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Cami and EPU

There's this special little place tucked away in central Fresno that 
our Cami attended often when she was a bit younger.

Whenever I would go there, literally as soon as the doors opened 
and I would step inside, I could feel the sacredness of it.

I felt I was in the presence of angels....both in the tiny children and 
families it helped, but also in the teachers and aids who attended to 
them. Angels.

This video was recently shown at a recent EPU (Exceptional 
Parents Unlimited) fundraiser.

Immediately after showing this video, EPU was able to raise 
$10,000. in just 30 minutes.

This was filmed in Brock and Erin's home, 
even Elora was interviewed.

(It was shown on Facebook recently but not everyone has FB)

I'm finding more wonders

I see wonders everyday if I just pay attention.

Here are a few of my latest.....

1. After all these years I finally learned a way to keep bananas 
from going too ripe too soon. Tape over the ends. It seems to keep 
them at the perfect stage for eating for about 2-3 days longer. 

2. I came upon one of my Mom's passport picture recently. I don't 
ever remember her expression quite like that. I guess she just saved 
it for her passport photos. And isn't her hair so cute? I miss her!

3. McKenna and McKay and all of her family rented a huge house 
in Maine where all 37 of them are staying this week. Also, her 
parents rented out that entire bowling alley for a few hours. 

My people are the ones in RED. 

4. Chandler has been on his mission 8 months in South Carolina, 
but they just got his plaque. He's doing so well! He ends every 
letter with "love one another."

5. Notice the saying on the wall of this little boys' bedroom.
(from a blog I follow)
(I read this blog so I know t…

speaking Spanish at birth??

This picture has nothing to do with my little story below. But I just like it.

Téa looking at our tiny bird's nest on Mother's Day with her Daddy.

Our 8 year old granddaughter Téa was talking to me  about her new neighbors. 
She said they only speak Spanish,  and she seemed disappointed about that. 
So thinking of my recent DNA test, I told her,  "Well, I'm part Spanish."
Téa looked surprised, and then she asked me,  "So did you need to learn our language?" 

Violet and the tooth fairy

When you're 6 years old and you lose your very first tooth it's a 
pretty big deal, right? 

Violet felt the need to write about it...even though she is still in 
kindergarten and only knows how to spell phonetically. 

She loves her tooth fairy story so much 
she brought it to Grandma Honey's house. 

After her sister went to bed,  she read it to Grandma Honey. 
Good thing I had her to interpret.

I think the first page was actually written by the tooth fairy...

Then Violet begins reading what she wrote...  "Everybody waits for the tooth fairy." (Love all those little beds lined up waiting!)

Violet continues... "The tooth fairy has come."

Then Violet tells me: "This is my favorite part, Grandma Honey."
"I love the tooth fairy."

But the very last page is Grandma Honey's favorite.

Violet reads, "De en" (dee-en)

After the story, Violet lays out her treasures  and put them by the front door. (an eraser shaped like a cell phone,  a plastic red frog …

The farewell

Yesterday we got to travel the hour to Visalia to see my brother John and his wife Suzanne
give their farewell talks.....
John is retiring from his practice today, and then they will leave end of this month  for their mission to Toronto for a year, where they will work with young single adults. 
They have sold their home and just about everything in it except for 8 boxes of things.  Such brave souls they are.

Dad resting after the meeting. 

Alex's solo and talent are incredibly amazing! I told him we would pay money and drive long distances just to hear him sing. 
Wish I could share his song here, but instead here's Alex, my Dad, and Susan.
This is the first time I think I've seen my Dad not wear a white shirt to church. :)
His oxygen level is only 88 and I know it took great effort to be there yesterday.  And we thank Susan so much for all she does to help him every hour of every day. 

I want to share the last bit of John's talk here. It won't be exact but I think I …

Happy Mother's Day from Grandma Gaynor

While unpacking from our move last August, I came across a talk my Mom had written. Across the 
top of it she had written: "Myrla's Support Group." Not sure if she belonged to that support group, 
or if she was just asked to come speak at it.

She wrote this in Nov of 1982. 35 years ago.

Instead of putting her entire talk on here, I will just share with you her key points. But I won't change 
any of her words. So it's all from her, not me.

So here she is:

"Did you see the article on the new law school dean here in Fresno? 
She sounds like a lovely woman who has the best of both and family. She describes herself as a feminist who 
believes That neither women nor men should be kept from 
doing what makes them happy just because it deviates from the 
cultural norm

My philosophy is that Neither men or women should be kept 
from doing what makes them happy just because it is the 
cultural norm.In other words I feel happy and blessed to be able 
to stay home an…

DNA results

I got both my Dad's and my DNA results back. 
Took longer than the 6-8 weeks they said.

Okay first my Dad's results:

42% Spanish (Iberian Peninsula)
26% Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales)
25% Irish
4% Scandinavian
2% Italian/Greece
1% Europe West

His early relatives settled first in:
Rhode Island
Southeastern Massachusetts and New York

And is what I am made up of:

34% Irish
21% Europe West (Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein)
20% Spanish
16% Scandinavian
7% Great Britain
2% Italian/Greece

My early relatives settled first in:
Ohio River Valley

My Dad has always been dark skinned so I shouldn't be surprised 
he is 42% Spanish, but I was.

My Dad's Mom is on the left.  She does look Spanish to me now, but she didn't before I knew she was!  She died when my Dad was 6, so I never got to meet her.

SO interesting how I thought, and was told growing up that we were French. Then all these decades later, I find out I am more Spanish than I am Fren…


I couldn't find this book I was looking for...
so I texted my sister in law Wendy 
to ask if she possibly knew where it was.

She worked hard last time she was here. Not only did she spend  days helping her elderly aunt pack up to move,  but she convinced me there was something wrong  with our dining room.....
She explained that when a room has no windows, it needs mirrors. and the mirror we had up there got eaten up by all the wall space.  And she did not like that reading lamp.
After a few trips to Lowes, she directed Dennis on just where to hang the mirrors.

We're getting there.
Carly and Enoch stopped by one day to try it out. 
Nope, just kidding. Brock took this picture at the Easter party. 
And I still will show that video,  for those who have asked me about it. 
PS  I find it interesting that while there were at least 35 people at that party, including their 6 children, they found a place to eat by all themselves! :) 

Jonas and Téa

So right after the twins' baptism yesterday, and while a member of the Primary presidency gave a talk..... She turned to the twins and asked, 
"Your parents love you so much.  But there is someone who loves you  even morethan than they do,  Do you know who that is?
Jonas answered, "My grandparents." 
Not the answer she was looking for,  but it made Dennis and I pretty happy. 
Of course we couldn't love them more than their parents,  but we are thankful they DO know we love them.

It was also a pretty sweet deal yesterday  that I got to sit by all of my sisters.

It's been a fun ride with these two the past 8 years.

Doing what works

So a few days ago I got this text from Karen:

And then a response from Tyler:

And here is what they are talking about. 

I don't think they ever miss scripture study as a family. 
Even when Tyler went to Boston a few weeks ago, 
they still did it as a family through FaceTime. 

Our enemies and our friends

I read this quote several days ago and I'm still thinking about it....

"As we earnestly strive to be true disciples of Jesus Christ, these 
characteristics will be interwoven, added upon, and interactively 
strengthened in us. There will be no disparity between the 
kindness we show our enemies and the kindness we bestow 
on our friends..."                    

quote by Elder Robert D Hales

I guess we are suppose to be nicer than I thought.

I live with a man who lives this way every moment of his life. He is good to everyone all of the time. 
No matter what. 

He has faults like everyone else, but not when it comes to being kind. 

Where's the baby?

My sister Heidi brought over a letter recently I had written to her on Nov 30, 1985. 
I was overdue with my 4th baby, and McKay was just 20 months old. 

I won't bore you with the entire letter, but I do love this part of it: