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Brock and Amy

I know, those names don't go together, right?
My son Brock is married to Erin.
And my son Logan is married to Amy.

Well many years ago, Brock, and Logan's wife Amy, were in the same Sunday School class. The picture below was taken from Amy's scrapbook.

Brock is 3rd from the left on the top row.
Amy is 5th from the left in the middle row (in black).
Amy's parents were the teachers. Amy said she didn't even know Logan existed at the time, even though she probably at least walked by him every Sunday back then.

Interesting how life turns out, isn't it?

True Love and 7 blocks carrying a desk

I read this very early this morning. I could hardly wait for Den to wake up so I could show him. This is from my daughter-in-law, Karen's blog:

"Saturday, November 28, 2009 Look at what my husband got for me!That's right, folks. I've been desk-less this whole semester. And while I don't typically do homework at a desk, I have been pretty disorganized this semester. I didn't even know that Tyler was planning on getting me one until last night! He found it on Craig's List for $10--and it's exactly what I've been needing.

When Tyler went to go pick this desk up (this morning) he realized that it wouldn't entirely fit inside our car. . . so he carried it for seven blocks! (What a stud!)

Then he ran back to pick up the car (and the desk drawers).

So, I got to have the fun today of organizing my new space. Check this out. This is my "old technology" drawer and my "most frequently used" drawer.

Note that you can see my old laptop, ol…

Jenny's wedding day

For those of you who wanted to be at Jenny and Josh's wedding today, and couldn't, this is for you:Jenny, Josh, and Phoenix

This was taken before all the guests had arrived. It was packed. Turned out to be standing room only.
And freezing cold. Not really freezing, but cold enough for us.

During their ceremony, Jenny thanked Josh for marrying her in a barn.

Jenny's dad with Erin and Brock

Jenny's brother Robby, with Josh and Phoenix

Jenny's brothers Jonah and Joey, and Wendy.

Kathryn, Kasey, Judy, and Tim

The proud Grandpa, Mardee Robinson. I'm not use to seeing him smile. He held his first grandchild, Tyson, all during the ceremony.
My 2nd family, Patti, Heather, and Wendy!!! Oh it was SO GOOD seeing them again!!

Congratulations Jenny, Josh, and Phoenix!! Hope to see you soon!

Thanksgiving 2009 in pictures

Thanksgiving gets a little easier every year.
How could it not with all the blessings that keep pouring in?
We arrived at the Campbells (Erin's parents) to Grandpa Dale reading to Elora and her 2 little friends, Hailey and Anna.

Hailey and Elora (not to be confused with 2nd cousin Hailey :)
Obvious they have had some experience with posing.
I brought out my camera and they immediately go into form.

I took the picture below for Tyler's wife Karen so she could see what I learned from her. Good thing I took a picture of how she did this last Thanksgiving.

Cami took Grandma Lynn's phone, walked down the hallway to the mirror so she could watch herself "talking" on it! Too cute!!
Camers loved this older picture of her family. She kept looking and pointing and was so excited. I know she wanted to talk about it.

Camers was happy during dinner.
Can I say that one of the highlights for me was that Cami cried when we left today?!

Elora said she was getting ready to film a mov…

Vitamin D and the flu

I find this fascinating.
If you don't, at least listen to the first minute of this.

And here's what KSL TV had to say about Vitamin D last week:

Video Courtesy of

Turkey Cookies

A family tradition....

This is my niece Brooke many years ago.
I've kept this picture in my recipe file all these years so I can make them each November.

Brooke is 18 now and attends BYU-Idaho Tonight we made them with my granddaughter Elora

It became a family production.

Camers wants one.

Watch as Elora gives us instructions:

Tip: The caramels are easier to work with if you put a few on a plate and microwave them for just a few seconds first. The cookies are less likely to break if you put them in the freezer before making them, but it's not necessary.

Or if you want to make Pilgrim Hat cookies go here.

Separation Anxiety

Apparently seeing my twin grandbabies once, or twice a week is not enough for Jonas.
See them looking very suspicious last night as their family is getting ready to leave?

Den said, "I'm surprised with that many people in their family, that Jonas would have them all memorized and know just who was missing."

Téa was not so sure about their departure either.

But she recovered without any tears.

I tried explaining to Jonas that I raised his Daddy and I was a really good Mom, and I was trying to be a good Grandma, too. But he would have none of that discussion.

Miss Téa playing happily with Grandpa.

I told Amy when she got back last night, that until the babies can walk I don't think I can take care of them for long without Dennis helping me. One of the twins is very high maintenance.

Jonas loves high adventure. Grandpa took him for a walk in the night rain and he calmed right down. Took his mind off his Mommy, for a bit.
When they returned from their walk, I fed Jonas oatme…

My 2 faithful friends

Tuesday morning I had some errands to run, and then I headed from there over to the mall to do some Christmas shopping. It was a good day and I was feeling fine.

I got home about 1pm, had some lunch and returned a few phone calls. Suddenly about 2pm, and it was suddenly, I started feeling sick. It came on that fast. By 5:30 when Den got home from work I was achy and chilled. Even my fingers hurt. I knew I had a fever but didn't want to admit it. Den felt my forehead and said, "You are warm!" I didn't even want Dennis talking to me. I just wanted to go to bed.

So by 7pm I was in my jammies and in bed. Very strange for me, even when I'm sick. I stayed there and tossed and turned and could not get comfortable and feel well no matter what I did.

I did not eat anything, didn't take any fever reducers, just some water. And my 2 friends: Beta Glucan and Oscillococcinum

I started taking them as soon as I felt symptoms at 2pm.

I never could go to sleep. But a…

Jenny Pauline's bridal shower

Yep, she's getting married in just 10 days.
Shelley V with Jenny. Jenny use to go on family trips and help with their girls.

Jenny and my daughter in law Erin. Brock and Jenny have been good friends since they were about 14?
Obviously I arrived late as you can tell by the food.
With her grandma. Her husband died suddenly last Sept. 11th. Hard times and happy times mixed together.
With her in laws to be.
L to R Josh's grandma, Jenny, Josh's mom, and Josh's aunt.
Jenny said her mother in law to be is also her best friend.
Good genetics must be in that family...look how young her soon to be MIL is.
Couldn't pass up this picture. Her mom and grandma, the year before her sweet Mama passed away.
Her mom on her wedding day. I just knew Deedee would be somewhere at Jenny's shower. I've been thinking a lot about her again, especially this past week.

For an earlier post about Jenny, go here.