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A way to read a bedtime story without reading it

Normally our days are short, they fly by. However, this week we have the twins and the days are long, but it's a good kind of long.
But I get tired. So does Grandpa. 
They want a bedtime story. I want a bedtime story.  But I'm too tired to read one.
Well guess what? A friend told me about this solution, and we are LOVING it.
Every night we all climb into our bed, and relax as someone else reads the story.
It's all sponsored by the Screen Actors Guild, so they are really good at reading stories. It's called Storyline Online. And it's FREE.
As you can see, the twins are captivated.
That's Logan to the left.  He comes by most evenings this week, and stays for the story. Sort of. Although he's faced the wrong way.
Right after dinner the twins start asking me when it's story time. There are 30 stories to choose from, and I've heard they keep adding to them.
So far this one's my favorite: "The Tooth." Go listen to it,  even if you don't h…

Happy Easter!

In case you have not seen this video which has gone viral, here it is:

Who does my granddaughter look like?

Genetics are an interesting thing!
Last weekend my SIL Wendy tried to guess who my granddaughter looks like.....

Thankful they have each other!

Elora and Hailey. The 2nd cousins. My granddaughter plus my brother's granddaughter  equals 2nd cousins, right? Please someone correct me if I'm wrong. 
Here's just a minute of their weekend. Grandma Chickee and Hailey blew in and out of town,  but will be back in less than a month! 
I think there has been more growth in these girls the past few months, then ever before.

They only see each other about twice a year,
but they text everyday, and FaceTime 2-3 times a week.
The older Hailey gets the more she reminds me of her Mom! Sometimes I think, surely she's right around the corner.

Hailey's Grandma Chickee drives miles and miles and miles just so these girls can be together!

That Vlogging Family

I think this quirky little family posts videos 5-6 times a week....but I watch the ones they put on
Mondays because I like hearing what they learned about at church the day before.

I finally took care of this!

So... back in 1986, my son McKay was in for one of his hospital stays at Valley Children's.
 This time he was 2 and I was with him round the clock for nearly a week.

Each day I would settle him in the little red wagon provider by the hospital
and walk the floors with him, pulling his IV pole behind us. We would walk by the usual places
....the cafeteria, the playroom, and the gift shop.

The gift shop was his main attraction for one simple reason. The first day we were there he spotted a
little red race car. He'd push the button and it would light up and make noises. I still remember all
these years later how he would say, "Peeze Mommy Peeze." He begged me to buy it for him.
It cost $9... and back then I didn't have an extra $9.
Yet, each night as I would drift off to sleep with McKay snuggled up against me,
I would think....tomorrow I am going to do it! I will buy that race car for him!
Then tomorrow would come and I just couldn't do it.

This has bothered me…

I had no idea...

So I'd been reading this blog for a while....about a family. The man and woman sing, and display
some of their videos. They give birth at home 2 years ago to a darling little girl who has
Downs syndrome.

I'm drawn to their love of family and "the simple life." Or so I thought. They cherish one another.

I read how she gets cancer and is put on hospice. Her husband describes so personally and beautifully
their last days together. They still see the blessings in each moment, even the really really hard ones.
And there were plenty of those.

I learned on their blog yesterday that she passed away at 2:30 pm surrounded by her family.

Then a few hours later I am on my computer again and as usual the top CNN news stories come on.
I see in the line up, "Country Singer Joey Feek dies at 40." What? She was a well known singer?

I had no idea. They hadn't mention that part of their life on their blog, not that I had read anyway.

Whether she was known or not known, it …

I don't like the title of this book but I LOVE it!

I have a book to tell you about, but first...
I get so excited about produce this time of year.
Are you remembering to roast your vegetables?
This was such a great cauliflower and carrots. 
I threw the red onions, and mushrooms in since I had some, and loved those too!  Just 2 T olive oil, salt and pepper. 30 min at 375' The asparagus didn't fare well this way.
I LOVE Spring time.

I've been passionate about this book....

I don't especially like the title, but it is rather catchy.
But seriously this is one of THE BEST books I've ever read. It's all science based written by an MD who is.... I wouldn't even say passionate is strong enough, I would say obsessed about health.  He has seen too much and knows too much not to share. 
It matches perfectly with what I already it feels right. 
It's NOT written like a text book. It's engaging.  A page turner. I cannot leave this book alone.
The author use to go all over the count…