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About this place, think again

Do you remember that old store years ago called Pic and Save?

Then years after that it became Big Lots. (And I think it was something else in between those 2 names...wish I could remember that name!)

So I tried Big Lots many years ago but it was too chaotic and messy and had a bunch of junk. So that was the end of that.

And then a few weeks ago I saw this video...a YouTuber I have watched for years. She made me curious so we checked out our Big Lots, and it looks the same as hers....what a change!

So clean and organized. 

Our Easter at church

Today as Den and I sat towards the back of the congregation, I saw a young mom I know, walk into the chapel with her 3 very busy little children. Her husband is a fire fighter, so she often has to come to church without him.

I noticed from reading today's program she was scheduled to sing a solo to us all, part way through our service. 

About 20 minutes after the meeting began, I saw her with a child on each hand, scurrying quickly out of the chapel, probably a bathroom break. (There must have been someone on her bench watching her 1 year old.) 

A little while later I saw her come back, get her kids situated next to her 1 year old on their bench. 

It was time for her to sing.

I couldn't see from where we were, but I'm sure there was someone helping her with the kids, as she left her bench and quickly walked up to the podium, smoothing out her long dress on the way up there, to the microphone. 

She seemed a bit out of breath at first, obviously this wasn't a relaxing Sunday for her...but then her beautiful voice filled our chapel and we all listened closely to the words of the hymn, 
"I Heard Him Come." 

It's a song about our Savior and how he touches lives. 
How He is there for us. 

I'd heard this song before in years passed, but not until today did this last part speak so boldly to me:

"I saw his pain as they nailed him to a cross
Wish that we could understand the cause
He looked on me as he had once before
Saying, "Teach my word to all forever more."
And I'll say:

Nations fall behind him, the river crawl to find him
Mountains move just to let him through
Come and never leave him.
Just believe and never let his light go
Never let his light go
Never let your light grow dim.

I grew up in a time where it was the rare person who did not believe in God. 

Now there is an attack on Christianity. There is an attack on goodness, because that's what Christ gives to all of us. All good things come from Thee.

I'm thankful to that young busy breathless (and probably tired) mom today...that she shared her gift of joy and hope in Christ with us all this Easter Sunday. 

Christ has risen. He is alive! 

I know that she knows who Christ is. 
And her family will be all the better for it.

Two links I wanted to share.....

First this blog post by The Frugal Girl. While I don't relate to all she had to say (from back in my day of raising kids), I did relate to several things on her list. 

1. 10 Tips for Introverted Moms.

2. And, I just had to also share this link to our granddaughter Violet's commercial.

Art at home for Kids

Some of my grandkids love this....

It's on youtube regularly. A Dad and one of his kids.

The Dad shows how to draw things, and then we watch as the  child right beside him then draws the same. 

Sometimes it can be a family affair. Or almost. 
Parents often have other things they need to do.

Scarlett is 5 and Richie, 7, and they both were very interested.

You might want to check out the website for your littles, 
if they enjoy drawing. 

I just now noticed when I go to Art Hub for Kids, they want you to sign up for $4.95 a month.
But I just go to youtube and I've never had to pay anything. 
(Perhaps the main sight charges for a more detailed art class than what is on youtube? I don't know.)

This one though has always been free:

Why this little girl will have a happy life

So our 5 year old Scarlett had her first soccer game last week.

Scarlett is the one on the left.

McKenna sent me this text: 

I told McKenna, 
"Of course Scarlett cheered for the other team." 

It's the way she's been taught by her parents since day one! 

Just yesterday I found this very short video McKenna apparently sent me weeks ago...actually the day they flew in, 
the day before my Dad's funeral.

Somehow I never saw it until yesterday....

I love this salad

Karen made this salad and we all enjoyed it. 
(minus the kids...I don't think they tried it.)

She triples the dressing so she will have extra to put on other salads later. I like the dressing that much, too. 

Strawberry Cucumber Spinach Salad
(Although we used baby greens in place of the spinach because I'm not a spinach fan.)

6 packed cups fresh spinach (or baby greens)
1 1/2 c cut up cucumbers
1 c strawberries (or craisins)
1 medium sweet apple, chopped
3 oz feta cheese (we omitted this part last week)
1/4 c roasted walnuts (she roasts hers in a pan on the stove, I do mine in the oven) 
bacon cooked and crumbled up (Karen uses about 4-6 slices)

1/4 c olive oil *see note below
1 T apple cider vinegar
1 T honey
1 T dijon mustard
salt and pepper

Karen serves the dressing on the side. And while she triples the recipe it's not because she puts all that much on the salad, but so she will have dressing leftover to use on other green salads. 

When she triples it, she uses 1/4 c olive oil and 1/2 c grapeseed oil.

I wish I had taken a picture of both Karen and the salad!

But I did find this exact recipe on the internet, minus the bacon....

So I feel I should give credit for the above picture...if you want to visit that blog go HERE.

I want to remember these dinners

I had plans to take pictures of every dinner the 8 days Karen and Tyler were here. Most nights I did, one we pretended, and one I forgot.

So here's how it went....

Friday the night they arrived: This is what they always request, so this what I made. Chicken pasta salad.

Chicken, pasta, grapes, pineapple, mandarins, green onions, celery and cashews on top.

And no, the kids won't try it. They opted for Trader Joes Mac and Cheese.

Oven baked turkey burgers 
served with ham buns and onions, lettuce, tomatoes. 
Karen's amazing Salad which deserves a post all its own. Plus I want her recipe saved somewhere. So look for that soon.

Tostados....this was the day I forgot to photo it. But a tostado is a tostado. And we probably had some berries with it. Or mandarins.

We had pizza for lunch
(Juju's version is just eating the pepperoni off 3 slices, and then she's good. 

And then for dinner Tyler made his wonderful Ham Fried Rice.
 I love this stuff and ate it for lunch too, the following 2 or 3 days. 

He served this with orange chicken (the kit was from Costco)
 and mandarin oranges. Perfect combo.
Sorry for the blur, but you get the idea...
I think this was Juliet's plate since she doesn't like the orange sauce.

And the best part was eating picnic style while 
watching Mary Poppins Returns. 
By the way, this was my favorite evening of all. 
LOVED being all together in one room while eating and watching for 2 hours. It was the best!

Out to Salsas for dinner
(A kind lady near by offered to take the picture.)

This was my pretend picture. Since I realized after we ate that I forgot to take pictures, Karen just took some leftovers and made up a plate for this photo. Turkey patties, baked potato, salad, corn, grapefruit.

Karen's potato bar. This is always a treat for us.

Karen made Kielbasa Polska Turkey Sausage and kidney beans....
with this seasoning:

Served over rice. SO good! Karen says they make this about once a week, and it's something they all love, even if the kids sometimes pick out the kidney beans

And these fresh berries.

Since they went home the next morning, Den and I got to eat the leftovers the next day for lunch! 

Next up, Karen's really good salad...can't remember the name of it. 

I so wish I had kept track of the meals we ate when McKay and McKenna were here a few weeks ago, especially since she made most of them! I was just so distracted by my Dad's funeral.

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