Monday, June 30, 2008


Just before 5am this morning Dennis heard our answering machine in the bedroom come on and someone say, "Pick up the phone." He woke me up and said someone was trying to call us. It was still dark and to us seemed like the middle of the night. I thought, oh no, which one of our kids is this? It's never good news this early in the morning. He looked at the caller ID and said it was Brock. My heart started pounding. Neither one of us could think straight still half asleep. The phone rang again and this time of course we answered it. Brock said he was having severe stomach pains and could we come stay with the girls so Erin could take him to ER? Den relayed this to me and I said it would be quicker if they just brought the girls to us being we are right on the way to the hospital. So instead of saying that, Dennis said, "Could you bring the girls here because it would be easier on your mom." Dennis always knows what to say, but NOT when he first wakes up.

So we went outside and watched for their car. We carried the girls in and put them to bed. It is 9:40am now and Cami is still sleeping but Elora only slept 30 minutes and has been awake since 5:45. I just heard from Erin. She said they have Brock on morphine which has brought his pain from a 10 down to a 5. They have already done a CT scan on him and we are waiting for the results.

After Elora woke up early this morning she got in bed with us and said, "I am getting really good at whistling. Do you want to hear me?" Before I could answer she started repeatedly whistling. She is so proud. The difference between a mom and a grandma...if she had been one of my kids I would have said, "Now be quiet and go back to sleep." But with her whistling next to us, I just laughed to myself. Then she talked non stop while I tried to go back to sleep. At one point she said, "My Daddy is in love." That sort of woke me up and of course I said, "With who?" And she said, "With his new DVD player."

I'll try to update later today if I can.


The Gage Cage said...

I hope Brok gets diagnosed quickly and taken care of! Being near family is such a luxury when things like that happen!

Ashley said...

Hey Sister Shelley! I just found your blog and its so cute!! I love all your stories about your kids!! I hope everything goes okay with brock!!

Ashley Reynolds

Jill said...


Thank you very much for your concern! I really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Jill, I hope all goes well with Brock and they are able to find out what is wrong. Let us know.