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The Cousins who can't get enough of each other....

When my son Tyler and his wife Karen finished their visit here last week, our grandkids, Austin and Kylie, followed behind them in another car....the entire 12 hours...which actually turned into 16 can read about that on Karen's blog if you want.

Anyway, Austin and Kylie went to up to Logan, Utah to attend EFY (Especially For Youth) with our granddaughter Jessica (Kris and Mike's daughter). Hope you could follow that.

EFY is over, but Austin and Kylie are STILL at Jessica's house...apparently they are having a hard time saying Goodbye. Monday Kris and Mike took all the kids to Lagoon. Gotta show these pictures, but especially the short video clip at the end. Scary stuff if you ask me, but then I'm a Grandma, so what do I know....

Kylie, Austin, Jessica

Love this one too....of the soon to be Brigham City Temple! Isn't it already GORGEOUS! Jacob, Austin, Kylie, Jessica!

Could it be the Green Smoothies??

Dennis went to see his Dr today for a routine blood pressure check. He has struggled with high blood pressure for years, and has been on medication for the past 8 years. 

So before he actually sees the Dr, the nurse weighs him in and takes his blood pressure and temp....all routine. 

The medical assistant then asks, "What are you here for today?" 

Den responds, "Blood pressure check."

The assistant looks at his BP reading, and then at Dennis, and asks him, "Is it too low, or too high?"

"Too high," he says.

What the assistant said next put a smile on my husband's face, "Wow! Your blood pressure is really great today....104 over 71. She reminded him that normal BP is 120 over 80. 

Good news. Especially considering he took it upon himself to cut his dose of blood pressure medicine in half nearly a week ago! Once the Dr came in, Den explained that to her, and she said to continue at this lower dose because he is doing so well. She also said if he …

Cooking before take off...!!

This absolutely astounds me. When I heard this I was nearly breathless. Well okay, I was still breathing, but just in awe. Total awe.

My son's McKay's wife, McKenna, flew away to Virginia for her niece's baptism, and to visit with family. He couldn't go with her because he is teaching calculus every weekday. She didn't like leaving McKay alone, fending for himself while she would be gone for 9 days......SO.... the day before she left, McKenna made NINE DINNERS FOR McKay!  Seriously. 

When she told me yesterday she was going to make some meals up for McKay I was thinking one or two. But McKay told me today she made NINE. All yesterday too!

Here are the meals all ready and waiting for McKay:

Stuffed pork chops and potatoes
Fajitas and fruit
Spanish Chicken and Rice
Hot sandwiches
Baked Ziti
Shepherd Pie
Mollie's Chicken
Chicken Rice Bake

McKay says she left instructions with each meal, telling him when to take it out to thaw, and how to warm it up. Have you ever hea…

Life is good again

I have a bad habit of venting on my blog about what I am physically going through at the time...and then things get better, life returns back to normal, and I don't mention  it again.

So just so no one will think I am still sitting in my pajamas doing nothing all I had to do for nearly 2 weeks!...that is behind me. I love my home, but I had quite the fill of it for that week or so. I'm in Physical Therapy and it has done WONDERS  for me. I've been having laser treatments done on my shoulder, zapping those calcium deposits...I had no idea there was such a thing. My PT is amazed at my progress. He told me after looking at my xray the first time, that it would take months for me to get where I am now (just a week later!)

The pain is pretty much gone...that HORRIBLE GONE...probably the worst of my life.  I still have a long ways to go, but I'm getting better.

I've been told, especially by those older than me, "Better get use to these challen…

Carly's appetizers

I forgot to ask my niece Carly, if this was all her idea but I suspect it was. These were SO GOOD, and look how cute and easy they look: (although I'm not sure how easy it was with her 4 little helpers.)

She just puts pieces of red onion, olive slice, half cherry tomato, piece of cucumber, and cheese on a toothpick. Then she drizzled them all with balsamic vinaigrette.

My sister Peggy will be back in Visalia in a few short weeks when Carly has her 5th baby.
And while I'm at it, here's pictures of the food that went along with Carly's appetizers.
We were celebrating Nick's homecoming plus Father's Day. We have the best potlucks!
 Suzanne had chicken, pork, and beef going in 3 crockpots.

Since it was Father's Day, the men in the family got served first,  for a change.
These family potlucks are never lacking in desserts!
People people everywhere! The more the merrier, for sure.  John and Suzanne had just hosted a wedding reception in their backyard the night before, so …

He feels very loved.

and he obviously is!
While he loves the gifts, what he appreciates most are the cards and letters. 
He keeps them forever. 
And I do mean forever. 

Nick's arrival!

Either a baby, or a mission return. 
The emotions are similar. 
Excitement and anticipation.

While waiting for Nick, we see some familiar looking people.
They are waiting for a missionary too...their 6th son, Conrad.

Everyone tries to keep busy.
Dad and my niece Julie compare stomachs.

Grandma Su Su is loving on baby Clara
Then it's time. The Grandpa (my Dad) and the Dad (my brother John) ...waiting and watching. Good thing the Dad brought along his comfort food.
The Dad and the Mom (in blue, my SIL, Suzanne) won't take their eyes off the in coming passengers.  Looking for their son, the one they dropped off here 2 years ago.
I'm going to interrupt this post for a second....see the boy above in the red shirt?
That's my nephew Tanner, the son of my brother Scott and his wife Kim.
Well today I was looking at old photos and came across this one of my Dad (he's the baby)
and his father and siblings back in 1931....
Doesn't Tanner look so much like my Dad's brother Irving…

Hot time at Red Robin with the fam

They all looked a bit bored at first. And we were SO sad Cami got sick, so we missed her and Erin and Violet!    :(
I knew Elora would livin' things up. 

The twins decided they would take advantage of the nearby section with no customers. (There's a reason I made early reservations.)  May as well try out all the booths.

Hey Sissy, do you think we could try climbing all the way up there?
Or how about that horse on the wall?

I gotta check my hair first.
Just as they decide to make a run for it...
Elora comes to corral them back to the family table.
It was wonderful having Great Grandma Heasley with us.
As always, my Dad keeps Susan laughing.

And some just need to have a little of Daddy's juice. Where is Grandma Honey, you ask? If you had to wear your jammies everywhere you went,  you wouldn't want your picture taken either.  It was soooooooooo wonderful getting out with my family.  Only one thing better, if they ALL could have been with us.  Someday.

My Girlfriend's Quilt Shoppe

We asked Kris to give us a tour of her and Mike's brand-new-just-opened-for-business Quilt Shoppe, and she sent us this! Watching it, I think I went into shock thinking...HOW did she decorate every corner and such a short amount of time??

The kitchen quilt near the very end (about 9:00) is my favorite. I've never seen anything like it! I also like the little piece of framed fabric hung right next to their matching quilts. Hard for me to explain but that comes on about 5:10.

If you are ever in Logan, Utah, go check it out and then let me know, okay?

A link you don't want to miss

If you don't have time to read my blog today, that's okay, but DO go here. It's written by a young mom whose husband has brain cancer and suddenly takes a turn for the worst. It is one of the sweetest posts I have ever read.

It puts life in perspective, up close and personal.

And makes me, once again, realize most problems in life are "small potatoes" in comparison, as my cousin Yolanda would say.

If you aren't totally bored with my little challenge here's my latest update:
I overdosed on TV last weekend, and I don't even like TV. It was all I could do. Even holding a book hurt. I've been in an 'enduring' mode, even during the baby shower. I've decided that pain sucks the joy out of life.

HOWEVER, I am doing so much better now, and do you know why? Since my PT does not begin until tomorrow, last Saturday night a very kind and good friend, who is also a Physical Therapist came over and helped me tremendously. He stretched my arm out, gave m…

A Double Baby Shower?

 Thank you Dennis for typing this up for me!

The plan was that Karen and McKenna would both be here for a visit this week.  So, we thought it would be great to give them a double shower since they are both expecting boys this September.

However, McKenna couldn't make it.
So Karen and Tyler will bring her gifts home to her.
And since I hurt my shoulder, Erin and Amy created all this beautiful food.  My sister Robin made the disappearing layer salad.

Amy made the decorations from Kim and Kris's appearance on the Rachel Ray Show.  The picture below doesn't even do it justice.  They were beautiful, and now Erin wants to make some for Violet's nursery.
Love this shot of my nieces.
Lindsay, Ashley, Brooke, Whitney, and Carly.

We were able to Skype Karen's Mom in from Texas. She was right there with us throughout the shower, making comments and asking questions. It was so cool.
Karen announced the baby will be named Rich, which is her maiden name. Love it!

See those two little b…