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I want to remember this

I'm still thinking about a talk I heard at church last Sunday. By the look in the speaker's eyes and
hearing the emotion in his voice, I could tell he was not only very sincere, but he's been through 
a lot. He spoke of family problems, although without going into detail.  He said he now asks himself every morning, "What can I do today to live a Christ centered 
life?' and then he goes to bed each night asking himself, "Am I doing what I need to do to live 
a Christ centered life?" I've been putting this to the test this past week. It's amazing to me just by asking
myself those questions each day, how the insight is coming.  Here are some other points this speaker made that I hope to remember: *Patience is the understanding of other's faults. (I think this one is my favorite.) *We need to forgive those who are attacking us. *We are suppose to love ALL of our brothers and sisters.  *To love everyone is HARD. *To love as He loved should be our highest…

I think I see a pattern here....

My 2 youngest sons, Tyler and McKay. They were in sync growing up too....

January 2016 Juliet and Annie

July 2013 Leo and Scarlett

September 2011 Grant and Rich
I get the feeling these cousins want to be raised together.  Can't help but wonder what kind of plotting and planning goes on in heaven. 

My version of Star Wars

Per Den's request for his birthday, we went to see Star Wars on Wednesday. 
(his real birthday was Tuesday but I was helping with a baby shower that night)

You know those movie previews they show for a whole 15 minutes before the movie begins? They
are SO loud to me so I leave and walk around outside a bit. Then I come back in, put my ear plugs in
and we were set to go. Or rather set to sit. For 2 hours and 15 minutes.

I'm doing well. Movie’s not bad. I recognize most of the characters from when I use to pick them off
our living room floor back in the 80s.

A text comes in on Den’s phone from some friends from church saying they can’t get home from
the beach soon enough to feed the missionaries tonight and ask if we can feed them instead.
Den hands me his phone. I text and tell these friends that while we would love to, we can’t because
I’m taking Dennis out for his birthday dinner tonight. Turns out the friend says it’s her husband’s BD
too! So we text back and forth about yea…

The big brothers meeting little sister.

So Dennis was working in our church temple yesterday. He was there all morning, and when he got
out to the car he checked his phone and he had 75 text messages! (they were all from Karen
and Tyler and me conversing back and forth). He knew just looking at the number of messages 
that Juliet had arrived!

It was such a happy day!

The last picture that came in last night. She was about 12 hours old, I think. I know this baby. She looks so familiar to me!

Tyler and Karen sent me several videos too.....I chose these two...
Leo is such a tender sweet boy.

She's here!

After a very short labor and no epidural,  baby girl arrived just before 9am!

Juliet Elizabeth
(they have not weighed her yet.  Instead, they gave Juliet right to Karen and she started feeding her.)
 I can already see both Richie and Leo in their little sister.

Isn't her name beautiful! She has her Mama's middle name.

Karen told me during her pregnancy that naming her Juliet would be "giving a nod to the Rozier
family," because of my Grandpa Romeo Rozier.

Weight just in: 7 lbs even!
20 inches


Labor will begin in the morning.

Tomorrow is only a day away...

We will have some baby news tomorrow!

Little Annie will soon have another cousin to grow up with...

Dennis' first ambulance ride, and what I learned from his nurse

About 7:15 Tuesday morning I woke up to find Dennis not in bed. I figured he must have just gotten
up earlier but I didn't hear him. I assumed he was already working in his office down the hall.

So I got dressed and ready for the day, and as I was walking towards the kitchen, I heard his foot
steps behind me. "I have a problem," I heard him say. I thought perhaps he was going to say there
were ants in his office (we have been fighting them lately) but his voice tone didn't sound like an ant

He explained that heaviness and tightness in his chest woke him up at 1am and he was waiting for
morning since he didn't want to wake me up! I told him I was going to call an ambulance and he
said he didn't want to make a scene in the neighborhood....but he didn't say he didn't need one, so I
went ahead and called 911.

Sure enough we could soon hear sirens in the distance, and then a fire truck and ambulance coming
down our cul-de-sac. Next time I'm g…

42 years, and then this happened

I'm still in awe over this.
I have to give back ground first. Way back in the Fall of 1973, when I was 19...
and while I had a very bad case of lingering horrible mono ...

I began writing to a girl, Pam, about my same age who lives in Michigan.
She was married and already had a baby boy.

We became what they use to call "pen pals."

Remember, this was way before Facebook and cheap long distance phone calls.
If you wanted to know someone in another state, you wrote to them by regular mail.

This picture of Bill and I, was taken the same year. I got married over a year later, and Pam and I continued to trade stories about married life. We were
both "there" through our pregnancies and births, our mothering, and the highs and lows of everything.

Pam's Mom passed away when she was 19, and eight months pregnant with her first child.
I would often shake my head wondering HOW she got through the days and years  
without the extra help and support I always had from my Mo…

My Two Bookclubs 2016

If you have read any of these books 

please let me know what you thought, okay?
Book Club #1  (I call it #1 since we meet the first week of every rotating homes). 
January 7th Miss Buncle's Book by D. E. Stevenson
February 4th Gracie: A Love Story by George Burns
March 3rd The Lost Quilter by Jennifer Chiaverini
April 7th Women and the Priesthood: What One Mormon Woman Believes by Sheri Dew
May 5th Pearl of China by Anchee Min
June 2nd The Invisible Wall by Henry Bernstein
July 7th In the Company of Others by Jan Karon 
August 4th The Convict, the Rookie Card and the Redemption of Gertie Thump Becky Lyn  Rickman
September 1st The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin  Olympics by Daniel James Brown
October 6th Coming Home: A Mormon's Return to Faith by Susan N. Swann
November 3rd The Beekeeper's Apprentice by Laurie King
December 1st TBA

Book Club #2 
(We meet every third Wednesday of the month in Pam Biberston's home.)

Teaching rather than punishing

Late Christmas Eve I couldn't sleep.
So finally about 1:30am I got out of bed and decided to read this magazine
that had been sitting on our end table for a few days. 

I admit I was taken in by this 1950-1960s (?) picture of President Hunter with his granddaughters. He presided over our church in 1994 for just 9 months until he passed away.
I began reading the several page story of his life written by his son, who is now elderly.
What struck me most was this paragraph:

I immediately thought....that's how I was raised! 
I may not remember events when I was really young, but I don't remember being punished for
anything, ever. My parents instead, just talked to me, especially my Mom. She just explained things
to me and she acted like of course I would have done the right thing had I known better. 
It was just nice to see her ways in print.

Here's a more clear picture of the cover.
I just love old pictures of good families. I'm thinking more 1960s?

Our New Year's Celebration last night

We celebrated the New Year last night, just Den and I. We played a couple games of Scrabble and
watched a few movies. Then while Den popped the corn I made us both hot chocolate with
marshmallows. At midnight we ran outside with our pots and pans and clanged them together. That
didn’t really do the night justice so then Den brought out his 38 and fired a few shots in the air. So
romantic. We wanted to do somehthing different this year so about 12:30 I fried up some eggs,
sausage, bacon, hashbrowns and pancakes and we had our very first 2016 breakfast.

So of course none of that happened. Our real celebration was so much better. He watched the BYU
basketball game and ate GF cookies, while I studied for my Primary lesson in the other room and had
my granola. About 10:30 we got ready for bed. As I was filling up my thermos of water from the
fridge for the night (my nightly ritual)….Den came in and stood beside me and said, “Wasn’t it 17
years ago tonight that we kissed for the first time?…