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We have to wait to learn the answer...

Today my Dad would be 89! 

I'm glad my Dad is not still with us, because that would mean he would still be suffering, and we're so thankful he's not. 

We know he's happy. 

I do reflect back to last February 12th...just 2 days before he passed. This was the last time he sat in his wheel chair. 

Normally he would ask me to get his friend Barbara across the hall when he was having a hard time...or even when he wasn't. 

But on that day when I asked, "Do you want me to get Barbara?" He said flatly and firmly, "No." 

She came anyway. 

She wasn't able to comfort him this time. So after she left,  I just sat on the nearby couch and watched my Dad.

He was completely awake and aware, yet I found it curious that he kept raising his arms up and out like he was trying to grab something in the air. He did this over and over again. I'd never seen him do anything like this. 

I wish, I so wish now, I would have asked him why he was doing that. He would have told …

Two life changing products

1. I'd been searching for the perfect ball point pen for months. 
No, honestly, make that years. 

I don't like gel pens, and all the ball point pens in this house leak or pool this..

So my brother Richard was here visiting from Alpine, Utah and I asked him. He's very opinionated. I knew this, so why didn't I ask him first?? 

He went right out to his car and got one of his "perfect" pens, and then he ordered me a box of them! 

They're perfect. Seriously. 
They write micro thin, don't dribble or pool or leak. 

On amazon they are only $8.38 for a box of 12. 
Cheap pens that don't write cheap.

2. Oh this lunch I love it. This is not an insulated bag. No. It's much better than that. It is lined front and back with freezable gel that keeps the food as cold as if you had it in an ice chest.

You can see the little ice crystals on it.  I keep it flat in our freezer, ready to use at anytime. 

I take food with me often, where ever I go. 
Even to ch…

I Pray When....

This little video just pulled me I had to share!

Bless You, Chick-fil-A!

I'm honored to be related to them

My cousin Kristine... 

She's the daughter of my Dad's sister Ann 
and was raised an only child.  She married and had 4 daughters.  Kris and her husband are very faithful Catholics  and have raised all their children in that faith. 
I wanted to share here what Kris's oldest granddaughter Taylor posted on FB recently:

"I’m the oldest of 20 cousins.
Madison is devoting her life to nursing and caring for those in need.
Jakob has always had the best grades and challenges others to be better.
Emily recognizes the small things in others and is always there to listen.
Kaden is the gentle and very athletic giant and is favored by every baby, kid and adult he meets. 
Zac is always there to give you a laugh and cheer you up on a bad day.
Lauryn studies hard and pays attention to the things that makes others happy.
Jaycie is thoughtful and wise beyond her years. Doesn’t give into what others think or say.
Chase has the kindest heart and recognizes the need for help before it’s asked.
Reagan goes…

Three Unrelated things

1. Scarlett is in kindergarten and was chosen as student of the week! Here's the poster she made to show to her class....

See all those states? Those are all the ones she has been in. 
McKenna said they didn't even include states 
they just drove through, but didn't stop!  
And she's only five!
I think she's got me beat. By about 15 states. 
2. My diagnosis after my labs came back from my gum surgery:

My periodontist told me his best guess is I got this abscess from getting my teeth cleaned the week before.  I didn't even know that could happen!
I was even told by the dental hygienist during that cleaning that my gums were "very healthy looking." 
How does one prevent this happening during a cleaning?  I don't know,  but after a month of antibiotics, pain and 6 dental visits, I'm trying to learn! 
3. I have a friend who is a therapist  and she had this picture posted on FB: She said it's the story of her life and it's exhausting. 
I say, imagine if we …

Clever people and good people

My sister brought over a binder full of the old Rozier Times 
so I could look through them. 

I found lots of treasures between those pages...
and below is one of those treasures.

(I'm guessing my Mom sent this one in.)

From issue #22, December 1989.

I don't know much about Solomon Bennett Freehof, 
only that he lived from 1892-1990. 

Whoever he was,
my guess is he wrote this later in life,
because his acquired wisdom was showing.

Aww, if we could only live life backwards. 

I still like clever people though. I just like good people better. 

Part of Mother's Day 2019

This morning for Mother's Day  we got to attend Brock and Erin's ward.
AND, we got to have Cami sit right between us.
She was so good, complete with her hands folded. Her parents tell me she LOVES church.
This was the opening song  and I can never hear it without thinking of my Dad.

He would have us all sing this growing up  at just about every Family Home Evening we had. 
Off key, and sounding... not good.  But he would sing it with passion! Annoying at the time, but sort of sweet to think back on. 

We came to hear Violet give a talk. She's only 8, so this was a bit unusual. Normally kids are 12  before they are asked to speak in Sacrament meeting.
In her talk, I LOVE Violet's explanation of being a Mom. She was spot on....
"A mother is someone that loves you. Before we are born our Moms have us in their stomachs and they go through pain just so we can be born. That's pain in our bodies. After they are born, mothers have a different kind of pain in their hearts because it'…

This helped get me through today.

End of March when Tyler and Karen were here, I was intrigued by all these cards Tyler was making. 

He explained that every day he packs one, along with a note, in Richie's lunch that he takes to school.

Then fast forward to today...while I was here waiting for gum surgery..
 ...Tyler texted me the pictures and notes he made for Richie this week. 

I started to tear up while reading them... and I couldn't do that just before "surgery" so I had to save them for later...

But really, they were such a very nice distraction and came just when I needed it.

 Just like Maria said in the Sound of Music...."when you're frightened, think of your favorite things." Or something like that. 

And my children and grandchildren are definitely my favorite things.

PS  When Tyler was a young boy he use to tell me that when he had kids he was going to write them notes. And here we are, all these years later.