
So is Tyler.

Perhaps Tyler should make another road trip home so we can meet Karen.


Kim said...

I'm speechless! Talk about a cute couple! That's it Tyler, it's time for a road trip up North! So c'mon McKay and Tyler...pack up the car, bring snacks, and be prepared for a crazy day with your sisters, hubbies, and 7 funny kiddos!
Kim :)

PS - If Karen is an English major we may need to pass up "Balderdash" night -- she'd put us all to shame! :)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm--what a great looking couple! Hope to hear more about these two. Love, Dad and Susan

the Rich girl said...

Confession: I'm glad that Tyler can spell, too. That was something that I noticed early on about him, and really liked. A lot.

Jill said...

Hi Karen! You read my blog!
Yes, Tyler can spell. Actually I miss being able to call him from the other room and say, "Hey Tyler, how do I spell...."

Miranda said...

Very cute couple!