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To all my Easter Egging Friends

I found this on Lori Tanner's blog and thought it was too good not to share!
I haven't tried this, but I don't see why it wouldn't work. 

 Here it is: 
"I love my Family Fun magazine. This months issue had a great idea in it to help little ones color their Easter eggs without having to use a spoon or those little wire dipping tools that comes with the kit. Use a wire whisk instead! Just slip the egg between the wires, and your egg is nestled in a safe basket of wires! Less chance of breaking the egg as you dip it into your cup!"

Lee Mach

In the hospital, during his final days, Lee Mach told a family friend:    "I want to go home."   "I understand." "No you don't." She then said,  "I was hoping when you go to heaven that you could talk to my Dad." "You do understand," he said. 
She said Lee's motto in life was: "How can I be of help to you?" Then she added, "His neighbor was anyone who needed his help."
Our family knew him since 1958 when he first came to Fresno to be a professor at Fresno State.  One day when I was visiting my parents, several months after my mother's Alzheimer's diagnosis, I saw a little something he had brought by in hopes of cheering her up.  Some figurine or flower, I don't even remember what it was, but I thought it so sweet he brought it by just for her.  He was already in his late 80s by this time.

The service lasted nearly 2 hours but we were all captivated by the words and the spirit the entire time. Den and I d…

One woman can change generations

A little silhouette of my maternal grandmother,  Lella LeMaster Slinkard, made in 1904!
Wow, over 100 years ago and we still have it.

My grandmother's mother, Lella Edith LeMaster
Her Dad pictured below at his office in the bank where he worked for awhile. Grandma said he was hard working and very ambitious.
Grandma told me once that her mom would introduce her 2 daughters  like this,
"Gladys is the pretty one and Lella is the homely one."

Grandma said her Mom just didn't know any better.
Her Mom made lots of mistakes, probably raising her children as she was raised.
Grandma Lella on the left, her sister Gladys on the right.  
They sure did wear lots of clothing back then.  My grandma is the one marked "ME" They lived in nice homes like the one below.  However....

They also lived in very challenging places.  The way I understand it, they were either riding high, or very low.

Grandma's parents even went to Hollywood for awhile, placing their youngest s…

Colt's missionary homecoming!

Parking right next to me at the airport...
Here is the wonder Mom, my niece Carly, and her 4.  Enoch was working at his new job in Visalia.

 The waited anticipation at the airport (I know, we have a funny looking airport.   With all the fake trees suddenly growing there, it reminds me of a 4th grade science project.) 

 Dad says he remembers these tress when they were just a foot tall! (no one makes me laugh like he does, well, except Dennis :)
Dad and Susan got in the fun of holding one of Colt's head shots. Do you know that they are talking about going to Thailand soon?? No one seems to know why.  I mean, I'm sure they do, but I didn't ask them.

 Colt's brother Jake with his girlfriend, Katie Cleveland
I told Katie to be in the family picture and she said, "No, not yet."

My nephew, Colt Kennington, just freshly returned from the Georgia Atlanta mission. Oh the sweet arrival.  Back with his Mom again after not seeing her for 2 years!
Hard to believe Peggy is a gr…

Watch McKay teach

As a grad student, McKay teaches math every Tuesday and Thursday mornings at BYU.

As I watch this video I keep asking myself how McKay came out of my body.
Algebra is the only subject I actually had to repeat in summer school. And even then I think I barely passed.

 When I showed this video to Elora yesterday (my 7 year old granddaughter) she said,  "His class must have  lots of questions!"

Thank you McKenna for taping this for me!!!!!

I think I can relate better to this cartoon:

Tyler got published in the Ensign!

My youngest son, Tyler, has an article in April's Ensign.
It's on Page 20
Of course being his mom and all I like what he wrote.  But really, I DO like what he wrote.
How do you like it?
It's okay, you can disagree.

I like how he explains that it took him a year to get his complete answer.  Love the filling the glass analogy.  I've always encouraged my boys to know a girl a year before marrying her.  They say it takes 6-8 months for a person to start really being themselves.  It's just human nature.  

Oh, and The Ensign is our monthly church publication.  I have been reading it every month since I was a little girl.  Even back in the days when it was called The Era.
I have never known personally anyone who had an article in it, until now. :)

Adorable 911 call

A 911 call from a 5 year old.
My favorite part is her worrying about what to wear for the firemen!

Speed Friendshipping

This was my kind of game!  Loved it!

We played this at our Young Womens stake meeting last Thursday evening.  
(This is a semi-annual gathering we have as leaders of the YW in our church, to give us support and insight and help. For more info, go here.)

Picture 2 rows of chairs facing each other.  We each had one minute to ask anything we wanted to the woman across from us.  After one minute, all of us on the first row shifted to the next chair.  Then proceeded to interview the next one.  In about 15 minutes I got to know 15 different women (or was it 10 women, I didn't count)....I really did feel as though I knew them a little after that short amount of time.  

I don't usually like games, but this one was for me.  
Because like I always say,there is nothing more interesting than people.

I could have done this for hours.  

I think this would make a great game for any party.  Perhaps even a combined Young Women/Young Mens combined activity?  
No?  You don't think teenage boys would…

McKay's hair cut by McKenna

First the "before"

See what a great job she did!

Bronson's Miracle

I have no words for this one.  Just watch it. 

If you are not hooked after 20 seconds, then this is not the video for you. 

Gohere if you want to see them on the Today show. 

Kim and Kris' first episode!

Remember how I did a blog not too long ago about my husband's' twin daughters and their new website, DIY Dish?
They posted their first weekly episode yesterday and I didn't want you to miss out,  so here it is.

Last I checked, they had 1,323 comments!!!!!!  

They even answer the question,  "Are you related to the Osmonds?"  

If you are interested, sign up for their email notices of new episodes.

Dennis says they were so fun to raise!

A surprise phone call

Dennis called me yesterday from work, as he often does and said,  "Jonas called me today."

I'm thinking, Jonas, Jonas who?  The only Jonas I know is our 11 month old grandson.


"Yes", he said,  "Jonas."

Den said he looked at his phone and saw it was Amy.  But all he heard was,  "AHH.  uhhh,  OHH"

Those are Jonas' words.  Definitely not Téa.

I think Jonas was calling to say that he misses his Daddy and wishes he would come home from his 4 day motorcycle adventure.  He doesn't want his Grandma Honey to worry any more.  He wants her to be able to sleep at night.  That would be nice.

Life was sure easier when Jonas' Daddy looked like this:

1985...Do they do even do photos like this anymore?
When I emailed Amy to tell her Jonas called, here was her response,
"What time did he call? And was it Dad's cell number? Did Jonas talk to him? I had no idea he did that. How funny..."Gotta love one touch dial!

When Times are Tough

When I heard that McKenna's parents gave this book to their 6 adult children for Christmas, I became very interested to learn what was so special about it. 

So I got myself a copy a read a chapter each evening for 5 make it last, because it was that good. 

John Bytheway has a gift of saying things that make sense.  Phrases that make one think.  

Here are some of my favorites from his book:

"While it's true that adults produce children, it's also true that children produce adults.  For example, nothing will take the selfishness out of a parent faster than a sick or injured child.   When a tiny one is hurting, all self-centered desires depart at warp speed
"If God wants us to serve one another in anonymous ways,  I suspect he may bless us and protect us without our knowledge as well."  (I had never quite thought of it this way before. )
"President Harold B. Lee made a prophetic statement in 1972: "Satan's greatest threat today is to destroy …

7 year old calls 911

During a home invasion last Wednesday, the 7 year old locks himself and his sister in the bathroom and calls 911.  
Listen  to what happens.

I think this video is a good reminder to teach our children how and why to call 911.  When my sons were growing up, everyone seemed to be more aware of this from the program Rescue 911.  
I'm not so sure it is stressed as much now. Or is it? Would your children feel confident about calling 911?

1955-1957 and 1962

John and Richard 1957
(2 of my brothers)

I found all these pictures together in my files with a rubber band around them.

I guess Richard and I got all dressed up for John's newborn pictures.
Or maybe it was Sunday.

October 29, 1955 Judy Perry's birthday party (whoever that was, I have no idea-just reading off the back of the picture)
Everyone seems to be doing their own thing.  I'm the one to the far left.  Richard is sitting down next to that girl who looks like she is taking something away from him.  Maybe that's Judy Perry. Oh I see Susie Zander to the right, looking on to Richard and Judy.  Hmmm

Richard holding John in 1957.   Love the wooden playpen on the porch.

That's the neighbor boy, then me, then Richard loading his gun, upside down. I'll never know why did Richard got to have longer bangs than me.


The picture below is blurry but I like the happy smiles on our faces- 1957

Fast forward for a sec to 1962 in Yosemite. How did we all fit in that little VW…

Peanut Allergy

Last week my grandson Jonas, had his first and probably last peanut butter sandwich.  Within minutes he broke out in welts and swelling all over his face and arms.  Amy said it was so scary, and they made a mad dash to the store to get some Benedryl.

Jonas had allergy blood work the next day...Can you believe he didn't even cry when he was poked?  
Yesterday morning Amy got the call saying he is allergic to DOGS, CATS, and PEANUTS.  

I heard he looked 20 times worse an hour before these pictures were taken.  (over an hour after the Benedryl.)

So I had Miss Téa, while Amy took Jonas in for more testing this morning.  

 Amy said it was not easy holding him still for 15 minutes while the Dr tested him, but he never did cry.  I thought that was pretty incredible...especially as opinionated as Jonas can be.  

Maybe he just enjoyed having Mommy all to himself.
So, the allergy Dr said they need to get rid of all peanuts.  No more PB&Js for his 6 least not at home.