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A quarter of a century ago...

No, it is not a birthday. Rather, it's a day I will never forget...

He was my third son. So why would I worry? I had no reason to think anything was wrong.
How could I have missed it?

Even looking at him while taking this picture when he was just 3 weeks old, I didn't notice it. I can see it now in this picture, but I couldn't see it at the time. The blueness above his lips, the struggle in his face.He was all dressed up ready to go to his well baby check up. He was suppose to have had this 2 days before, but I called and canceled. I told Myrna, the receptionist, that with recovering from his birth, I was just too tired to bring him in. I reminded her McKay was my 3rd. I knew what I was doing. I knew he was healthy. She insisted I reschedule for 2 days later.

Oh okay, whatever.
If I am still feeling like this in 2 days however, I will just call and tell them I'll wait til the 7 week checkup.

Two days later I was still not feeling all that well. My blood counts we…

He will be a married man in 33 days. Yikes!

I hope Karen, my very-near-future-daughter-in-law does not mind me putting these pictures on my blog tonight. I found them on her blog, and could not resist.

I just wish Karen were in the pictures, too.
Then they would be perfect.They say brides have a glow. I think these pictures prove that grooms do, too!
Oh wait, I found this one.
I'm beginning to feel like a thief. Oh what a beautiful bride she will be.

Logan's garden and Amy update

I am impressed. Logan has been working hard getting his family garden ready. He has done lots of research and now he is going for it. When I heard he was starting a garden I got quite excited, and Austin standing next to me said, "Well the leaders of our church have told us we should do this." Yep, that's right.

As for Amy. She is still dilated to a 2, and she is 75% effaced. She takes her last "stop the contractions" pill tonight! Tomorrow she will be 36 weeks! We are all so thankful the babies are still enjoying their very cramped home. But not for long...

Amy thinks she will go another 2-3 weeks and then have to be induced. I think not.

Ryan's Day, Too!

And our birthday roll continues...

Ryan is the husband of Den's daughter Kim.

I first met him in 1999. I just sat there in awe over the way he was so hands on with his baby Emily. Whatever she needed...diaper, to be fed, entertained...he was there doing it. I remember how he would place her little swing by the table while we all ate breakfast. That way he could feed her, while also flipping the pancakes.

Ryan and Kim 1996

Now let's hear Dennis' summary of this great son in law of his:

"Well, to tell you the truth...Ryan is really nothing to brag about. Just kidding, Ry. I always have a good time with him. In fact, his sense of humor is about the same as mine. We both laugh at a lot of things when others might not "get it." He is a terrific Dad to my grandchildren and the same kind of husband to my daughter. His family and the Gospel are most important to him. He is very knowledgeable about the Internet and is always willing to answer my questions. He…


This gorgeous baby arrived 8 years ago today.
She was going to be named Morgan Macie, but they decided instead on Macie Morgan.Macie is such an interesting child. She is very determined when she wants to do something...and if she doesn't, well, she just does not worry about it. I wish I could be as easy going.

I remember the very first time I met Macie. She was only 3, and she came over to our home with Amy. She was dressed in a little short play outfit, complete with brand new dressy church shoes. Amy said those were the shoes she wanted to wear, so she did!

I was also impressed that she had a mom who 'did not sweat the small stuff' and let her wear those shoes. Remember, this was the very first time I met both Amy and Macie. Amy could have been more worried about the impression she was making on Logan's mother. Instead, she was more concerned about her little girl's feelings. That in turn, impressed me immensely. No wonder I loved Amy and Macie from the be…

Miss Jessica!

This picture did something to me over 10 years ago.
Before Den and I even met, he emailed this to me.
These are his 2 very first grandchildren,
Jessica and her cousin Emily.

He also sent me these 2 pictures.
This little baby made Den into a Grandpa.Any man who is this proud of his grandchildren...
Well I was falling for him before I even laid eyes on him, and I really think these pictures had something to do with it.

If he was using his first granddaughter to win my heart, well it was working!

Good job Grandpa!

Love this one of Jess and her Daddy.
Every little girl should have a Dad like Mike.
Doesn't she look like a little baby model?
One of my favorite stories about Jessica happened the year I met her, when she was only 2.
Her dad's birthday was coming up so Kris took Jessica with her to buy Mike a watch for his present. She told her several times "don't tell Daddy we got him a watch for his birthday"

So soon after they got home Jessica fell asleep on the couch. In walks Mi…

Inside of Robin and Dave's house

My sister lives less than a mile from our home. Den and I went over last night to take more pictures. I started with 2 photos in a post 2 days ago.

Her husband Dave built this house, and Robin of course put all the personal touches on it. Together they make a great team. So, here are some more of my favorite parts of their home.

Click any picture you want to see larger.

As Robin points out to me, this wall of awards are not necessarily full of top place wins. In fact, she estimated 90% of these plaques were just for participating in a sport or activity, etc. But what a great display.
Robin has her desk right off the front door. I really wonder how much she actually works at it being it is so spotlessly clean, always. Notice her name plate from when she was secretary before she got married.

They call this garage sale find, their "vintage phone". The kids had to actually learn how to dial it. Her modern children did not realize at first that you need to bring your finger all …