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It's just about a done deal

It was only on the market for 2 days, and then I'd had enough.
It was hard having 18 showings, knowing strangers were walking around inside our home, while we mostly drove around in our car.
On day two, about 1pm, I texted the realtor and said we needed a two hour break. I said the house would not be available from 1-3. 
She texted back: Thanks for letting me know.
I immediately fell asleep thinking all was well. So did Dennis. It's been a tiring past few weeks getting ready for this, and also we are not 35. 
I woke up at 1:59 and decided to just check my phone. The realtor had a text waiting saying we have showing at 2 and at 2:15..... and she added that she told them they had to be out by 3:00
Oh no, she got it mixed up. No, we wanted to be left alone until 3, not after. Uh oh. 
About this time we heard people on our porch. I opened the door and said, "I'm so sorry but there's been a mistake. We are taking 2 hours off  from showing the house."
Then I…

We're selling our home

It's time. It's been time for quite some time. But now it's really time.
My motto the past 2 weeks has been, "If you cut your hair short, you can't wear it in a pony tail." So in other words, if we want to get rid of the pool in the backyard, we need to move.
Several months ago I asked each of my four sons individually what was the smell of their childhood.  Three of my four had the answer, "chlorine."
But they have all been gone over a decade now. Dennis continues to clean the pool.  He continues to treat it and keep it going, for what? No one uses it.
So since the pool can't leave us, we must leave the pool. And our three back yards.  It's that big out there. do I walk away from sons' growth chart in our closet since 1990.
I could never paint over it. The new people will have to do that.
a little close up of it...

The realtor said we need to remove all family pictures. We did that.
I'm sure she does not wa…

McKs in NYC

So Saturday when McKenna texted me this picture.... I must have seemed rude when I texted back, "What are you doing there?"
I couldn't figure out why and how they got there.

Apparently I don't know my geography very well. 

I thought Boston was at least 8 hours from NY.
Turns out it's only 3 hours!

So I got to see things (through them) that I've only seen on TV....

And even better than that.... I got to see more pictures of our sweet McKenna since she is usually the one on the other side of the camera.
Not sure how Annie ended up in the arms of the pizza guy,  but there she is.

McKenna's brother Matt met them there. Yep, I think there's a little family resemblance goin on here.

I can see Scarlett was loving NY, or maybe it was her Uncle Matt.

Thank you McKenna, McKay, Grant, Scarlett, and Annie  for sharing your NYC day with us!
Thank you also to Uncle Matt, and the pizza guy.
(It was sure fun watching all those pictures come in!)

This was humbling...

Whoa, this sure put things into perspective...
Our Sunday School teacher today at the very end of her lesson,  popped all these up on the chalkboard.

I'm pretty sure we're spoiled and don't even realize it. I know I am.