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Animal Day at Grandma Honey's

I decided to label a few days the Grands will be here 
with a theme....

Yesterday was Animal Day. When I told the kids they got all 
excited and nearly jumped up and down. And that was before I 
even explained what that meant.

We started off with a farm fresh breakfast....
The idea was to explain to them the bacon came from a pig, the  eggs came from a chicken....but I forgot to mention any of that.

So moving right along....

The big excitement of the day was trying on animal 
masks....preparing to all be an animal at dinner hours later.
I found some animal pictures I had had for years.  So they got to color those...even cousin Téa.

The masks were a big hit  wearing them on and off throughout the day. 

Even their Dad got ready for the evening!

Farm fresh food for dinner.... corn on the cob, cantelope, turkey burgers. 

Again, I forgot to explain why we chose those foods. Oh, Grandma Honey.

We ended the Animal Day with little sister playing with the farm  animals we had hidden and found multiple times earli…

A Scary but happy day

They're B-A-C-K......

So Karen and Tyler went back to Vancouver 3 weeks ago to pack up their house that sold while visiting us earlier this month. 

So with the house all packed up and put in a POD, 

They were ready to come back here to us,  while they wait for their home in Idaho to close escrow.
However, fires are raging all over California,  especially the Carr Fire in Redding, Ca area  where they had to pass through to get to Clovis. 
We were hoping they would just check into a hotel for a few days  giving the fire a chance to die down before going through that area.  But they decided it was best to "power through." 
And they did. 

We were so thankful to finally get them back with us.... about 10pm last night!
It's just so nice once again sharing in their routine.

Just in the 3 weeks since they were here last,  Karen is feeling better.  Even the nail polish she used on Juliet, did not bother her.  While this is her 4th pregnancy it's been no easier than the other 3.
The boys are…

Mothering in 1979

I discovered this short clip from a reel to reel "home movie" from 
my father in law's collection. I had never seen it before last week, 
and it's 39 years old! 

Very short clip. Shows me with my baby Logan. 

From 1979, most likely in May, since he was born April 17, 1979. 

I can't go back, but this clip makes me feel like I sort of did a little.

Kylie's Baby Shower

Once upon a time, 13 years ago, Logan met Amy,  and her 5 children....and they soon married. 

We loved watching them grow and become a part of our lives....

Now they are growing up and moving on. 

Kylie got married a few years ago,  and now is expecting her baby girl in 2 months. 
By the way, I thought this game below was really a good one. 

All us guests answered these questions  and then Kylie's favorites won a prize.  Your most valuable parenting tip Diaper Bag Essentials Things you are going to miss Never leave home without
(Do you know under "Things you are going to miss" someone wrote, "Happiness."  Obviously this was written by someone who is not a parent yet!) 

Brynn Aly will be Amy's 3rd grandchild!

This sister picture would be complete if only Téa were in it. She was running around the house somewhere.
Kylie, Macie, Laurynn

I remember the day Kylie said  she was going to name her Brynn Aly.
She was so pregnant sick that day (months ago) and looked so sad,  but she tota…

The grands set the table

Our grands from Vancouver, Wa (soon moving to Idaho) set the table. 

We don't eat in this dining room every night, but for some reason 
this room seems to have a calming effect on us all. 

They get to use the goblets in here, we put the music on, and just 
before we start to eat, we bring out the candles. (the turning on 
kind) What a difference it all makes. 

But the best part for me is watching them set the table. 

They know I like the comfy chair in the corner so that's where they 
set me up! So thoughtful they are. 

Memories of Romie

20 years ago this month, 
my little nephew Romeo very sadly left this world. 

He will always be a part of our eternal family. 

In the process recently of trying to restore many of my VHS tapes, 
I came across about 4 1/2 minutes of Romie, taken just weeks 
before he passed from this life. 

On a side note, notice my nephew Nick all dressed in his cub scout uniform. I didn't think 
he was 8 yet so I couldn't figure it out. Until he explained he wouldn't be an official scout 
for another 5 weeks. He was ready!

The part of the story I didn't tell....

When Brock and Erin were over a few days ago,  they told me I left out a part of a certain blog post I did.

They said I really should have included it.

I told them I wasn't too comfortable  about exposing my Grandma fail. 

But then, they talked me into it.

So a couple weeks ago I did a blog post about taking their daughter  Violet to visit two little neighborhood libraries. 
If you want to refresh your memory, Go Here. 
Right before pressing publish on that post, I was curious about the  name of the book Violet chose at the first little library. 
I don't have the best eyes anymore,  so I made that picture bigger and this is what I saw:

Okay, I don't want to do this, but here's a bigger version of it.
When I saw the title of it I gasped and thought....."Oh no, I just sent  her to visit her Grandma Lynn with THAT book!"
I kept thinking, I HOPE she hasn't started reading it yet! 
I quickly found my phone and sent a quick text message to her  Grandma Lynn explaining what happe…

The grands visit the great grand

Rich and Leo explain to Great Grandpa that they are moving, 
although they have 2 different versions. 

A moment with Karen and Tyler....

My son Tyler, and his wife Karen and of course Richie, Leo, and 
Juliet arrived Saturday to spend lots of time with us. (more on that later)

We had a very early fireworks display tonight....

I laughed because it was so early we were the only ones out celebrating on our entire block.

Leo said as he was smiling, "This is SO much fun!"

Afterwards, I couldn't resist capturing this. 
They truly are a very sweet family. 

(6 1/2 year old Richie is in the next room over reading book 2 of Harry Potter.)

Elora and Hailey

They don't look like this anymore.
But it was funny that this was the very picture I decided to get  made into a canvas right before they arrived last week....and  coincidently Hailey sent this very picture to Elora the same  week...right before they came.
It was fun to see these 2nd cousins being reunited after 2 years.

That very evening we all went to the school  while Elora fed and walked her goat, Aida.

Chickee could hardly believe the name of the Elora's goat. She said, "That's my Grandma's name! Grandma Aida!

The girls spent lots of time just talking. I DO remember that about being age 14 and 15.

Snacking on granola....

Out to lunch at Cravings... we take the girls there every time they are together.

And Sweet Tomatoes. Lots of history here, too!

Elora, Steve Cleveland, my brother Richard (AKA Papa to Hailey)
Wendy AKA Chickee, Kip. and Hailey
As you can see, I did little cooking that week.
Salsas for Mexican Food

left side: Dave, Robin, Wendy AKA Chicken, Hailey right side: …