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I was worried they had outgrown me.

It's been sad to me because lately when Amy and Logan have asked  if I would keep the twins overnight, they haven't wanted to come  "unless Violet is there too." 
Well cousin Violet is a busy girl and can't always make it. 
So then it got me to thinking that perhaps they have outgrown my  Grandma Honeyness ways. 

Perhaps I need to change my game plan some. A new home, a new beginning.
So they found a box of games in the garage and were happy to go through that for awhile.
Then they started settling in. 
Jonas decided he wanted this chair from another bedroom.... so they hauled it in to theirs.

"Just in case we go somewhere really special tonight, I brought  my best shirt," Jonas said as he was putting it on to show me. 

Téa prepared in a different way. When I hurt my finger she went right to the contents of her  overnight bag and found me the ONE bandaid she had packed!  I thought it was the sweetest thing packing her own little bandaid!

But before I put the bandaid on I…

Sometimes assumptions are a good thing...

A text from my sister a few nights ago...

I read her text and, I was on her kids' emergency  cards for 25 yearsand didn't even know it!
 Then suddenly I thought....wait a sec, I put her on my sons' emergency cards all those years too!

Wonders of the past week #4

Things happen everyday that I either learn or notice, 
and I wish to remember....
so here are some from this past week:

1. At one point in our packing I came to the realization that we own 8 hole punchers.  How does this even happen? I told Den I'll get rid of all but 2, and he said,  "No, don't get rid of them.  You never know when we will need to punch lots of holes all at the same time."

2. Maybe he was understanding since he has a thing for keeping old cell phones. 
I asked him WHY he kept them all. He said he didn't know. Even kept his old Palm Pilot. Any one have a clue what we should do with them?

3. I opened a make up bag tucked away in our garage that I hadn't seen in years,  and found this souvenir from our honeymoon....
Before Dennis and I got married he asked me if I would be willing to move to LA. I said no, because I don't like earthquakes.  So he agreed we would live in Clovis, and I agreed to getting married in LA. 
At 2:46 the morning of our wedding…

I didn't see this coming

One day in October of 2014, I was visiting a new friend from church. We are each assigned women to
look after in our ward. A monthly visit or call to see how they are doing and make sure they are okay.

So on that October afternoon as I was leaving this woman's home I noticed she had just put in some new plants. I was impressed and asked her the names of her plants, and even took a quick picture of them. I was thinking of perhaps planting them in my own yard. Here is that picture from Oct 2014.
Fast forward 19 months later and this same house goes up for sale.  We jumped on it (not just because of the plants) and bought it. 
Today we moved in.  And my have these plants grown!
I just had no idea back then, no clue whatsoever, that one day this home would be ours. 
Life is so interesting and full of surprises. That's one thing we can count on.
Not the easiest day of my life, but as far as moves go, not too bad.

The necessity invention dinner

When I got married the first time back in 1974 I was worried about our ability to live on just $400. a
month.  I remember my Dad saying to me, "Necessity is the mother of invention." 

I've heard his words many times in my head throughout the past 42 years, and again yesterday
afternoon. With most of our pots and pans and utensils packed, I was determined to make dinner.

I found this stray disposable pan in the garage. I washed it out and then took what I had in the fridge
and began layering....

2 red potatoes cut up some fresh green beans half yellow onion sliced some frozen peas some frozen chicken thighs 1/8-1/4 c water over all
I salted everything, but mostly the chicken.
Then I mixed up a simple sauce and poured it over all but mostly on the chicken: 1/4 olive oil 1 t oregano  1 t salt several shakes of pepper 3 cloves garlic (my garlic press was packed so I just sliced it thin)
I covered it with foil and baked it for a long while @ 350' (about an hour I think) It would have…

Wonders of this past week #3

Things happen everyday that I either learn or notice, 
and I wish to remember....
so here are some from this past week:

1. Two things have really saved us in packing to move:

These plastic see through containers. 

I've filled them with things we will not be putting in our drawers or 
cupboards right away, but will store them in the garage. LOVE how 
we can see through them. Perfect size too. Thank you Allyson for 
the suggestion! We found them at Costco and keep going back for 

And this brown paper tape! 

I learned about this from watching a Youtube video on moving. No
scissors required. Just tear off and apply. Also they are great to 
write on....something you can't do with regular clear packing tape. I 
found them at Amazon, and also the U Haul store.

2. The buyers of our house texted us one afternoon and asked if 
they could come over and introduce their little girls to us. While it 
felt a bit unusual (normally real estate contacts only go through the realtor) I love 
this more perso…

Scarlett and Annie

With McKay and McKenna clear on the opposite coast from us, 
SO thankful it's not 20 years ago when all grandparents had were 
"long distance" phone calls.

Scarlett must be McKenna's little shadow.  She is becoming such a mini McKenna.  You'll see what I mean when you watch this.

The moving...oh the moving

My sister asked me yesterday, "Aren't you done packing YET?"
We did take 2 weeks off to enjoy Karen and Tyler and our grand 
babies, but still, I am a very SLOW packer.

I've decided packing is boring. I don't do boring very well. 
But we are getting there and and probably 8/10ths done.

(7 year olds and grandparents are a good combo for packing.)

I get distracted easily, and I have time to take it slow, so I do.

Plus we have had several interruptions such as this....

The workers were just going to "take out 4 tiles, repair a leak,  and put it back together." Didn't quite work out that way. We spent the morning yesterday looking for tile.

And I keep running into my past.... I found this on a shelf in my laundry room. Back row: Chris, Heidi, Robin, John, Richard, Scott Front row: Jill, Dad, Mom, Peggy We would put this picture of my parents and their 8 children,  on the wall near my mom's bed when she was in the final stages  of Alzheimer's. I don't think s…

Wonders of this past week #2

Things happen everyday that I either learn or notice, 
and I wish to remember....
so here are some from this past week:

1.  A good meal when we have a large group is make-it-yourself-
tostados. But this last time, I couldn't find the regular tostado shells 
I usually buy and bought these instead....and they were SO much 
better. I don't know about your store, but I found these right with 
the fresh tortillas (rather than in the Mexican section of the store.)

I also learned that shredded cabbage tastes better on tostados than 
lettuce! The clerk at Vons suggested this when they were out of the 
lettuce. She said I will never go back. I think she's right.

2. I see some of nephew Jake in my grandson Richie. 
Especially looking back when Jake was that age. Interesting how 
genetics work. 

3. Speaking of Jake, he gave me a good website for ordering 
special paintings and pictures of Christ. Cultural

4. Since both Logan and his friend Matt McCauley's wives were 
out of town last Sun…