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Framing swimsuits

Seriously, wouldn't this be such a cute thing to do?
 Better Homes and Gardens  July 2013  Going through my old magazines today before throwing them out, when I found this!

Part 2

Here's my follow up, but it won't make sense if you have not read Rozier Drama, first.

So after my Uncle Irving told his cousin Clair Tatton in high school
about his real mother Rowena.....things were not good between
Archie (Clair's Dad) and the Rozier family. 
This caused quite the stir in the family.

Then I learned something last week when I found this  obituary about my grandmother Leonie, Romeo's wife in 1937... This was March of 1937. 
Notice how it says the Romeo and Leonie Rozier had only been in Fresno for 5 months.  That means they moved to Fresno in October of 1936.  Irving and Clair were in high school in Stockton together in 1936.  So I am making the assumption here that the big reveal may have been
what caused Romeo and his family to leave Rozier Avenue
and make a new start for his family in Fresno.

Then again, it could have been a coincidence.

So this morning Dennis and I decided to go see if the house Grandma Leonie died in was still there. It was and he…

A talk, a friend, a baby, and a chopped head.

Last Sunday we got to attend church in Kerman, and it was too good not to remember.
A very dear friend of mine there, Wendy Lane and her husband Warren
were leaving on a year mission to Crockett, Texas.

Their talks were amazing and I could have listen to them all day.
Here are some key points I want to remember:

*Warren quoted the Fresno Mission President by saying:
"Attitude and Effort are EVERYTHING."

*Wendy talked about how happy it made her feel when people would do things for her children.
She compared this to how Christ must feel when we serve one another.

* She also talked about how years ago she remembers this day when things
were not going well at home. She just needed to escape for awhile so she went
to see a lady in their ward who was going through lots of health issues and was homebound.
Wendy just sat and visited with her for awhile and she could feel the light coming back into herself.
She went home happy again. The power of service.

*Wendy also talked about a wo…

Drama in the Rozier family

I was so excited about what I found Saturday night, I could hardly sleep.

But first I will explain.

You may remember this picture of my Great Grandmother, Mary Jane Cole Rozier. She is the mom of my Grandpa Romeo. Okay, see that little baby she is holding? I'm pretty sure that's her grandson, baby Clair. He is the son of her daughter, Rowena.
So Rowena was married to a man by the name of Archie Tatton. Rowena died when baby son Clair was 14 months old. Why or how she died I haven't figured out yet.
So Mary Jane's daughter, Rowena, is dead  and she takes over raising baby grandson Clair.
A year or two later (not sure exactly when), Clair's Dad, Archie, shows back up and says he is getting remarried and wants Clair back. But it's worse than that. He wants Clair growing up thinking the new wife is his birth Mom. In order to do this he feels he needs to cut ties with Clair's grandparents and the entire Rozier clan. Oh and did I mention that the Roziers lived in…

She would have done anything for her.

We got to have the grandgirl sisters for several hours last Saturday.

Unfortunately Cami was feeling quite sick for the entire time they were here.

Elora would hardly leave her side. I continue to be in awe over her devotion.

When I first started taking the video Elora wasn't even aware. But either way,
it made no difference...she wanted to do whatever she could to comfort her hurting sister.


Saturday night Elora casually mentioned that Monday were the school elections
and she would find out if she made it for Student Body President.
As I watched her with her sisters, I thought to myself,
"If that school knows what's good for them, they will get Elora IN."
We found out yesterday she won!

While browsing newspapers online I was surprised to find this...

Read this, and then I will tell you what really happened.
Fresno Bee August 1964
It was a back yard "carnival", and apparently my Grandma called  our newspaper to tell them about it. The Fresno Bee called our house back,  and John (age 7) just so happened to answer the phone so he gave all the info and his name and age, etc.  Truthfully I don't remember him doing any of the work.  Maybe, he ran one of the booths.
My Grandma had encouraged me to have a carnival  to earn money for the Mental Health Association.  Her best friend's son had a mental illness, and she wanted to help. So I did. 

It was great fun planning and preparing for weeks. 
I made invitations and passed them throughout the neighborhood.  My siblings and I ran the various booths in our backyard.  Robin (age 5) sold food through the window in our playhouse.   Another ran the little Doughboy pool (Robin remembers  it was 10 cents for 5 laps around our small plastic pool)  One of my siblings had to stand there and make sure…

Homecoming night in Utah!

Our granddaughter Jessica....Homecoming dance.....
last night in Logan, Utah.

His name is Kendall. That's all I know.
These pictures came in during Sacrament meeting. It was all I could do not to look at them. Well okay, I did take a quick look.

I've studied them many times since I got home. Those two are CUTE, I must say!

And that stunning golden princess dress....who made it? Our Sweet Jessica. She's as sweet as she is pretty.
And Kris, not to change the subject,  but what's the name of the chocolate brown paint on your walls? I quite like it.

My boys grew up with this....and now look who's singing it.

We would often have this song playing in our home back in the 80s and 90s when my sons were growing up.
I had it on a little cassette (along with other similar songs) and it would often be in the car.
So I'd go retrieve it from the car in the morning and bring it in so they could hear it during breakfast before school.
(This is what Moms do who can't sing well)

Then I would pop the song back into the car and drive them to school.
I can still hear their little voices singing along from the back seat.

And now, what do you know.....David Archuleta does it so well....
You've got to hear's gorgeous!

Grandma found their purse!

Today, I found a newspaper article online from Sept 9, 1931 about my Grandma Slinkard.

This was during the depression. My Grandpa was out of work and they were very poor.
They had 3 small children (the youngest being my mother).
Three years later Grandma's brother, his wife and 2 daughters also moved in and stayed for 7 years...
all in a small 2 bedroom house.(The kids slept in the enclosed back porch.)

I never heard this story, but as hard as it must have been to give up the money she found, I don't think she was even tempted to keep it! I knew my Grandma well.

How sweet of Lula and Vada to call the newspaper and give my Grandma credit.
The picture above was taken the very same year Grandma found the purse. She's standing behind my mother.

The second longest marriage in the world

....and we got to attend their funeral last Saturday. Since they died just 3 days apart,
he was 101 and she was 100, it was a double funeral.

As the bishop said towards the end of the service,
"Their unique passing was as classy and unique as their lives." 
He said a better script could not have been written for a movie.

This couple married in 1929, a year before my father was even born!
They had been married just 2 months short of 84 years.
Most people don't even live as long as this couple was married!

After we were seated in the chapel, and before the actual service began,
I decided to go look at the display table of their lives out in the foyer.
I saw their ward missionaries coming up the hall, so I asked them if had known this couple.
They both assured me they did, and said
Max and LaVere were both at church up until just a few weeks ago!

 They were both only 17 when they secretly married. Her parents said it would never last.

Here's a little bit from Max's per…

We just never know how life will turn out

Many years ago (30?) my first husband's parents, Niada and Bill,
were stranded in the hills of California in their motor home.
Another couple, Vern and Lani, about their age, spotted them and came to their rescue.
Must have been destiny because ever since then the two couples became the best of friends.

Then in April of 2011, my dear father in law passed away in Arizona.
On the very same day, Vern's wife Lani also suddenly died in California.

Niada and Vern were there for each other to comfort and support one another.
They get together often....she flies out to California, or he visits her in Arizona.

This week Vern drove Niada all the way to Portland so she could see her grandchildren,
McKay and Tyler, and their sweet wives and her great grand babies.

I just love this story.

McKay sent me a few pictures from their weekend together.

McKay, his Grandma Niada, and Vern
Grant and Great Grandma Niada
She also got to see her great grandbabies Scarlett and Leo!
They are visiting Tyl…

Havasupai Falls... Logan's story

Here's Logan's story.  This is a follow up from blog posts written on Sept 7-9. 

"How I Became A Havasupai Refugee Hello, my name is Logan Heasley and I am a Havasupai refugee. My wife Amy and I backpacked into the Supai village 8 miles on Saturday the 7th of September 2013. We planned on staying there until Thursday the next week. It was a long and challenging hike, yet fairly flat.

As we arrived to the village we found an LDS church. 

We were very surprised since there are no roads that lead into Supai. The only way to get in is by foot, helicopter, or horseback. In fact it is the last place in the United States that still receives its mail by mule. We checked the meeting time and found that the service started at 11:00 am on Sunday. Amy and I were interested in going to the service and were curious as to how many locals would be there. We then hiked another 2 miles to the campgrounds. Those last two miles brought us along the river, which led us to Navajo Falls. Then at th…