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My favorite 2 weekends of the year

When we think of each other...

A green day brought the past back

Sometimes you can tell your adult kids what to do but....

He just smiles and says no. 
And that's okay.

But when I really need him he never disappoints.  Like last night at our Leprechaun party. 
He took over the Red Light, Green Light. 

Then it was switch places, and Logan got to be a kid again. 
Serious stuff to  him.
Thanks to the Ryan family for joining us last night.
Glad I got Brittany in one of the pictures anyway. 
Don't know how I missed taking any pictures of her husband Travis (unless you want to count this one of him videoing the race) Logan and Travis were the best of friends starting about age 12 I use to call him my 5th son. 
So bizarre watching their kids play together.....25 years later. 
Téa, Jonas, Hudson,  and Shroeder (who just got hurt outside and not feeling the best right then)

Last night brought out the reflective mood in me. So I had to go find some Logan/Travis pictures. 
Most of these were taken 20 years ago.  TWENTY years. Gone, just like that. 

Travis, Pete Maskovich…

Why I told them not to come back at Christmas time

So one evening last December while McKay and McKenna were here from Boston,
I had them tell me about their horrible adventure flying out here.

No way do I want them ever to repeat this experience.

We never finished this video as I got tired and wanted to go to bed that night.
Then Karen and Tyler arrived and we were too busy having a good time after that.

But they did make it to San Francisco, and Brock drove them the 4 hours to us,
arriving here about 4pm.

About 16 hours late.

We hope they come back next time in the Spring or Summer!

What is it about boys and hammers?

I guess I didn't realize how much a hammer means to a boy.  And I raised 4 of them. Boys I mean. 

At first I was trying to give our grandson Jonas instruction.
Then Grandpa came along and said, "No not on the floor."

What is it about hammer and nails and male bonding.
Normally whatever Jonas is doing his twins sister insists on a turn.  But not when it came to hammer and nails. 

She was oblivious to it.
Nor did Jonas notice he put 2 different socks on that day.

Just did not matter to him. 

Completing a project with Grandpa and a hammer  was what it was all about.
The next morning when Jonas was getting ready to go back home  he asked if he could keep the hammer. 
We told him the hammer stays here,  so he can use it next time he comes.
He paused in thought and then said,  "Can I just hold the hammer again?" 
So we let him have some time alone with the hammer.
After he went home I went to check...

I know it must have been hard to leave it with us, but he did!

The wood kit above is f…

The wonders of my week #10

1. Just as I started reading this book, "Carly's Voice," 
and right on page 2 there is this one line in their story
that describes our neighbors,  (except for the part about the old bricks).
"We lived in a tidy and well-groomed neighborhood of old brick 
homes, with well groomed neighbors that kept to themselves."

So I'm trying to say that we still don't feel connected to anyone on 
our block and we've lived here for 7 months now.  We keep trying.... Maybe when the weather gets warmer??

2. I saw this obituary recently in our paper. I didn't know this 
woman, although I did go to school with one of her sons, so I read 
it. The part that struck me I highlighted:
Must have given her peace the later years of her life 
to know she gave her family her all. 
I've probably said this before here, but my Mom would sometimes 
say to me when I was a little girl: "One of the biggest secrets in 
the world is being a wife and mother is THE best job in the 

the baton has apparently been passed

I'd been coming to the school theater for 24 years.

But Last Monday night was different though.... Long gone are the days I would come pick up my
sons there. Monday night it was all about our granddaughter Elora. 
She sort of lives there these days practicing for a big play that will open on March 9th. 
So as Den parked the car I told him we should go inside and watch the last part of her play practice.
He said, "We can't do that."  
He was worried we would embarrass her. I told him no, not the way we're going to do it.
We just sit in the back row and observe. We don't go looking for her, we don't approach her.
I know our place.
I LOVE being around teenagers. They give me energy. So I did talk to a few of them.

One very nice boy came up to us and said, "Have we met before? I think I know you."  I said I was Elora's Grandma.  He said, "That's how come you look familiar to me!! You have Elora's eyes!"
Yeah right. I don't h…