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My pregnant Mom

I found this pictures recently of my Mom.
April 1965, pregnant with twins.
I can still picture the yellow fabric for this dress spread over our kitchen table as she was making it. She did not know she was carrying twins until she was in the hospital and in labor. A nurse finally picked up 2 heart beats.

Such a contrast from Amy's twins...her twins were discovered through ultrasound when she was less than a month pregnant!

Also the dress, notice it is not form fitting. No, not at all back then.

So here we are in June 1956...she is 6 months pregnant with my brother John.
Mom looks like she needs a nap.
This probably looks very normal but it's not. I don't think anyone else would wear a pullover sweater while pregnant back then. I remember even in 1977 when I was pregnant with my first...I wore a pull over sweater, and I was not that far along, but still, people made comments, or they would look at me funny. Like I shouldn't be wearing "regular" clothes while pre…

What doctors recommended in 1949

This is so ridiculously sad.

My good friend Darlene put this on her blog yesterday. You may have noticed her comments on some of my posts. She has raised 5 sons, and is now a childbirth teacher. Very smart lady.

This was an advertisement back in 1949...the year Dennis was born!

Meaningful Prayer

A little Amy FYI

My daughter in law Amy saw her OB doctor yesterday.
She is dilated to 1 1/2, and is 50% effaced.
This is not the best news being she is only 31 weeks pregnant.

Also, the doctor is not sure, but they are thinking the girl baby is not head down anymore. Another ultrasound will be done next Tuesday, and we will know more then.

Meanwhile, Amy has been put on meds every 6 hours round the clock.
8am, 2pm, 8pm, 2am.
She has not been put on bedrest exactly, but she is suppose to slow down and rest more, and has a list of activities that are history at this point. Such as vacuuming.

The goal now is to get her to 35 weeks.
We are praying those babies can stay in there for 4 more weeks!

My kind of fun

Tonight we are having the Beehives (girls from our ward ages 12-13) here for dinner along with their mothers. We will go over "Personal Progress" since 2 new Beehives will be joining us tonight.

Dennis thinks I am stressing over this.
Do I feel stressed? No.
Do I act stressed? No, not in my world I don't.

Okay, I guess I am a little. But it goes with the territory.

Being he is a man, he does not get this. If he were trying to set tables and get food for 18 people tonight, yes, he would be stressed because he would not like to do this.

I love it.

I've figured out that anything I talk a lot about, he thinks I am venting from stress. In my world we women types talk much about what matters to us...not necessarily what we are stressed about. Right? Sweet man, he tries so hard to figure me out.

Men are so simple, and women are so complicated. I wonder why that is.

I loved raising sons.

I always have a goal of not buying anything to decorate. No fresh flowers, just things…


Back in 1973 when my brother Richard first started dating Wendy, he was also dating another girl, Jan.
I gave him my opinion.
I told him that Jan was a "There you are," person. And that Wendy was a, "Here I am," person.
I told him to stay with the "There you are."

So he tells Wendy this.
I was so embarrassed. She wasn't suppose to know I said that.

What I didn't realize then, but came to find out later, is Wendy is both a "There you are and Here I am" all rolled into one.

One day discussing this with me, she said, "I am a Here I am, There you are, so let's party."

She is fun to be with, fun to talk to. She is also fiercely loyal when anyone she loves is going through a hard time...she is THERE.

She's a cheer leader for just about everyone. Well everyone I can think of. She looks for the good, and talks that up, really talks that up. If there is something good, then there is something GOOD!!

We became mothers just 2 1/2 mo…

Grandma Honey age 3

I accidentally found this picture today.
My mom had written on the back, "Jill's 3rd birthday and first dress I ever made her!"

This girl looks a little familiar to me.
Is it just wishful thinking...
or can you see just a little bit of Elora in that face??

Silence is Golden

Tuesday afternoon I was shopping at Trader Joes. A song from the 60s came on (TJs has the best music!) and I thought..."I need to think of a reason to put that song on my blog. " I wrote the song down in my Daytimer so I wouldn't forget.

So it was later on that night that I went to that youth dance and hurt my ear drum from the too-loud-for-me music. (BTW, I am SO much better today!)

I had forgotten all about that song until today.
Guess what the name of it was?
"Silence is Golden"
Must have been a sign!

It's worth it just to see the guy with the short pants.
What's up with that?!!!!

Reminds me of pants my brother Richard wore,
pulled up to his chest.

The nursery

Seeing this picture does something to me.
TWO cribs!
Oh my, this is really going to happen!
Closeups of the beautiful artworkThis was all done freehand by this great friend of theirs, Todd.A few years ago Amy met Todd's wife at the gym where they would both work out.
They soon discovered they were the same age.
Marianne was pregnant and Amy so wanted to be pregnant.

Plus, interestingly they had similar backgrounds.
Todd's first wife died of breast cancer which left him alone to raise their 5 children.
...that is, until he met and married Marianne.
Where as Amy was alone with 5 children, and then met and married my son Logan.

More pictures of the room:

Chandler and Macie trying out the rocker.
I think Amy sits in this rocker and dreams of her babies.
Am I right, Amy?
See how nicely their bedroom flows into the twins' room?
What a blessing to have this bonus room,
just waiting for the babies.

Later on down the hall...I stopped in to say hi to Kylie.
Laurynn did not want her picture taken so j…

Ear Pain

I'll be back soon but for now I have ear pain and can't focus on much else.

I only write about it here on the chance that one of you have gone through something similar, and perhaps you have some advice for me?

Yesterday I was feeling great. Then last night I went to our combination of 3 wards of Young Women/Young Men for a belated Valentine's dance. As soon as I walked in there I could tell the music was way too loud for me. I should have left right away.

But I didn't.

Still, I did not stay long there. Maybe 15 minutes? Then the pain was really settling in so I went outside. I felt better out there so stayed and talked to others out in the crisp air for another 20 minutes or so, and then went home.

The pain got worse as the night went on. I was literally up all night long. Whenever I would lie down the pain was even worse.

I rarely go to the doctor, but I had to do something. So my sweet sweet Dennis took off some time from work and we went together.

No infection. Not…

The toothpick house

Den and I were just getting ready to go to Riverpark tonight when we got a call saying that our grandson, Chandler, just finished making his toothpick house!

We couldn't wait to see it, so we quickly changed our plans.

We just had to wait a little bit for them to finish up their Family Home Evening (They have that every Monday night)...
Then we got in our car and hurried over to see it.
I just love the little camp fire in front of his house.
Chandler you are one very creative boy!Since we were there, I asked Chandler if I could take some pictures of his room. So take a look!Grandma Susan (my Dad's wife) gave them these name frames for Christmas. The colors are perfect for their room.
Look at all the Lego creations he made on his dresser.
Great place for all his and Austin's hats.
This is the very desk Logan had in his bedroom growing up.
And so continues another generation of homework...
Stay tuned for the twins' nursery :)

Please look at these glasses

These glasses have been sitting in their case, on my computer desk for months perhaps. I just thought they were Den's and didn't even look inside the case.

Then last week when Den was in Utah I put them on his desk. When he got home he brought them to me, and said he had no idea who they belonged to.

Are they yours??

We have had various people staying with us the past several months, so they were probably accidentally left here. Or maybe someone dropped by to use the computer. Or maybe stayed for dinner...

So if you have a clue whose they could be, please let me know.

Eating for 3

So Den and I enter the church building last night to attend the Scout fund raiser dinner.
Right in line by us was Amy and part of her family.
(Logan was on his way to work so he missed out.)

She will be 30 weeks tomorrow!
With Austin and Kylie

Amy, Austin, Chandler, Karen, Laurynn, Den, and Kylie
Chandler says he is building a town out of toothpicks.
I told him to call me as soon as he finishes
and I will put it on my blog.

See these 2 dinners? Amy ate them both.
One of them was suppose to be mine but I didn't want it.

Amy is eating for 3, but her appetite
has not been the best through this pregnancy.
So I was so happy when she said she would eat my dinner too.
And she did.

The Cooking Contest

Wednesday night we had a "Top Chef" contest with the Young Women at our church.

Did I forget to mention that I have a new calling? I am back in YW's as one of the counselors. (By the way, Young Womens is for all girls ages 12-18 in our ward. We teach lessons on Sundays, and meet every Wednesday for activities.)

So the girls were split up into 3 groups. We all had the assignment to make something with a heart shape, being sent to 3 different houses to accomplish this.

We met back at Anna's home (our YW's president),
and the judges were the old presidency (as in former presidency)

Miranda, Diane, and Gina

Here's what we all came up with:

Group #1
Heart shaped PB&J sandwiches
Crackers with heart shaped cheese

Group #2
Heart shaped PizzaGroup #3
Heart shaped 7 Layer Dip
I was in Group #3 which we made at my house...
and just so happens we won first place!

(BTW, I'd love to show the girls,
but since they are minors, I thought I better not.
I try to only show minors if I&…