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I don't think she liked it, but not sure.

So while my hair girl was painting low lights through my hair, we were both talking about the fires in Paradise, Ca. We traded stories we'd heard from both the media, or people we knew who had been there.

I told her one story I read on the news that she knew nothing about, and that's where the conversation changed a bit.

It's about a bus driver who was at one of the elementary schools in Paradise, ready to leave when there were still 22 children whose parents could not get to them. The flames were near by and they had to go now, so he took all 22 children, plus a kindergarten teacher and a 2nd grade teacher and off they went in the school bus. 

There were flames and smoke surrounding them. The bus was so smokey it was hard to see, and the lungs of the kids were filling up with smoke. 

So the bus driver took off his shirt and tore it into pieces. He then took the only bottle of water on the bus, and wet down each piece of torn cloth. The 2 teachers on the bus helped each child …

Susan's 80th birthday party, and what I learned

Such a special night when lots of Susan's family came together to wish her a Happy 80th!

Shown above with her sister Corinne and her brother in law. 

Several of Susan's grandchildren attended,  including her very youngest granddaughter Sophie: I got so involved talking to her, that I didn't take many pictures.
I told her, "You were just a new born baby when your Grandma Susan married my Dad in '07."
She disagreed, "No, I was a year old when they got married,"
I gently said, "No, you were just a few weeks old. What year were you born?"
Sophie: "I was born in '06."
Me: "Uh, no, you were born in '07."
She tilted her head and rolled her eyes when I said that. You know the look. (But it was adorable on her!)
Sophie: "I was not born in '07. I was born in '06.  I'm going to go ask my Mom." 
Good, I thought. 
She came right back, and announced to me:  "My mom said I was born in '07." 
She could have …

Leo did it his own way.

It was Leo's turn at preschool to do show and tell about the letter U.
He chose to bring his ukulele. His teacher sent this picture to his parents.

But that's not all he did.

He sang a Primary song. A very beautiful one I happen to dearly love.

Karen suggested he might like to sing instead something like Twinkle Twinkle since the kids would all know that. But no, he said he already had a song he wanted to sing.

Of course I have no recording of Leo at preschool that day, 
but here's what he sang.

Karen later sent me this message:

Amy's Spartan Super

Some things I can't relate to, and this is one of those.

But my Dad would get it. So I hope he sees this.

Last Saturday,
our DIL Amy competed in the Sacramento Spartan Super. 

It's running 8 miles in rugged terrain and going through 29 obstacles. 

I would guess they don't see many Mom's of 7, and Grandmas to 3 in this race. 

A family drives through Paradise, Ca

Last night during bookclub one of the ladies says she is from Paradise. Another in our ward today says that's her hometown. My former neighbor welcomes her ex-sister in law from Paradise to come live with her. Another neighbor's friends lost everything. 

Paradise, Ca is gone. 

I can't even. 

I don't even know this family in the video below, but I like them. 
She turns to prayer. She acknowledges her husband's bravery.
I love stoic men who can press forward.