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Lots happening in our family this week

In random order because I don't know what order these all happened in...

Carly and Enoch named their baby:
(in case you missed it on their blog)
Jude Kennington Sears

b. Saturday 8/29/2009 5:24am

9lbs 11oz

Jonas has learned how to make the "eeewww" sound.
Our handsome grandson Matthew will be baptized this week in Logan, Utah!

Erin and Cami, along with Erin's mom Lynn went to Disneyland for the weekend.
(Elora had a weekend of Daddy time.)
Jacob got his finger caught in a door. Broken and cut badly. So here he is stitched and splinted with his big sisters consoling him.

Suddenly (like overnight) there was an opening for Rachel to go to preschool.
Does she look ready or what?

Karen and Tyler have been in Scipio, Utah (where ever that is) this past week with McKay and McKenna, riding horses. The horse ranch belongs to McKenna's Uncle. I guess she is an experienced rider, and McKay is "fearless" as Karen describes.
Couldn't make these pictures any larger.

My latest foot xray shows "some really good bone growing!" I'm feeling much better but I still have several weeks left with the cast on. Can you believe Susan got these videos for me at the library?! She is continually thoughtful like this.

Saturday night when we went out to dinner, Den says to me, "Hey Jill (he doesn't call me Grandma Honey), Here's a purse for you!"
Think again honey.

And so we are now waiting for Julie and Nate's baby to be born. Shouldn't be too much longer but first babies often take their time.

I'm sure there is lots I missed. This is all I know for now.

Carly gave birth at home today

Den and I were in bed still just before 8am this morning when the phone rang. It was my sister Peggy saying Carly had just given birth. At home. Their 4th child.

I couldn't get dressed and over there fast enough.

He's 9lbs, 11 oz and 22 1/2 inches long!!

Their first baby to be born in California with family near by.
Good thing they had just moved in to their apartment in time. She gave birth to Rivka, Hosanna, and Zion in Texas.

Go here to see more pictures on Carly and Enoch's blog. I was waiting for them to post first before I posted mine. And they have.

Take a look. Just 3 hours after his birth.

Ordering Pizza in the future

The Older side of life

As Dennis was parking the car last Wednesday evening, I stepped inside a bit late for the choir concert at the retirement home.

I was greeted by a very nicely dressed woman who looked to be in her 70s., who said to me,
"Are you waiting for your driver?"

"Uh, yes" ( I guess Den could be called my driver.)

"When he gets here, just go all the way in the back to find a place to sit."
Then I noticed this same woman turning to give a program to an elderly gentlemen, the only other person in the lobby.

She turned back to me and said,
"Are you waiting for your driver?"


"When he gets here, just go all the way in the back to find a place to sit."

And so we had entered the land of short term memory loss...

Oh how I love older people.
Especially ones who can't remember much.
They need us.

I was so impressed with Yosemite Gardens.
It's a happy, clean, engaging place.
Den and I wouldn't mind at all living there someday.....
many somedays from now!
We don't want to rush things.

All the rockers lined up outside. They were empty tonight perhaps because of the recital inside.
Gourmet desserts for after the performance
And no, that is not me taking a sample.
I went back this morning to take more pictures, in case you have never seen this place and are curious.

The Dining area where chefs prepare meals 3xs a day.

Today's menu
The tables all set for lunch today although they don't call it lunch. It's dinner. Supper is at 5pm.

Lovely decor throughout

Sitting areas through out also

A TV room with several couches across from it. I was told this is where they gather to watch old movies. Some days however, it is kept on, like the day Michael Jackson died. Wonder what they all had to say about that!

A full calendar of activities

Back to last Wednesday evening...

The lady in the middle. Listen to her as she takes the microphone.
Her voice melts my heart every time. I had to move my chair up close to capture this, so that put Dennis behind me. I looked back at him while they were singing and he kept winking at me. That means he liked it, too. It also means he likes me.

Below is a tiny clip of my new friend, sweet Norma.
She is the reason we went there last see her. (Her son Tim and his wife Mollie are in our ward at church.) Norma is the woman seated to the very left, front row.

Our Utah grandchildren!

Five of them started school last Thursday and I have some pictures to share!

Not necessarily the first day of school, but close to it.

Katelyn, Jessica, Emily
Jacob and Matthew
And the unschoolers...who still stay home with Mommy.

Making sure she is still the princess!
if you can find him in there
And while we're at it, take a look at these...

Rachel, Jessica, Katelyn, Jacob

Matthew and Kim
Kim looks so much like Kris here.
I had to ask Den, "Is this Kim??"
In her first tennis tournament.
She took 2nd place!

Emily and Ryan

with her little students
And my personal favorite:

The back to school grandchildren

Elora Rose and Campbell Michelle
Compare how much they have changed since last year here.

Our little Cam Cam

Camers with Teacher Pat
(that is Teacher Pat, right?)

Chandler, Kylie, Laurynn, Macie and Austin

...starting high school and seminary!!
starting middle school!


And now presenting:
The class of 2027!!!
Stay tuned for pictures of our Utah grandchildren soon!

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