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Amy & Logan & family

How did Amy get 7 kids, and 1 husband
ready for a picture shoot just 2 weeks before Christmas??!
Closeups of the kids, complete with middle names:

AustinWoolley KyliePaige
Chandler Reed
Laurynn Taylor
MacieMorgan Jonas Logan
Téa Layelle


This is what we all had to say about the movie last night:

Tyler: "Many movies today are Godless, but this one was obviously made by Christians. I loved it. I'm really glad they brought God into it."

Karen:"Finally a family-friendly film supporting the family values I believe in--love, respect, compassion, courtesy, etc."

McKay:"Really good. I keep wondering what parts are real and what parts aren't."

Dennis: "A combination football movie and chick flick."

Grandma Honey:"I agree with all the above except I did not see much chick flick about it. I could have used more of that. It was wonderful though walking out of the theater with thoughts of wanting to be a better person."

Hurry McKay, before the movie starts!
We got there early so we could sit in my favorite row...the highest one back. We brought egg sandwiches, apples, and chips and water for dinner during the movie.

Afterwards they wanted ice cream.
McKenna, you've been ta…

The stress of being loved

It happens every time McKay and Tyler come to town.
Now it is happening with McKay, Tyler and Karen.

Their brothers and their wives and kids, all want to spend as much time as possible with them.

This leads to conflict. And stress.

So McKay decided tonight to just make a plan. So he called his brothers and then started filling in activities.

At first it was not going so well
Even Tyler and Karen were feeling the stress.

Then finally it all fell into place and we all clapped and cheered!

This use to bother me. I felt I had to beg just to spend some time with them while they are here. Well not exactly beg, but I did have to make appts with them.

Then I came to the conclusion that it's a good thing my 4 sons and their wives are close and like one another so much.

I have to remember that I use to pray when they were growing up that they would be close as adults.

Not only do they love their brothers, but they like them, too. And so do their wives and kids. This is a good thing. A very good…

Christmas Eve 2009

Holding 2 of my treasures on Christmas Eve.
I gave my sister my camera and she shot away.

The party was at my brother Scott's house. Does he not look festive with his red bow? (Still looking tired from his daughter's wedding just 5 days before :) With Enoch who always looks happy.
Sweet Daniel at the computer
Laurynn, Tess, and Kate
Okay, what lucky person got this kitten for Christmas?
Hosanna dipping in the candy every chance she got.
Cousin Jake with Katie, and the still newlyweds, Tyler and Karen

Katie and Jake with cousin Nicole.
Looks like she has recovered from her wedding.
I saw this plaque way high above a door at Scott and Kim's house.

After the party was over we came home and all watched Home Alone. Then near midnight we said goodnight to everyone and crawled into bed. I felt the magic in the air. Felt good to have 2 of my sons home and also sweet Karen. And the promise of Christmas morning.

Just as we were drifting off to blissful sleep, it was near 1am and I heard…

Merry Christmas

Great Mothering advice

I've been following this blog lately, called My Four Small Boys.
She is an excellent, captivating, honest and uplifting writer.
I enjoy reading whatever she has to share.

So she's started another blog. This one is quite different, and I think very useful as well. Once a week she asks her Mom, who is the mother of 11 children, a question about parenting. A few days later on this same blog, her Mom answers the question.

Like I always say, when you have questions, go to the experts. The ones who have been there, done that.

This week's question is on teaching children to be grateful.
It's worth reading. Check it out here.
See if you agree with it.

Reporting just on the weekend...

The trio travelers arrived very late Saturday night
straight from icy shivery Provo.
They just missed their cousin Nicole's wedding to Nate, by hours.But they were here for Austin's baptism yesterday!

Cousin Jake and his girlfriend Katie. Cousins Ashley, and McKay.

Good friends forever, is what I predict. Davey, Austin, Ty
Cutie Lauren with Carly and Enoch's baby Jude, the tallest baby I have ever seen. And definitely good looking too.

This was the first time in years G & G had all 4 of their grandsons in the same room with them.
They were happier than happy about that.
Uncle Tyler listening to Chandler play his piano
The 3 goofballs.
Elora and Macie with Uncle McKay

Camers loving Great Grandma's food!
Jonas crying through every bite Aunt Erin gives him.
Relieved to find out I'm not the only one he does this with.
He only wants his oatmeal from Mom or Dad!

This is McKay's. "I miss McKenna" face.

Every bed here is filled. Crazy and happy days.

btw, I am doing a…