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Born in their storage room...

I'd always thought dogs must have it easier than us women 
when it came to giving birth.

When Amy texted me about 1:30 last Thursday and said Piper was 
in labor, I felt bad not being able to rush right over until later on 
that evening. I thought we would miss it.
But no, Piper hung on through the entire night. 

Amy slept right by her in their storage room,
and set her alarm to go off every hour
so she wouldn't miss anything. 
 Sleeping all night with the dog? Seriously, I cannot relate to this. She has a devotion I will never know.

Den dropped me off just in time the next afternoon, while he went to get Taco Bell per their request. 

After all, Amy had been camping out with the dog  in the storage room since the day before.

Within minutes of arriving, I got to see the first one be born!
Kylie was the score keeper.....writing down each time of birth. I think this has something to do with selling full breeds.
Amy's friend Margaret was there as support. They cut each cords and tied them off. I …

And just like that, it's 20 years later.

20 years. Two decades.

I went from believing there is a God who is in the heavens, who is alive, and who loves us….to
knowing He does.

From that last phone call from Bill, to knowing he died, to hearing he died. To being in a hospital
room and the chaplain walking in to tell us. I already somehow knew, but my sons did not. There is
no more painful moment in my memory than watching them find out.

I couldn’t even make my arms reach out to comfort them. I was frozen. I remember saying to the
other people in the room, “Please help my boys.” but no one could. No one could hear me. We were
all in shock.

The chaplain or maybe it was the police, I can’t remember now. But a man in that room said I needed
to come identify his body. I couldn’t. My mom and my neighbor Dee volunteered.

So that was being done, and I wanted to take my boys and go home.

But here’s where the blessings started peeking through. As my brother Richard drove me and Logan,
McKay, and Tyler home from the hospital (Brock was o…

Cafe Rio....and now I think I get it...

So forever it seems, I've heard about this place...

This just opened in our area a few months ago. 
Before that, you pretty much had to be in Utah to eat there. So I never did. 
So today Den and I needed to stay out of  our house for awhile so we tried it out.
It was like walking into Mormon land. They were everywhere. Some we knew, some we didn't. But we could tell.
And lots of babies. But most of those went outside on the patio with their Moms. I met a set of 14 month old twins, Tyler and Kiera.
First, Den saw his friend Masa Hanamaikai and his wife. Den worked with him in the stake back in his Corona days.
Then I said, "Hey there's Jake!" (my nephew there in the blue jacket)
I heard some women sitting near us  talking about their visiting teaching.

Den calls out to me, "Look! There's Tracy Fairbanks!" We home teach her.  Then while we were eating suddenly my niece McKenzie appears before my face.

Later Den says, "Your sister Robin came with her, Look!" By…

Our stake president couldn't get this off his mind

Last night at Stake Conference our stake president said he couldn't 
get a hymn off his mind. He said he'd been thinking about it every
day since he'd heard it over a month ago.

It's not found in our hymn book since it's from another church,
and it's called "Take Time to Be Holy."

In our Faith we believe in seeking good where ever we can find it 
(as I'm sure many people do). That's why I love so much the last 
sentence from our 13th Article of faith:

13 "...If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, 
we seek after these things."

So after finding this hymn on Youtube I discovered that I'd heard 
it in past General Conferences but never paid 
attention to the words before. They tell a story to me now.
Take Time to Be Holy[1]1Take time to be holy, Speak oft with thy Lord; Abide in Him always, And feed on His Word: Make friends of God’s children, Help those who are weak; Forgetting in nothing His blessing to seek. 2      …

Wonders of this week...or so. #7

1. One day last week in Boston, Scarlett insisted she wasn't tired.
But soon McKenna found her fast asleep.
Then she noticed what Scarlett did for her baby doll before drifting off!

I just recently discovered The Sweet Home where I can find out what is THE BEST appliance or
pillow, or bedsheets or other products to buy. I like it better than consumer reports because it's 
more direct and to the point. I need to replace our flannel sheets and #2 on their list for quality is
Target brand for just $23.99 for king size. Who knew.      The Sweet Home

3. Didn't take our missionary grandson Chandler,
long to dive right into the culture now that he's in South Carolina!
Check out the last part of his letter last week:

" I hope y'all are having a good start of
November and hope y'alls halloween went well! Remember to love one
another as Jesus loves you :)
-Elder Ball"

4.Tyler in Vancouver, Wa, took on a 30 hour weekend project of painting 
all their kitchen cabinets.

Wonders of this past week #6

Well okay maybe not just this past week, 
but here are a few things I've noticed lately:

Den and I wandered the neighborhood on Halloween night for the  purpose of meeting some more of our neighbors.
Can you tell the one above was written by an teacher?
I was surprised (to put it mildly) how many people (8-9 homes)  just left a bowl of candy on their porch!
I have not seen this done since the 1960s when I was a kid

So this next one is contradictory to the one above....  Last week while Den and I were in Vons we noticed something 
different and orange looking.  So when I asked a clerk about it she said this is for people who 
want their Amazon packages sent to Vons rather than to their home.  That made no sense until she said many packages  are getting stolen off porches.  I didn't know it was that bad out there on front porches. Did you?

And who thought a turn table for our milk  would make us so happy?

And for you locals who live near me,  my visiting teacher told me about this newish restauran…