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McKay coaching Grant

We start them young at our church.

Once a year the 3-11 year olds all over the world, basically take over our Sacrament meeting.
We call it the Primary Program.

The little tiny ones, like our grandson Grant in the video below, get to recite a part. As they grow a
little older they are encourage to share more of their own thoughts and feelings.

So here is Grant practicing for his part. He melts my Grandma Honey heart.

A few from the past

Gina (from the last post) found these going through her parents things. 

 They were most likely taken during get togethers with Rex and Vonda.

Proof our parents really did have a life outside of us
because I don't remember Mom blowing one of those at home.

Mom SO did not like to smile for photos. I don't think she knew how.

Even when she tried to smile, it didn't quite work for her.

Gina also gave me these 3 Family Camp pictures...

My youngest brother Chris, Gina's brother Val, a boy I don't recognize??, and my brother Scott.

When Gina pulled this one out she said, "Look! It's Betty Jo."
(and of course her children and husband)
Betty Jo was one of my youth leaders back in the 1960-70s....She was in a class by herself.

And so concludes my little look back today to the 1970s.

How we live is who we are

Every Friday while I was in 7th, 8th, and 9th soon as the last bell rang at Tioga Jr High,
I would rush to my locker, throw my books in, 
and then walk the 3 blocks to this family's house:

Because every Friday, while Rex was working and Vonda was getting her hair done

....I had a little job of watching their kids.

Last Friday, as he had done for years and years, Rex took Vonda to get her hair done.

Sunday he had a stroke.

Tuesday, he kept trying to get out of bed saying he needed to make toast for Vonda.
He made breakfast every morning for her and put it in the fridge so she would have it when she woke
up. His daughter, Gina assured him, she would make her Mom's toast.

Rex slipped into a coma later that day and passed into the next life (yesterday) 3 days later.

We were with them the night before he died. As Den and I walked into their home I had forgotten
about the angels....but I felt them immediately. I knew they were there.

We probably stayed too long that evening but I didn't want to go. I could feel the peace and love in
that room. Rex's body was still and quiet, but his spirit was strong.
I could feel heaven and earth coming together. I wanted to stay.

Growing up, I spent LOTS of time in the Morrison home. 
Rex served even served as our bishop for several years.
To his right is Chuck Sherrill, but can't remember the two in the back?

My parents were close friends to Rex and Vonda for over 50 years. 

The Stidhams, Weltons, Harlines, Robertsons, my parents, Morrisons. 
(not sure who the man is to the far right?)

As Den and I were finally leaving the Morrison home Thursday evening, 
we passed this saying on their wall. 

Rex Morrison was one of the hardest working men I'd ever known.
Even at 91, and on hospice, he continued to take care of his yard....

and make his wife's breakfast every morning.

Even with his heart working at 10%, and then the stroke,
Rex still felt determined to get up and make Vonda's toast.

Funeral service Wednesday, 1 pm. Fresno Stake Building.

Someday we may know the rest of the story

“….Someday we may find out about the millions of times 
we’ve been protected and watched over that we’re not 
even conscious of. In my prayers I try to acknowledge 
the Lord and the guidance and blessings I receive, and 
even the countless ways I don’t recognize or realize 
they’re there….”  
Oct. 5, 2009 by Elder Richard C Scott who passed away on Tuesday. 

I received a text earlier this week with the link to listen to a "conversation" with Elder Scott 
and his daughter Linda (the quote above was taken from that). My phone was acting a 
little crazy at the time so I didn't even know who sent the link. But I turned it on 
anyway, and it was so worth it!

I then discovered the Mormon Channel has 56 such "conversations" (informal interviews) to 
listen to. To me, this has been like finding a hidden treasure. Since these are audio, rather 
than video, I can get things done while listening. These recordings are by people in our 
church who have "a unique perspective, or an interesting story."

PS  Thanks to my sister Robin....turns out she was the unknown link sender. :)

Broccoli up a notch

For years every afternoon I listen to Gary Null's podcast. 
He's a very smart older scientist and I've come to trust his knowledge through the years. 

The first 20 minutes of his program he usually devotes to nutrition and health. 
Then he goes into politics but that's when I fall asleep. Literally. 
I love his soothing voice, and I usually do not like his politics.

For years he has talked about adding tumeric to broccoli and I finally tried it. 
Just olive oil, salt and turmeric. Sometimes garlic too.
With almonds sprinkled on top.

Love the taste of this blend. Turmeric adds something special. 

I knew this, but I just didn't know it tasted good until recently. 

And the parents have returned...

Why is it the parents can be gone a couple hours and the twins will 
run into their arms...but....
they leave for 4 days, and they act like they barely know them? 

The map below is for my Dad. 
He asked me last night where Amy and Logan went on this hike. 

We kept this map our fridge just in case 
we would need to get a search party.

So yes, I was very relieved when they came back. 

So lest you think the music I chose for this video 
was a bit dramatic, it wasn't.

Life at 6

Our grand twins have moved in for 4 days while their parents went hiking
somewhere out there that is not on fire. I hope.

Jonas and Tea think since they are the youngest in the family, they will marry last.
Like marriage is all about the birth order.

It's hard figuring out life when you're six...or what do do with their hands while talking!

Do we not make videos of our children and grandchildren so they can look back on them someday?
Well, it's already happening!

The twins have continually requested this one since yesterday...
To them, it's ancient. To me, it feels like last week.

Téa's always been in charge, even back then.

I'd choose this one

Even as an adult, my Mom use to go to most all my Dr appts with me. 
Or when I took my boys to their appts. For years and years. Decades really.
I'd use about any excuse to be with her.

Sometimes I would be dazzled by the newer more high tech offices. 
But Mom would roll her eyes and say under her breath, "But you're paying for all this."

So I learned to appreciate the more modest offices. And I came to prefer older and wiser, over young
and higher tech. And NOT just for the money I would save.

Six years ago I broke my foot while quiltting. My podiatrist at Kaiser said it happened because my
arches are too high. He suggested I find a podiatrist outside of Kaiser to make special orthotics for my
shoes. (Kaiser doesn't offer orthotics.)

I put this off for 6 years.

Finally I called this office:

It was sprinkling that day so they left their door wide open so we could all smell the rain, I guess.

Dr Penman took cement molds of my feet. 
Then I waited about 2 weeks

and returned to get my orthotics.
It took about a week or so to adjust to them, but now my feet are SO comfy.
Why did I suffer all those years with aching feet? 

No more having to suddenly toss my shoes off wherever I go. 
And going barefoot caused another kind of pain. 

Thank you Dr Penman. You are the best thing that has ever happened to my feet.

Man Pleasing Chicken

Not my title, or my recipe, but we sure do love it.

Man Pleasing Chicken is very easy to make. 
Just mix up the simple sauce, put it all over the chicken, and bake.

The sauce makes enough for 6 chicken thighs but I didn't have a big enough pan 
so I just cooked 4, so didn't use quite all the sauce.

The sauce:
1/2 c dijon mustard
1/4 c maple syrup (use the real stuff)
1 T rice vinegar

Mix the sauce and fully coat each piece of chicken with it, front and back.

Bake the chicken uncovered for 40 minutes at 450'
(baste the tops of the chicken with the sauce half way through)

Absolutely either line your pan with foil or use a disposable pan because you will not be able to
clean it after. Trust me on this. I ended up having to throw my pan away the first time I made this. 

But it's no big deal to just line your pan....
because look what happens to the pan after the chicken is done;

But no worries, The chicken is not burnt at all. It's just the weird way this recipe cooks. 
Just take the thighs out and throw the foil away. 

After you remove the chicken from the oven, sprinkle each piece with some fresh Rosemary.
What an outstanding blend of flavors.

Someday soon I will tell you about a new way we flavor our broccoli,
 that we cannot seem to get enough of lately.

I got Man Pleasing Chicken from Witty in the City.
Once you see her pictures you will have to make it.

The promptings

This story, while it belongs to someone else, makes me realize I need to be more alert!

I hope it speaks to you like it has to me.

This young mom was in an accident that left her paralyzed. 
But her story is about something that happened to her before the accident. 

Go HERE for her little story.

Could this have happened to me before and I wasn't listening?

Dennis' Sad Barber Story

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