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I didn't even know she had written this.

Late Thursday night I decided to pull out my old baby book….to see when I had measles (since they are so much in the news right now here in California).  Sure enough, it was June 1958. My Mom kept such good records.
But I also found something in my book that I don't think I'd ever seen before. My Mom must have put this in there years ago….all nicely typed and slipped into a sheet protector.  Why had I never noticed it before now?
She wrote this when she was 32. I have sons older than that now!
She wrote about what it was like the very first time she attended the Mormon church. The hopes and dreams she had for her children at the time.  And what it was like the day the Mormon missionaries knocked on our door in 1955. 
My brave little mother. 
The happiness and joy that has spread to all of her children and grandchildren,  and now great grandchildren,  since that day in 1955 is immeasurable!

Mom and Dad in front of the St George temple in 1959
Mom and Dad with Derald Bates, one of…

There is no title for this one.

There is this blog I read regularly…
but I cannot get this one post from last week off my mind.  I just can't. I even lie in bed at night and think about it. 
The little girl that post is about was named after  her Great Grandmother, Marjorie Pay Hinckley.
You can go here to read it. 

"as surely as there had been mortal death, there will be immortal life; 
and as certainly as there had been separation, there will be reunion. 
This is the faith which comes of Christ, who brought to all the promise of immortality.''

Gordon B. Hinckley

My Mom knew this

Do you ever hear something and immediately you just know it's true and right and good? 

That's how it was last Sunday when our bishop said in the midst of his talk to us…..

“...Perhaps raising our children should be our hobby. 
Perhaps that's where we should spend our time….Time 
does not roll back...”

Made me think of my Mom. Made me think of what my sister had written on her grave.  It's what she lived by. It's what her life was all about:

Mom cut this out and brought it over to me one day:
She loved her pinking shears! Don't know why, but she kept them handy, always in a drawer near by,  ready to whack off whatever she wanted to keep.

Jessica and that voice of hers

I think our granddaughter, Jessica, was not much older than this and….

...she was in the back seat of our car as we were on our way to Savemart,  when suddenly we heard this sweet little voice singing. 
Den and I quit talking to just listen. I remember saying something like ,  "Can you believe what a good voice she has, and she's just a little girl!"
Now Jessica is 17, and Kris, her mom, sent us this video from last week.  She sang our National Anthem at her high school basketball game in Logan, Utah.
She amazes me!

We are how we treat each other, and nothing more.

Yesterday our stake presidentcame to speak to our congregation.
He mentioned in his talk about a music group called  Alternative Routes I don't know anything about this group, or their religious  beliefs….but that's not the point.
President Nef said he was quite impressed with their song,  "Nothing More." So I googled it when I got home, and this is  what I found. It speaks to me! Listen to the words.


Our granddaughter, Kylie, and her boyfriend, David,  stopped by the other night.

I asked that she bring him over so we could meet him... even though we have known David since he was 3. 
I know every parent and grandparent says this… but seriously how does the time go by so quickly?
A little pink princess one day, and dating the next. 

This little girl knows what she wants

The other night, Violet and I discovered the program made in the UK called Little Princess.  (on Netflix by the way)
Each 20 minute episode is about one problem.  Some of the titles are:
I Don't Want to Tidy Up I Don't Want Help I Want a Surprise I Don't Want to Comb my Hair I Don't Want a Cold
The characters on the show talk simply and mostly calmly.
Violet sits glued to each episode.  During about the second one we watched together she turned to me and asked, "Is this show about me?"
Why yes, I think it is!
It's rough being 3 1/2. Just ask Violet.  But she makes the best of it.
While Cami and her parents were in San Francisco this week….
Violet said she wanted to go to bed rather than go to Elora's dance class Tuesday evening. She said she was tired.
So I tucked her in. I got a book out to read to her but she said,  "Don't read it, just tell it to me." 

Then she said,  "I need a nightlight. I can't go to sleep without a night light on…

Book Clubs 2015

So here are the books we will be reading, for both clubs.

(I finished reading The Walk last week, and I really enjoyed it. 
I wasn't expecting to. It just didn't sound all that good. 
Even the title sounds boring. But it wasn't. )

Have you read any of these books? What did you think?

#1 Book Club List 2015 January 8th Book: The Walk Author: Richard Paul Evans
February 5th Book: Storm Clouds Rolling In1860-1861 Author: Ginny Dye
March 5th Book: The Inheritance:A Story of Love, Legacy and Lost Opportunities Author: Michael K. Parson
April 2nd Book: Love and Glory:A Novel of Women Soldiers in WWll Author: Jeane Westin
May 7th Book: What Will My Mother Say?: A Tribal African Girl Comes of Age in America Author: Dympna Ugwu-Oju
June 4th Book: The Wind and the Waves Author: Dean Hughes
July 2nd Book: Soul Surfer: A True Story of Faith, Family, and Fighting to Get Back on the Board Author: Bethany Hamilton
August 6th Book: Somewhere Safe With Somebody Good Author: Jan Karon
September 3rd Book: Happier…


Den and I went back to my childhood church building yesterday  to attend the funeral of a friend from long ago.

 There were 3 talks and then an open mike…..and every one of them basically said that Jonelle was
best at loving people. She knew how to love. She loved through rejection, through disappointment,
through hurt. One speaker even said she loved others more than she loved herself. 
Not sure when this picture was taken. Jonelle surrounded by her 5 children. Brianna, Melanie, John, Melanie, and Nicholas

 The bishop conducing the service talked about a study conducted through hospice.  People were asked during the very last days of their lives, "Do you have any regrets?" Here are the answers they heard over and over again:
1. I wish I had spent more time with the people I love. 2. I wish I had lived up to my potential. 3. I wish I had let myself be happier. 

Jonelle and I knew each other as teenagers. We were both in a Roadshow together  (back in the day when we had those wi…
Amy and Logan basically dropped everything, and drove the 12  hours to Mesa to check on Grandma Heasley. They got word she  had been in the hospital there for 11 days.  

So they put their blow up air mattress in the car and took off. 
She was much better by the time they arrived…..
 But her leg looked "horrible" so…..

Logan took her to see the doctor. 
Some kind of bad looking infection. 

(You probably can't tell, but Logan is wearing his Grandpa Heasley's shirt  who died about 3 years ago.)
Grandma still felt well enough to do her Wi bowling. She has many opportunities in the facility she is living in now.  Blurry, but I wanted a picture of where she eats every day. Amy and Logan were also able to take her to church right there in the facility.
The view from her 8th floor room.

Logan and Amy's blow up bed where they slept for 4 nights.  I know Grandma Heasley LOVED having them right near her. 
For the last 3 days of the trip the twins stayed with us.  Téa woke yesterday mornin…

Have you noticed this at Kaiser?

I was raised by very literal parents. (not to be confused with "liberal"). They said what they meant, and meant what they said. There was no need to read their body language.  No wondering, "What did he really mean by that?"
So the new policies at Kaiser lately are a bit difficult for me to decipher.  Den and I have both noticed how they “ask” more and give instruction less.  It's all about better customer service to them, but I think it gets a bit carried away.
Like, just recently when I went in for an eye exam.
Here's the conversation after having my eyes dilated in the first room I was brought to by the nurse.
Nurse: "It will take 15 minutes for your eyes to dilate. Would you prefer to wait in the next room?" Me:"Versus what?" Nurse:  "Would you prefer to wait where the others are waiting? Me: "Oh, do you need this room for the next patient?" Nurse: "Uh no….The doctor is not even coming in this room." Me: &qu…

The lesson that didn't go as planned

Sitting in Sharing Time at church last Sunday with five 8 year olds 
sounds easy enough, right? It wasn't. The girls sat there like angels, 
but 2 of the 3 boys were another story. One talking constantly, 
about everything and anything…often standing up to do so. The 
other boy practiced swallowing paper.

I was hoping for better once we got into our classroom for lesson 

Since it was the very last Sunday of the year, the lessons in the 
manual had all been completed, so I got to make up my own. I 
decided since we just had Christmas and learned so much about 
our Savior, that I would focus on teaching them to be more Christ 

Or so I thought.

My left eye felt dry and painful since I had woken up that morning. 
This is a common malady around here with our dry cold winter 
days (and having older eyes!). I tried to ignore it but by the time 
we were all walking to our classroom (after Sharing Time) I know 
I needed to do something to get rid of the distracting pain.

I didn't want to go …