Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Old People Music

About 8-9 years ago, I made a CD of some of my favorite songs. I just recorded them from several different CDs so I could listen to them in my car. This week I had it on in my car as we were all going places. Rachel, McKay's girlfriend, asked if they could make a copy of it. So I gave them a blank CD and they transferred my 22 songs onto that.

Last Saturday McKay and Rachel drove up to Shaver Lake for a picnic, taking these 22 songs with them. I found out McKay labeled the CD "Old people music".
Of all those songs, wouldn't you know McKay would choose this one to sing:

(He started singing this, and then I told him to stop so I could get my camera out. )


Lisa said...

That must be some OLD song; I don't even recognize that one! But hey....McKay could be on American Idol, huh? Gonna miss these fun kids you have now that their visit is nearing an end! I'm impressed that people can have that much fun in a car. My family must be super serious, because we never do that! Thanks for the smiles!

Jill said...

Thank you Lisa! We have been having fun in the car a lot this past week, that's for sure.
Hey, I heard Jacki got accepted into law school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow, I want to hear about that!!!! Wish you had a blog so I could keep informed.


Kris said...

Jill, I've loved reading your blog over this past week! McKay is a hoot! I've never seen him like that before...it's so cute! Rachel is so cute, too. I can't wait to meet her!

Anonymous said...

Of all the songs, McKay sings that one. I think that's what makes me laugh so hard, a song about some guy going around breaking girl's hearts. Innocent, naive McKay? I don't think so. ha ha ha. He does have a good voice doesn't he? I've been trying to teach him. The thing is, he's good at everything he does.