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Not the anniversary we expected

Last week was our 19th anniversary. 

I spent most of the night before taking care of our sick grandson. 
He had a cough that would not quiet even for 3 seconds so we 
couldn't sleep. He was exhausted and felt crummy and didn't want 
to be alone, of course. 

Poor Jonas.
So I gave him everything I could think of for his cough  but nothing was working. 
Finally in the wee hours of the morning,  I did something I have never done with any of my grandkids... I gave him my iPad and told him he could play a game on it 
till he fell asleep. 
An hour later I came back to check on him 
and he was finally sleeping. Coughing still, but asleep.

Den and I had a day planned to celebrate,  but instead we were happy we could snag a dr appt 
for Jonas that morning.
Being a grandparent is similar to parenting, in that when they need you, there is no place you would rather be. 

As I sat with both of them at the doctor's office that morning,  I thought back to 19 years ago to our wedding day.
I thought how this man…

Wonders this month....

1. Sears came by to fix our ice maker on our fridge. Before leaving the Sears man turned to me and asked if I'd like to buy extended warranties for all of our appliances. 

Not 5 minutes after he walked out I got this news alert on my phone:

Not that I was considering buying those extra Sears warranties. but never the less, glad I didn't. 

2. I loved this it for one of my bookclubs and it made for interesting discussion.

It is Newberry award winning historical fiction. It would be a GREAT book to read with your children or grandchildren, starting about age 9, I would guess. It would open up great discussions about compassion and empathy. And it's such a sweet story. It made me want to go out and rescue someone.

3. And this chili recipe with pumpkin in it was served at another book club. Not spicy at all, and so good!
(Rather than using 2 cans of black beans, she subbed out one for kidney beans.)

4. McKenna sent me this...

5. Karen and Tyler sent me this picture.  They s…

I thought we'd never get that off!

Do you see something odd about this picture?

Yes, you see it. The wreath is not centered on our pantry door.
The day before we took ownership of this house  (over two years ago!),  we did a walk through with the previous owners.... since they were also our realtor.
Everything was in perfect shape except they did show us this little Command hook... They said they could NOT get it off. And they were worried the more they tried they would end up damaging the door.
So they said we would need to take care of it.
Fair enough (since the rest of the home was flawless)
We jiggled it, we pointed a hair dryer at it hoping the heat would melt it right off (according to google).
But nothing worked.
Every few weeks or months we would try again.
I even put it on my bucket list for 2018. 
Finally I asked my good friend Rebecca if she had any ideas how to get it off.  She said "try dental floss." I thought that was funny since her husband is a dentist.
But okay. Why not. 
Just in case it worked (not that I wa…

A Violet kind of day

Violet's Grandma Lynn captured this picture without us knowing. She and I were discussing her upcoming sleepover at my house.

I asked her to please be all packed by 4pm on Friday  (5 days from then) She said "I'm already packed!"
Violet had a main focus this time... she wanted to get a Christmas gift for her Primary teacher. 
(Den suggested Halloween instead, and she went for that!)

She spent some time choosing a card for her. The first one she read to me and I said, "oh that's sounds good." But she said right back, "No, I think it sounds creepy."
So she read another and this one hit the spot in her heart.

She found several things for her teacher,  but this was my favorite...
"I want to get these little trophies for my teacher  so she will feel like a winning person!"

Later that night... About 2 am I lost this in my sleep:

I cannot sleep without this thing. I need it under my arm. (it protects my shoulder). 
Den even got up to look for it.  (It may have …

Looking back 20 years....1998

If you knew us 20 years ago and you lived in town, you may be on here. Logan's missionary farewell party.

I took out LOTS in this video...
mostly upside down or side way stuff, but it's still not short. 

Many of these people are no longer with us. 

Bill (my first husband)'s Dad had the camera. With McKay and Tyler filling in at times. 

I think he was incredible

This may just look like an old man from the 1800s to you.
Enos Lewis 1799-1889
He is my Great Great Great Grandfather Enos Lewis.
Enos' son Morgan Berney Lewis, is my Great Great Grandfather. Morgan's daughter, Lella Lewis is my Great Grandmother. Lella's daughter, Lella LeMaster is my Grandma. Her daughter, Gaynor Lea Slinkard is my Mom.
Okay, you got that?
Now I want to tell you what I found out about this man Enos Lewis.
I found the info below in an old book first published in 1903. (thanks to my sister Heidi)
From Morgan M Lewis about his Uncle Enos: "He was one of the first to take a stand against American slavery and wielded a power that was felt both in his public speeches and through his financial aid. The writer well remembers going to his house and seeing a company of splendid looking colored fugitives, some twenty-six in number, who were being sheltered and fed. Uncle Enos never seemed so happy as when he was doing some act of kindness to his fellowmen.  
"He …

What Richie has to say about his ancestors

I sometimes I ask my grandchildren two questions: 

What are you happy about?  and  What are you worried about?

Like I did in this post with Elora 3 years ago. 
I'm not trying to pry into their sweet little lives. I'm just interested in what's on their minds and in their hearts. 
Two months ago when Karen, Tyler and family were here, this was Richie's response to the 2nd question....

Next I will have some info about one of Richie's (and my) ancestors.

The weekend we are together but not together

So last Saturday I wanted to see how all my sons and their families were enjoying watching World Wide Conference of our church.

The first ones arrived, came from Idaho....

Juliet and Leo

Tyler, Juliet, Leo

Karen and baby #4

Leo, Juliet and Richie.

I might be wrong, but last time wasn't Leo wearing the skeleton costume Juju has on now? Maybe it's become a conference tradition. 

Then we got this from right here in Clovis....
Elora, Cami, and Violet

Erin explains in a text the very creative way they do things on conference weekend....

Soon we got pictures from Billings, Montana....

Grandma Kelly with Scarlett

Grant looks seriously busy.  His mind is always working on something.

McKenna and Scarlett

This is what Annie did during conference.

Look who came back home....

Ever since Chandler was a little boy... ...he wanted to go on a mission for our church.
And now, after serving 2 years in South Carolina,  Yesterday we got to watch him return home. 
I'm not sure anyone was more excited to see him than Jonas. Okay, many were excited to see him.... but Jonas is the one who gets his roommate back.

Chandler's sisters are making a video, so I will just show raw film with no editing.
And maybe just a tiny bit of music.

Chandler has not been officially released yet,  but no worries, he has a fill in companion.
We are so proud of you Chandler.
Welcome back!