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They're back!

Even though I never gave birth to daughters, I hit the jackpot with step daughters, daughters in law, and granddaughters. 

It starts early, too....Juliet is only 3 1/2 here.

The grands come back from Idaho... from Jill Shelley on Vimeo.

Christmas Eves from the past...

Den and I had to miss the annual Rozier Christmas Eve tonight....

Instead, here are a few of my journal entries, all written on past Christmas Eve's....

2018 This morning about 7:15 Robin called to tell me Susan had passed away. I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was. She had that awful head trauma including several staples in her head just 3 days ago. I think she probably died of a brain bleed. I’m thankful we got to spend all that extra time with her on Friday night. We will miss her terribly. She was so pure, sweet, kind and SO GOOD to my Dad. She loved to laugh! It was fun to go see them because she was excited to ask about our lives. 
As they were bringing her body out this morning, Dad grabbed her hand and sang the song, “Have I told you lately that I loved you?” Heidi said he was singing the song to her last night when she walked in on them....he was in his room and she was in hers, and here he was in bed singing to her.

Christmas Eve at Carly and Enoch Sears in Visalia. …

Rudolph Cookies

Wouldn't you just love to make these  Rudolph cupcakes this week?

Just press HERE to unfreeze Elora  from TEN YEARS AGO...and she will show you how.

One of her journal entries...

While working yesterday on Mom's journals I came across this entry from March 25, 1984:

"I saw Sharon Richey at the store on Tuesday and she asked what I was up to, and I said, "Oh not much." 
But I thought:  My Mom is dying at our home, the boys are sick, I have to clean the carpet for the fireside, Richard and Wendy are moving and need help, Jill has a new baby and the flu, Jeff and Peggy opened their new jewelry store this week, Peggy is pregnant and I have a book review coming up in 3 weeks. Also the Relief Society does require a bit of my time. (she was the president). But I'll get thru it. No real problems and for that I am grateful. Chris wants me to stop typing so he can sleep."

Yep, that's our Mom. She absorbed everything her kids were going through at any given time. Always there for us all. 

Christmas Eve 2009

Rozier Christmas Eve, 10 years ago.

This video was taken quickly and it looks that way. Okay, it's not the best....but there's a few cherished snippets worth seeing.

I remember going around the room that evening, looking for anyone who was not afraid of my camera....

Rozier Christmas Eve 2009 from Jill Shelley on Vimeo.

Book Club List for 2020

Below is our schedule for what I call, Kristi's bookclub, since it's usually hosted by her.  (The other 2 clubs I belong to, we decide month by month.) 
Looks like we have some good ones to look forward to.... (and just a little FYI... April, July, Sept, Oct, and next Jan of 2012 were my suggestions.)

Book Club Book List 2020
January 9th BOOK: 7 Miracles That Saved America AUTHOR: Chris Stewart and Ted Stewart
February 6th BOOK: The Moment of Lift AUTHOR: Melinda Gates
March 5th BOOK: Insights From a Prophet’s Life – Russell M. Nelson AUTHOR: Sheri Dew
April 2nd BOOK: Small Fry A Memoir AUTHOR: Lisa Brennan-Jobs
May 7th BOOK: Educated A Memoir AUTHOR: Tara Westover
June 4th BOOK: It’s Just My Nature! A Guide to Knowing and Living Your True Nature AUTHOR: Carol Tuttle
July 2nd BOOK: Hannah Coulter AUTHOR: Wendell Berry
August 6th BOOK: Finding Chika AUTHOR: Mitch Albom

4 questions you should ask your doctor

On one of my favorite podcasts, Something You Should Know, a neurosurgeon explained 4 questions you should ask your doctor before agreeing to surgery, or testing or even taking some medications. 

From there I found his TED talk.

I like his honesty. 

By the way, here are simple instructions should you want to subscribe to any free podcasts:
Find the Podcasts icon on your phone's home screenTap to openTap "search"Type name of podcast you are looking for (or type in subject you are interested in)Tap on the desired logoTap "subscribe"Tap to listen

I really did try!

Den is so hard to buy for because he won't tell me what he wants!

But last week I actually heard him say he sure wished he had some wireless ear buds. I thought... perfect!
So Friday night we go to Costco to buy some fruit and pick up a few gifts for the grandkids. While he parks the car. I go inside and there just happens to be this lady promoting wireless ear buds...I tell her, “My husband wants these for Christmas. But I don’t want him to see them so I can’t put them in my cart. He’s parking the car now.”
She says to me, “I’ll you what... after you get all finished shopping have your husband go to the car and tell him, “Sorry I forgot something. This will be real quick.” Then come back in and purchase them.” Okay, I thought, that’s a plan. 
Just as I’m walking away from her I see Den enter the front door of Costco and he goes right to the ear bud display like a child goes to candy. The ear bud lady looks at me from afar as if to say, is this your husband? I laugh and point to Den a…