Saturday, July 31, 2010

Only one disaster

It could have been much worse, obviously.

However, this morning as Téa was climbing up the bed to be changed (I taught her to do this because of my back)....                      
*This picture was taken the day before*
I set down my "green drink"...the same one I have every morning before breakfast... but a few moments later I couldn't find it. 
Where did it go?  I thought for sure I had brought it with me into the playroom.

Then I noticed something suspicious about Téa.  Why did she have a green on her fingers?
(I promise she is not stressed.  This is her natural worried look.)
So I whirled my head all around the room, looking for the cup filled with green.  It was no where.  So then I go into all the rooms we had been in that morning, thinking that perhaps I had set it down elsewhere.  I kept going room to room, and back again.  This made no sense because my eyes are almost always on her, except for literally seconds at a time...maybe when I'm blinking...okay I'm exaggerating but not by much.. 
She had green on her, yet there was no green drink anywhere.

So about now Dennis comes inside and I show him Téa.  We both know the green drink would not hurt her, but the loss of it was just baffling to us.

Finally we go back into the playroom AGAIN, and we both spotted it at the same time.
I had no memory of setting my drink down on the doll high chair.  I forget things like this when I am in a hurry and so focused on other things (Téa)

The wall and high chair cleaned right up, but the carpet is another story.

Some memories I want to remember of our Téa time this week:

So fun having my niece Natalie spending the night with us.

Natalie (Hailey's aunt), and Jason (Hailey's Dad)

I can hear my mother saying,  "Toddlers HAVE to make messes.  They have to."
(Like it was necessary for their health.  She should know, she had 8 of them.)

Téa's happy smiles, the 2nd and 3rd day she was here....not so many the 1st day.
Logan coming by after a 12 hour shift to see his baby girl.
And then coming back later that same day before he left to work, for more kisses.
And then he calls us later from work reminding us to make sure she gets something to eat and drink before she goes to bed.  I love it!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Family Camp 2010

Téa is still here with us, 
but I wanted to take a break and post some pictures my SIL, Wendy, brought me late last night.  
She was at Family Camp for 3 days doing face painting.  

Austin told Wendy to tell me this is a real beard he had grown since he left last Sunday.
I believed her at first!

 Hailey and McKenzie

Is that Carly's daughter Rivka?  I really can't tell.  
I didn't think she went this year.

The next 5 pictures, I am hoping someone will know who they are.
I don't even have a guess.  
Can anyone tell me?  

Wendy does such beautiful work. Is this Kaidy Kennington?

Jonas (minus Téa), Amy, Austin
It was good seeing this picture being I can't talk to them this cell phone coverage there.
I heard that Jonas is letting no one hold him but his Mom since his twin left to come to our house.  He probably is confused. 

Austin, my brother Richard, and Hailey
Can't wait to see what other pictures people come home with tomorrow.
Wendy took all of these.  And, did ALL the face painting!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Her favorite word is 'trash'

But I try not to take it personal.
Even when she says it all through lunch. 
Lunch:  leftover 'deddy' (spaghetti) and cantalope. 
Every few bites, she would say 'trash.'

And oh, when it was time to put her diaper in the trash, it was like Christmas to her.

Flipping the light switch on and off was almost as good as the trash.
Grandpa came home 2 hours early from work, so he took us shoe shopping.
He's trying to coax Téa into giving back the shoe she took from the shelf.

Our baby girls obviously has experience with a debit card!

I wonder what she was thinking when she saw this poster on the way out of the mall.

We had barely started the car when we heard velcro sounds coming from the back seat.  
Téa already had learned how to unlatch her new sandals!
Dinner:  We were having tuna salad.
So I just gave her some of the tuna mixed with mayo, some avocado pieces, and some cooked carrots, and toast....she seemed to love it all.
Then I started thinking....Is it okay to give tuna to babies in 2010?
I fed it to my sons, but it seems I heard something about the tuna rules changing. Uh oh.

She is such a busy little girl.
I mentioned to Den that Téa doesn't smile very much.
He quickly said, "She is too busy to smile!"

A messy, but successful day.
I think I underestimated how comfortable and attached she is to us.  It's not like we are strangers to her.
Yet, tonight as it got close to bedtime she repeatedly said,  "Ma Me... Daddy."  Over and over. 
It's like she was saying,  "It's been swell, but now I want my parents."

She went right to sleep but then about 30 minutes later she cried 
so Grandpa held her and patted her back til she was back in dream land again. 
I snuck in to take a picture just now and this is what I found.
Amy says Téa is her only daughter who ever slept with a baby doll.  
My mother use to say the same thing about me!

Elora volunteered to come help me tomorrow, and I said YES!  

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Miss Téa is moving in tomorrow!

Our 15 month old granddaughter, Miss Téa, is moving in for a 48 hour visit.  Her parents and family are still up at Family Camp, but Téa is a little too busy to live in pure dirt and open air for the entire 6 days, so they are cutting her adventure down by 2 days, and she will be under the care of Grandma Honey. 

Téa is the busiest baby Amy has ever had.  And she has had 7.  

So I've decided to just make the main part of our house like one large play pen...or 'pack and play' as they are called now.  My back is not feeling very good these days so hopefully this will help alleviate the need to continually pick her up and move her out of danger.  I hope it works.

I'm worried that she will miss her Mom way much, being they have never been separated overnight.
And, she has never been separated from her twin brother! 

But we will do our best to keep her distracted and happy as best as we can.
And we will enjoy loving on our little baby girl.

I will keep you posted on how it goes.  I wish Amy had internet up there in the mountains but I doubt that she does, so she will have to wait till Saturday to see the results.

For now, we are busy getting ready for her arrival.
Look what we have done so far.

Den made this to keep her out of the kitchen when I'm not in there with her.  
He put the water bottle by to keep the cardboard up.  Do you think it will work?

I removed all my candles and pictures and replaced it all with toys.
Safety covers for the outlets.

Tonight we went over and got her baby from their house. 
Amy says she is the only one of her girls who would carry around a baby doll at this age.

The room is looking a bit empty. We've removed all the plants that were on the floor. 

Just in case she is thinking of taking out the plugs, we've got this one covered.

She loves climbing on the fireplace.  
Hopefully this blanket duct taped to the floor will help keep it safer for her. 

Is there anything we have forgotten?  If so, I'm sure Téa will let us know soon.  

I plan on sleeping in the playroom with Téa.  Grandpa will just have to survive without me for 2 nights.
Okay, we're ready.  
Bring her on.

If you are a tired, young Mom reading this, take a look at this blog.  
Even if you aren't.
I have no words to explain, just go there.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Sidewalk Chalk Girls

This post was from one day last week.
I had been waiting for their parents to return from Comic-Con before showing this.

Time for lunch!!
I asked Elora why she was blowing her hands.
She said, "Because the little tacos are hot.  So I want to get my hands really cold before touching them."
Only Elora.

I thought Elora had written,  "Thank you for having us."  
It was until Den got home that night that I realized she had written, "Thank you for loving us."