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Ever notice how sometimes life goes in an odd sync?

I'll explain.
Last Friday, just 4 days ago, my granddaughter Elora spent the night with me.  She discovered  a stack of Berenstain Bear books that I had saved from my sons' childhood.  I had them boxed up all these years but just last week,  I decided to take them out of storage and put them out for the grandchildren to begin enjoying.
So I was across the room from her as she is flipping through one Berenstain book after another.  She casually makes the comment, "Logan sure knew how to write his name well."  I look over her way and she holds up the book and shows proof. I had forgotten how much Logan loved these books.  He had written his name in many of them.  Staking his territory. I think he was about 7 at the time.
Tyler put his claim on some of these books, too.
A period of 25 years had passed!
Now here comes the odd part. So then yesterday, just 3 days later, I turn on the computer and see that   Jan Berenstain, the co-writer of these books, passed away! The very week we …

The Seven Little Daddies

I don't know why I love this book so much.  It's quirky. And makes no sense.  It just is. 
Elsa-Marie's seven little identical Daddies all share the same newspaper each morning. 

The pictures are totally charming to me.  Like this one of her Daddies taking turns 
reading lines from her bedtime story. 
Or this one of her family looking at old photos.
But then the drama happens. Read on...
I won't give the story away, 
but as you can see, the day ended well. This book might confuse a little toddler,  
but by age 4 or 5, I think they would love it.
It would keep their attention anyway.

The Happiness Project

I didn't think this book would interest me all that much.  I was happy enough already.  But since it had been on the Best Sellers list for nearly a year,  and because I have heard so many people rave about it,  I thought I'd give it a try.
The author, Gretchen Rubin,  is a happily married woman raising 2 small girls when suddenly one day had an epiphany that "The days are long, but the years are short." She wanted to learn how to focus on the things in life that truly matter. So she took a year to research, and tested out what she was learning.
This book is filled with ideas on how to make every day life better.
It's already changed my life in many little ways.  For example....the author tells a story about a 4 year old boy who had a blue car that he LOVED.  He took it everywhere and played with it constantly.  So his Grandmother buys him TEN toy cars and the boy stops playing with cars all together.  When his Grandma asks him, "Why don't you play with your cars?  You…

Karen and Tyler's new apartment

They actually moved in the week before Christmas, right before they flew out here to see us.
But today I got to see it for the first time via video!

A memory of a year ago.

I took this video a year ago but never shared it because I didn't like the fact that I forgot to turn off the radio first. But this is a memory to keep. It's the moment I told Elora she has a new sister. Well sort of. She already knew she was coming that day. But nevertheless, it was so exciting.

Violet turned ONE last Saturday.

Grant's magical feet !

When our grandson Grant was born last September his cute little feet looked like this...

As adorable as they were, we all wanted him to be able to walk someday,  so his parents took him to appt after appt to get them fixed.
First the casting, that was changed often....
You can see why they had to change his casting often. Look how he grew! (plus the Drs were gradually turning his feet) What a little chub.

Then the clipping of his tendons. (a hard day for all of them!) Then the braces that he wore 23 hours a day.
So last Friday Grant had his latest check up at Primary Children's in SLC  and the Dr said he is doing so well that he calls Grant's feetmagical! 
Of course this is very much attributed to his parents' diligence in,  keeping all Grant's Dr appts at Primary which is an hour from their home, keeping Grant's braces on him even when he didn't want them,  exercising this little legs for him, and doing all they were suppose to.  For sure, for sure.
So Grant doesn't have …

This makes us so happy

Dennis and I LOVE it when my kids, and his kids get together. Like last night in Logan, Utah.

McKay, McKenna and baby Grant drove up for the weekend from Provo,
and of course Tyler, Karen, and baby Richie already live there.
So then they all gathered together at Kim and Ryan's home for games and fun.

Last night, during the wedding reception,  Dennis was sent these pictures by text. I love modern tech!

And no, I'm sure McKenna is not scolding Grant in the back ground here.  Maybe she's teaching him to count. 
Then today, back at Karen and Tyler's apartment... Dinner all ready for their "guests", the McKs
And Richie loving his new high chair and sweet potatoes!

The new Mr and Mrs

Colt and Sami Kennington !

So here is Colt's Mom, who is my sister Peggy....(with her daughter Sam) I mean really, does she look like a Mom of SIX and a Grandma of FIVE ??
And it's not just the picture. She really looks this good.
Dad and Susan
They always make me smile.
And since I've been focusing on my niece Carly (since she lets me),
 Here are 3 of their children....
#4 is a free spirit... This is the best I could do getting a picture of Jude.
and #5 still in Mommy's arms trying to keep warm.
I only know the 2 in the middle, Kevin McDonald and Jake (the groom's brother) When someone told them they looked like a barber shop quartet...they broke out in song! It was almost convincing. 
And then guess what? Dennis and I went to the reception last night and I forgot my camera!  Crazy I know, but sometimes it even happens to me. 
It was all done up really nice....chicken salad sandwiches, salads, several desserts.  Music, black and bright red decor....and the cutest little chil…

The night before the wedding

Once upon a time (as in, tomorrow morning)
My nephew Colt will marry his true love Sami.....
So we gathered at Peggy and Jeff's tonight for a pre wedding dinner.
Carly, here, (never mind that she has 5 children under 7)....made all the appetizers.
I ate at least 10 of the colorful ones below during the party,  and took another 5 to eat on the way home.

Annnnnnnnd.....all the table decorations...
We never got to their quirks....we all were too busy not only eating and talking,  but also watching one of the most entertaining videos of Colt and Sami... if I can get a copy of it, and their permission,  I will show it here someday.
Carly used twigs from her trees at home, and jars from her pasta sauce.
And not only that, but Carly knows how to have a really great time! Aren't they cute?....Carly with her SIL Katie.

Had to get a picture of the "Joy School" cousins, Lauren, Colt, and Nicole.

And here's something else that's interesting.... Colt and Nicole are cousins marrying …