Thursday, June 26, 2008

Abrupt change of subject

When my Provo boys called me last Sunday and mentioned they were playing Monopoly with their girlfriends I asked (begged) them to take some pictures.

They must have put this one on a timer.
All waiting patiently in their pose.
McKay, Tyler, Karen, and Rachel
Tyler and Karen

Rachel and McKay

Had to show McKay and Tyler's lovely display of books.


Rachel said...

Yay for us! I will have you know that your sons are champs at this game. The battle ended up being between the two of them, and I just decided to call Tyler Daddy Warbucks, because somehow his supply of bills never ended. That's sort of how it was last time I played with him...Tyler are you cheating?

Jill said...

Hey Rach, maybe next time you can talk them into doing a video for me. Or even more pictures. I love pictures!

tyler said...

I'll have the world know that I did end up winning that game. McKay and I took them home because it was late and we finished it like two days later. And...Karen is very photogenic.

the Rich girl said...

What a fun night! I had a blast being ruthlessly bankrupted. Your boys really are good at Monopoly.
And Tyler, you look like you are in pain. Hugs aren't supposed to hurt!