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What I learned from this

So last Friday morning I was excited because Den and I had a day trip planned.  I was so happy about it that maybe I had a bounce in my step because  when I got out of bed at 7am, I immediately ran my foot into the leg of this chair.

I slammed it hard and knew it wasn't good,  but still I thought maybe if I just prop it up for a few minutes the pain would subside.  It didn't.
So I called Kaiser and got an appt later that afternoon..

They called me just before my appointment and said  "go right now and get an X-ray"

So I did exactly that, hobbling all the way in there, until Den found a wheel chair.

Then I came back 2 hours later for my appt. The Dr took one look at my foot and said,  "Your toe is broken and you don't need an X-ray because I can tell without one." 

"Well I already had an X-ray." "But that was unnecessary. Why did you do that?" "Because whoever I talked to, said to get one first." "Well how would they know yo…

Some of my favorites lately

1.  Kleenex Perfect Fit

I don't know about you, but I struggle with tissues in my car.
Something about driving makes me sneeze. Or I need to wipe my lipstick off or something.
Or one of the grandkids in the back seat says suddenly, "I need a tissue."

I either I have to lean over to the other side and grab the box of tissues off the floor....or I have to
reach over to the passenger seat and reach for tissue out of my purse.

Now, I just keep one of these in the extra cup holder.
They are right where I need them. You may think they are a little pricey at $6.99 for a 4 pack (VONS) but convenience, and even safety, is worth it.

2. All Cheerios are now gluten free!
When I first went gluten free 3 1/2 years ago, one of the hardest things to give up was a bowl of  Cheerios late at night.Now, finally they are all gluten free!  I've lost my interest in Cheerios, but just in case it ever comes back, I can eat them now. And so can every other GF person.

3. Six Frozen Cheeries
I don…

Another day at church

My Day at Church last Sunday. 
Not sure why I'm writing this except I just want to.
It's all in the order it happened.
1. I had just arrived at church and found a place in the back amongst all the young families. I call it
"sitting in the trenches of life" other words, lots of very busy parents and little kids. My favorite
place to be. Sometimes I think it can be as noisy as the bird cage at Roeding Park, but I still love it. I
try to imagine the sacrifice these families go through every Sunday morning just to get there 
2. In walks one of these darling families carrying newborn #5. I peer over to look at this new little
guy. A new baby to me is witnessing God's miracle. I feel it every time.

3. Teri gave a talk on listening to the spirit as a young mom. She told about a time her family was
living on the military base. Her family's living quarters were amongst several floors. One night Teri
could hear the water turned on two floors above her...where her yo…

The girls pulled it off very well!

So it went like this.... Elora and Hailey had a detailed list of everything they needed to make us dinner.

I told Hailey she was just like her Mom....she use to make lots of lists too!
As soon as we got home Hailey requested aprons. She said, "I know we don't need them, but I think they would be so fun to wear."

Hailey got busy de-boning the chicken. She thought the whole process was funny. I thought it was funny that the vegetarian was taking the chicken apart. 

Elora jumped right into making her most popular banana bread.  She recently made TWENTY loaves of this for a fundraiser for girls' camp!

I have to tell you about those almonds...see them to the right on the stove? Hailey found an almond recipe to use in the salad bar the girls were putting together.

They were SO SO Good!  1 T coconut oil and 1 c sliced almonds, with pinch of salt.... cook on the stove until they "are golden and fragrant," as Hailey read from her phone. 

See the little salad bar the …

My Day at Church

I usually come home from church feeling  renewed and enlightened and happy. 
But I want to be able to hold on to those feelings more,  so last week I decided to just jot down impressions  that were meaningful to me:
1. While we were all singing the opening song, "Behold the Great Redeemer Died" in walks Laura P
(who has MS) pushing her visiting friend in her wheel chair. That was a moment. A sweet one in awe
over Laura.

2. Lauren S, who is just 13, played the piano for all the hymns today. Never have I seen someone so
young do this in Sacrament meeting.

3. We have testimony meeting once a month where who ever would like to, may share their testimony
of the Savior and how He influences their life. MF said, "Families would not bring as much joy to 
us if we just got to have them for a short period of time." (as in not forever)

4. RH said this in his testimony: "I have seen many miracles in my family through fasting and 

5. As one of our missionaries gav…

If I could talk to her mom.....

Hailey's mom has been gone for 8 years now.
She misses her in a way only those growing up without their Mom would understand.
It pains the rest of us just thinking about it.
If I could talk to Robin I would tell her what I observe about her daughter. 
This is what I would say....
Today she wanted to make sure we got some fresh flowers to take to your grave. 
After placing the yellow tulips right by your head stone,  she took one little one out, and placed it on top.
I didn't ask her, but I think that little tulip might represent Hailey close to her Mom

She placed it ever so gently. And when the wind blew it off, she put it right back up there again.

Then she took a rag and some water and gently scrubbed your grave clean.
Elora did the spraying of water...

and Hailey did the gentle cleaning.

Then I heard Hailey say to Elora, "We need to go find other graves that need help."
I ask you, where does Hailey learn to take care of other graves? It's not part of any conve…

Well that was a surprise

So last night my sister in law, Wendy, called to tell me that Richard had his DNA done to see what 
he's really made of. Direct siblings she said, would have the same profile so I was very interested.

Surprisingly I found out we are 20% Spanish. I don't know why, but this is exciting to me. Like we 
have a certain flare to us that no one knew about. I couldn't wait to go tell my Dad. 

So we loaded up the twins in the car, and off we went.

I explained to Dad how Richard got his DNA tested and I am amazed we are 20% Spanish. I'm 
sure he didn't know this either since no one had ever mentioned it. We were just told growing up we were French. 

I was kind of pumped up about this so I asked Dad, 
"Did you know we have some Spanish in us?"

He answered, "Si." 

I was still laughing about his answer late into the night!

I think the Spanish comes from my Dad's Mom....She's the one on the left, her sister on the right. Funny how I can see it now in her, but I c…

Dennis' recipe for waking up grandchildren.

The twins stayed with us all last week and...

Dennis has his own way of launching the twins out of bed every morning...

He starts by turning on the light by their bed, not the over head. Then he leaves the room for awhile.
He returns and pats their backs and talks to them like they can hear him, saying things like,  "Did you get a good night's sleep? Are we feeling good this morning? 
You are going to have such a great day." No response.
Then he sings to them, "The Day Dawn is breaking the world is awakening..."
(I wonder if McKay and Tyler remember him singing this around the house in the mornings)

Finally they give in and just get up. 
I make them banana shakes and cereal, then he takes them to school each morning,  and picks them up later.
This is where I come back in. These 2 little people come home STARVING.
One day I asked if they would like some of the banana nut bread their cousin Elora made. They were not too sure.
I suggested they "just try a littl…