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What would you do?

There is a strange thing going on.
So a few days ago we found a large package on our front porch.
I noticed it was from a company that I had ordered once from a few months back,
but nothing I couldn't figure out why they would be sending me something.

I took it inside and opened it up. A bedspread, 2 pillow shams and a blanket.
Nothing I would have ordered. Then inside as I looked further
I found an order slip for a woman in Greenview, Calif.
I've never even heard of that city.
So okay, somehow the company mailed it to me on mistake
when it was suppose to go to Sheryl F in Greenview.
And somehow my address got slapped on the outside of this box.
(And I do mean slapped. It was crooked, in a far corner of the box, and partially torn.)

So I call the company right away and explain. They are as baffled as I am.
They tell me I will need to take it to the Post Office and pay for delivery back to them. 
Then they said I should call them back and tell them how much it cos…

Karaoke @ the Home

I was having too good of a time that night to do a good job videoing it.
So why would I put a video on my blog that is over 9 minutes, and doesn't flow smoothly?


1. The sound is good, and there is some great TALENT here!

2. I LOVE watching my Dad and Susan enjoy themselves.

3. Austin for some reason was in about every scene.
He just pops up everywhere. Sort of like Where's Waldo.
Really, I was amazed because I didn't realize how he was everywhere till I watched it later.
Now it makes me laugh. He is so cute!

4. This made a great activity for mutual (our church youth),
 and maybe someone from another ward will see this and want to do the same.
I love opportunities to mix the older generation with the younger.
I think its'a win-win.

5. There were many residents probably already in bed
by the time this took place,
plus there was a Bingo game going on upstairs at the same time.
But the ones who stayed seemed to enjoy themselves.

Thanks to my friend Allyson,  or I ne…

Part 2 on The Miracle Worker

Four of Austin's six siblings were waiting for the play to begin.
Good thing Amy left the twins at home. It would have been too scary for them
with that necessary fighting going on between Teacher Anne and Helen Keller.

While we were looking at this quaint stage waiting, for the play to begin.....

Amy showed us this candy card she made for Austin. I had never seen a candy card made with all the same candy. But Amy says that's what he likes. So Reeses it was. (Reese means "we" on this card, btw.)

After the show I could hardly wait to take pictures of Austin....

Well where is he?

Austin was so impressed with his candy card that he didn't notice, at first,
people who wanted to see him (us)

Austin you did such a great job as Captain Keller!

How is it that Mrs. Kehler never ages? She was the director/drama teacher back in the day when my boys  were in all those school plays and yet, she looks exactly the same.
My only regret is that we didn't see this play in …

"Be kinder than necessary"

Good thing I read my friend Darlene's blog post yesterday before going to the play last night.
She was reviewing the book, Wonder, by RJ Palacio.
She mentioned a quote from this book that I had heard before, "Be kinder than necessary."

Ever since last year when I saw Barefoot in the Park at this theater in the round,
I wanted to take Elora to the next play there so she could experience it....
since she loves theater so much.

So we made sure to get there an hour before it started,
as soon as the box office opened at 6:30.
I knew exactly which seats would be the best to get that upclose and personal feeling.

So we stood there and waited.
Okay, so maybe we got there a bit too early. But others soon joined us until they sold out!

But right before we were to go in, a lady and her granddaughter
I had seen sitting on a nearby couch all the time we had been standing in line,
came up and said they were here before us so they were first in line.
My first thought was how unfair, an…

Children and cemeteries

I never even entertained the idea of taking my sons to a cemetery
while they were growing up. Not until their Dad died did we venture out there.
But Hailey and Elora taught me this week
what a sweet blessing a cemetery can be to children.

We went out there last Monday of course to see Hailey's mom's grave.
And then what Hailey and Elora did together was totally their own.
I just watched in awe.

Would anyone happen to know anything about this baby's grave towards the end of this video?

The play, sleep, and write together.

It's been a whole year since Elora and Hailey have been together
and I am SO happy it is working out for their reunion this weekend.
They are 2nd cousins, besides being kindred souls, and have the exact same hair color!

They always request a "hospital lunch" so this was their bedtime snack.

I am so not a dog person.
But there was no way I was going to tell Hailey she could not bring Heather.
Especially since she says Heather is like having a little sister.

Hailey is incredibly nurturing and protective of her little Heather.

I woke up to find them eating breakfast they had put together by themselves.
I thought I had thrown those Fruity Os away. 

Going around town with Hailey's Grandma (my SIL) is quite the experience.
While we were getting a table for lunch, Wendy was telling the restaurant owner
that she loved him about 4 times because his
"menu worked for vegetarians (Hailey), Gluten free (Me), and kids with braces (Elora)."

Then when we were at Sweet Tomato…

Our Valentine Visitors

Our 2 little Valentine guests had much to say to each other last night. I heard, a lot:

"Joas your arm is hurting me. Move over."
"Téa don't put your leg there by mine!"
This went on for a long while...

Yet, what I found interesting is, neither one of them made any effort to move over.  And later when they finally fell asleep, this is how we found them:
Then again, how could it be any different when they started out like this in utero?

However, when they grow up and find their true loves,  I can pretty much bet they will not have marriages like this one in 1947.   I know, I know. I can't let go of these old stories.

Interesting what they considered newsworthy back then

Reader Digest.....this one is from December 1935.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Women in 1935

Lately I've been living in the past.
Ever since I found that little stack of Reader's Digest Magazines at the thrift store,
I've become fascinated with the 1930s and 40s.
This was the era my parents grew up in.
Not only was the culture different back then, but people thought differently.
Like this article below written by a woman in 1935.

In case you don't have time to read it,  just scroll down to the highlighted parts. Those were most amazing to me.  Perhaps you will not agree. (with what I found interesting, I mean)
The above was written when my mom was about 5 years old.  However, my grandmother would have none of this. (Grandma was a very unusual woman for her time.) She told Mom she was not allowed to get married until she graduated from college.  So she graduated on a Friday with a degree in social work,  and married my Dad two days later.
Grandma and Mom in 1948

Mom pregnant with her first baby in 1952.

She use to tell me, "One of the best kept secrets ever, 

We never know what is being planned for us.

A few weeks ago I came home to an empty house so I quickly turned on the TV
for some noise while I made lunch. I had flipped on the BYU channel,
and there was the President of that university, Cecil Samuelson talking along with his wife.
They were standing side by side sharing some earlier fertility/ pregnancy hardships
they went through in the early years of their marriage.

They had to wait 3 years for their first child, and another 5 years for the second one,
and then her Dr said there would be no more babies.
They tried to adjust to this fact but it was hard
because they both very much wanted a large family.

Then several years later they heard of a family adopting a baby from Guatemala.
They quickly checked into this idea and 2 months later were able to adopt
Guatemalan twins (who are 36 years old now and have families of their own.)
Several years after the adoption they surprisingly became pregnant with one last child!

The following quote from President Samuelson really struck me 

Which one is not like the other?

Logan, Utah
Provo, Utah
Fresno, California

Give up?
I will tell you.
Logan, Utah was voted safest city in the US.
Provo, Utah was voted #2.
And guess where my beloved hometown is on the list of safest cities?
Fresno is #342 out of 358 cities in this annual contest. 

Unfortunately I am not surprised.

Six things I learned this week....

1. Am I the only one who didn't know about these free standing toothbrushes?
I bought one thinking since I wanted really soft bristles I would buy a child's size.
Then it turns out this one stands all by itself with no container. I like that feature.
It would be especially nice in a hotel room where there is never a toothbrush holder.

2. Last night while eating at Whole Foods we saw a very normal looking man
pick up a whole avocado (I assume he paid for it) and took a bite of out it.
Then from that little hole he made from his bite,
he squeezed that avocado all over his salad and it came out, all of it, like it was no big deal.
Den asked him about it and he admitted this is the only cooking skill he knows.

3. This tastes so good and is great for tummy aches and sleeping problems.
I've had chamomile tea many times before, but it's never tasted like this.

4. Have you seen this stuff?

I would not use this on a child since it stings alot for about 1/2 a minute
but it works re…

Crockpot Northern Beans and Ham

After soaking the beans, you put them in your crockpot along with the few other ingredients and let them simmer all day. Then just make some cornbread, and you have dinner!
I love the flavor of these. I love the heartiness. And I love the simple prep. 
They are very similar in flavor to some beans my Mom use to make for Christmas and Easter every year but hers took LOTS more effort and time. 
So go here for the recipe. The first time I made these I put the brown sugar in right from the start. I didn't realize I was suppose to wait and add it later. But we liked it so much the way I accidentally did it, that now I just add everything all in the beginning.
Instead of ham hocks, I use "seasoned ham pieces" that are packaged and cut up by the butcher at Savemart down the street from us. Any kind of ham would work. 
Since I've been gluten free since October, I don't make this kind of Cornbread anymore, but it really is the best tasting:
If you don't like beans, you…

A Day in the life of my Dad

Susan needed to go to Chico to see her family so I got to spend a couple days with my Dad.
I think this is the first time I slept under the same roof as him since 1974!
So I got to see what he experiences just about every day.

His new wheel chair goes in so much easier than the last one that he had since September.

Look at all the leg room I get in the back seat.
Off to Physical Therapy. NOT his favorite place to be.
 These pictures may not look grueling but it was.  It was hard to watch Dad working so hard. And for a full HOUR.  But then I had to remind myself that my Dad has always done hard things.  He's tough, and he's a survivor.  It wasn't that long ago that he set out to run across the US.
Running about 50 miles a day and sleeping on high school gym floors with my Mom.

And it wasn't that long ago that he ran 35 marathons (15 of them in Boston).
He never complains. Just does what he has to do.
 No rest for the weary at home either.
No sense suffering along with h…