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Still thinking about this talk from yesterday...

A new young couple to our ward spoke yesterday at church. He’s 
24 and she’s 23, and they have a little 9 month old baby boy. 

Her topic given to speak on was: "how to forgive especially when 
the person does not apologize."

She lifted up one arm and showed how she was born with no 
fingers on her right hand. She said from the minute she started 
school until the minute she finished, she was made fun of about it,  
and bullied. 

She would often come home from school and cry to her Mom, and 
tell her she was angry at God for making her this way. 

When she would cry and pray about it almost immediately she 
would get the strong impression that she was chosen by Heavenly 
Father to carry this burden. 

She said her trial has proven over the years to be a huge 
blessing to her. 

She learned that she needed to forgive those who made fun of her. 
She would just tell herself that what they did was between them 
and God, and her job was to forgive. She learned how to do this 
well through the years. 


How to have a better conversation

This is one of my most favorite TED talks. 

I love the way she talks, and the message.

I can see I need to work on changing a few things in myself....