Friday, June 6, 2008

It's really Rachel

I don't know if the relationship between McKay and his girlfriend Rachel Mecham will evolve or not. That's up to them. But I do know that I really enjoy watching this video of Rachel so we found a way to put it on here.

This was recorded at BYU during a Disney themed talent show for the Folk Dance Club. At first you might think this is Amy Adams' voice from Enchanted but it's really Rachel's. They were able to use the original soundtrack from the movie but pretty much fade out that voice. So Rachel is wearing a microphone and singing the lead here. The visual is not the best but you get the general idea. This was the final act of that talent show.

Don't you think she has a beautiful voice?


darlene lester said...

Looks like Rachel has had theater and dance training as well! Nice.

Rebecca said...

Wow! Look at you. My "student" has passed me up! I have NOT figured out how to put video's on here yet. Your blog is wonderful. Keep it up.

Jill said...

DARLENE...I'm not sure if you know this but you and your family had lots to do with me encouraging my boys (3 of the 4)to get into theater in middle school and high school. McKay even started acting in community plays beginning at age 9. Your passion for your sons being involved in it was an inspiration for me. They learned so much from these experiences...learning that went far beyond acting techniques. And besides that, I have so many great memories of sitting through a gazillion practices watching them.

REBECCA...Well when I said "we" I actually meant Dennis. He had a little mechanism that he put into McKay's laptop when they were here, and then put this mechanism (whatever it is called) into our computer...transferring this video from his computer to ours. So no, I still don't know how to transfer regular videos onto my blog. All the videos I put on my blog come from my little camera. I don't even know how to use my video camera. So, no, the student has not passed up the teacher! I really appreciate all your help though.


Rachel Ilene said...

I love you JIll!!!

logan heasley said...

Wow Rachel, you are very talented. I really enjoyed getting to know you. Hope to see you soon and you can teach me to dance.
Amy Heasley

darlene lester said...

I guess I lost touch with you during our kids' teen years, Jill. So glad you got to experience the joys of community theater! That, along with sports and bands, was what shaped our kids' self-confidence, poise, interest in being healthy, and of course, their directions in life. I miss those days of cheering in the audience!

amyburb said...

Lucky girl to be in folk dance! That was the best thing I did in college. And what a beautiful voice--I didn't get that in college. :)

Kjirstin Youngberg said...

I found this blog while searching for my daughter's site, "Really Rachel".

So, I see yet another talented Rachel...I'm convinced it comes with the name! Your Rachel seems to like Alan Menken as much as mine does...

Our daughter started this stuff before she could walk...we tried to talk her into anything else... doctor, lawyer, teacher, nun...anything but an actor/singer!

My Rachel never listened, and never gave up. She was even suggested for the role of Giselle in Enchanted, though she never got to audition for it. (No agent, and no real connections, though she's been trying very hard in Los Angeles for the past four years, and has been a member of SAG for over 16 years, paying her dues, yet rarely being paid for her talent, like so many other amazing kids.)

Here she is now, in case you're interested.