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Autism: They may be on to something!

From 1978-1990 we lived in an amazing neighborhood.
It may not have looked like much to anyone else,  but it was the perfect place for us.
We bonded with some great families.
For example, Charise and Mark lived right next door.
We had such a comfortable relationship  that we would borrow things back and forth, continually.
One morning Charise said she almost called the night before  to ask if they could borrow our bathroom door,  "just for the night," since they had company coming and their  bathroom door was broken. 
I told her she should have asked! I would have been honored!

One day while their daughters, Lindsey and Shaine were playing at  our house, I told them it was my birthday and I was feeling sad. 
About 30 minutes after they had gone home, Charise and the girls came back and showered me with paper hearts they had made. Literally, all over my head.
The stories go on and on.
This picture below was probably just a typical  summer afternoon on Buckingham Way. 
Tyler, Shaine, Lindsey, a…

Where did Leo go?

I got this text last night from Karen:

Love those 2 names together: Leo and Casper

They all seem to be settling in so well in Idaho, and have already met so many wonderful people.
This is the very first Casper I've heard of.  (well, besides the friendly ghost....but we won't go there.)

This a different generation  and they've probably never heard of him. 
So let's just keep it that way.

It's part of me more than I like to admit

So earlier this month at bookclub. I belong to 3 of them you know. This one was at my friend Kristi’s house. We had a great group that evening of 6 women. 

We somehow got on the subject of millennials which brought someone to ask, “So what is this next generation going to be called, after the millennials?"

Can’t remember who said it but the answer was, “It will be known as “I Gen.” No one got it till she said, “I Gen... as in the iPhone generation." Okay, we all got that! 

That brought us into a discussion about phones and how they are everywhere. 

We reminisced how nice it was back in the day when we could take our kids grocery shopping and could use that time to converse with our toddlers. Not so anymore. Many (most?) moms are on the phone while shopping, even if her kids are in tow. 

I think we were all at some point during this discussion, rolling our eyes and shaking our heads in disgust how phones have taken over. 

And just at the exact moment when one of the ladies said, “P…

Her weekly lunches

Amy stopped by yesterday, after going to the gym, and after picking up her week's worth of lunches. 

She's been doing the week's worth of lunches for about 6 weeks now but she just told me about it a few days ago.

She knew I was intrigued by it all so she brought the lunches by to show me.  

She's explained to me how it works.  Every Wednesday she makes up 8 lunches 
All the same, and put into 8 separate containers.
*All the recipes are from
Then she meets with 3 friends who also  have made 8 of the same lunch. 
Each of these 4 ladies goes home with 8 lunches (2 of each kind) 
I know, I didn't understand it at first either. 
So she took the lunches out and put them on my counter so I could see...
(Two of the eight she made, she left at home.)
Here they are up close:
This is a spinach salad with turkey, tomatoes, red onions, pickles, cucumbers...with strawberries and avocado with dressing to be mixed in later. 

This one will be a chicken salad sandwich complete…

Our Monday morning

You would think Den and I would be good at this school morning send off by now....but we aren't so much. 

Like this morning for example.

At 6:45am we put music on....
and Den noisily empties the dishwasher from the night before.

15 minutes later and now it's 7am. 
Music and clanging dishes does not phase them in the least.

"Come on little Chickadees!"

Den announces, "It's a great day in America!" 

I say, "Breakfast is READY. TIME to get UP!" 
7:15 and we're making progress.

"Nope, little darlings...

"It's time to eat!"

So glad we bought this new Black and Decker grill on Saturday for $24.99. The one I bought in 1994 died a few months ago  and I probably paid more for it back then!

They laughed at our 1960s music. 
I told them that was the music welistened to  when we were their age.
But some things have not changed through the years...
Tea said, "I will show you how this works!"
I said, "Oh but I remember!  I use to make these …

My wonders of the past few weeks....

In no particular order....
1. This is what 93 usually does not look like.

My Uncle Don turned 93 less than 2 weeks ago. He's my Mom's brother, and our only living uncle.
My Grandma use to tell me that as a baby he had a hard time thriving. The doctor told her to feed him meat. He didn't want meat. So she would put baby Don in a buggy and every few steps try to coax him into eating another bite. 

2. If I would known how popular this recipe was going to be,  I would have taken better care of it. 
We made several of these for a recent funeral.  The recipe was passed on to us from our Stake Girl's Camp.  I've lost track of how many have requested it so far.

3. So nice to have Tyler's cousin Julie and her family,  in the same neighborhood in Meridian!  My brother John and Suzanne,  and Alex live not too far from them either.  Makes me happy to see my family intertwined. 
4. Envy Apples
Tyler introduced me to these. They are a cross breed between two apples and have only been availa…

I'm one with a chicken

I have never felt so connected to an animal as I do with this chicken.....


My Dad and Susan's new home.

In many ways it's like living in a luxury hotel. 

And for those who feel inclined to have a little variety in their day.....

They even have their own little movie theater,  complete with recliners and a popcorn machine. 

Every day at 2pm and 7pm. This week's features:

Or they can bring their own movies to watch there at other times. 
They have "touch up Tuesdays"  just in case anyone runs into a wall with their wheelchair.

They even have a little entry way to their apartment.  

Just so happens, every time I've been there so far,  there has been a hospice nurse, such as this one. 

They are loving the food so far. I am, too! 

They can go in there whenever they want to eat,  not just regular meal times.