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So thankful all his dreams did not come true!

McKay and McKenna and baby Grant have officially moved to Tigard, Oregon
His 7 year BYU experience is over.
TODAY he began his job as an actuaryin downtown Portland! 

This made Den and I think back to the year 2000.
Listen to what McKay's dreams were back in high school
(not exactly the answer they expected from the "Student of Promise"!)

One happy Daddy coming home to his family after 1st day on the job.

I love this clip of McKay juggling 3 years ago.
(I just didn't want him making a profession of it.) Can't get enough of the music either.
(McKay is the one in the solid white shirt and frayed jeans...
I think the same pair he wore all through high school.)

I use to watch this video and cry
because I couldn't go to Provo to see him.
But guess what?
Weep no more Grandma Honey...We get to go to Portland in 2 1/2 weeks!!!
And it's not just McKay....
We have 2 more we get to love now~~~ McKenna and Grant!

Have you ever tried to photo a 1 year old?

I have to be quick on the draw....and apparently I'm not fast enough.

Sometimes I can just see the way her little mind is working by looking at that cute little mouth of hers.
And sometimes she has a generous moment right before I am to click.
Violet's just doing what she's been taught.

Okay, I think she's had enough.
The world outside must look so exciting to a small child.
Uh oh where did it go?

Nope, too busy to sit by the fireplace for a pose.

"Okay, I'm done with that."

Maybe next time. Thank you sweet little Violet, for all your efforts.

His little menu

One day many years ago I woke up to find this on my fridge:

Not sure how old Tyler was when he wrote this,  but I suspect it was long before he entered that Spelling Bee in 4th grade.

I must have been complaining about what to make for dinner one day.  I must have told him I needed suggestions, or maybe I didn't. Tyler was helpful like that.

I followed it every night for that entire week. It was a great week back in 1992 or whatever year that was.
I don't know about you, but deciding what to fix is the hardest part of cooking.
Actually I thought his little menu was lost forever...and then I found it just last night!
I've saved so many of my sons' school awards, report cards, soccer pictures.  But this little menu looks like gold to me now.  It brings me back to a time when my little boy was just trying to help his tired Mom. 

"Enjoy the little things,  for one day you may look back and realize  they were the big things." ~~Robert Brault

So does menu planning c…

A funeral with a twist

My mom would often talk through the years about her best friend growing up,  Betty Abbott. They were pretty much inseparable from grade school through college.

So Dennis I attended a funeral yesterday and who should we get to see..... Betty with her husband Marvin.
So naturally when I got home I looked up Betty in my Mom's scrapbooks and found this picture.... on Betty's wedding day with Mom being her Maid of Honor in 1949 !  In 1961 my parents, along with the first 4 of their 8 children,
coincidentally moved 2 houses down from Betty's husband's relatives....Faye and Ernie Wild.
The funeral yesterday was for Faye Wild....who lived to be 97!  She was always Mrs. Wild to me, and she has always been old.
What I remember most about her was the sugar cookies shaped like pumpkins
that she would personally hand out every Halloween.
It was one sugar cookie per Trick or Treater.
wrapped gently in a waxed sandwich bag.
Her cookies were the very best part of my childhood…

Maybe you all ready know this

but it was news to me.
I just discovered this on Saturday...
This expands to fit my drawer!

 The standard kind of silver ware trays have never worked for me: Our utensils would be spilling out of the one above.

So about 20 years ago, I got this idea from a friend and I've used it ever since: Not the best, but workable for me.

But with this new expandable one,  everything stays better in its place (because of the rubber backing) and it looks so much better.
But you probably already have one yourself. ...Or do you? I'm thinking it would make a nice wedding gift. Only $19.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond

Now I just need to come to the realization that even if all my grandbabies  were here at the same time, I would not need all of these. But they are too cute to get rid of.  What's a Grandma Honey to do.

Nurse Tracie

Who is that sitting between Amy and the twins? Nurse Tracie! She was the angel nurse who helped Amy 3 years ago when she gave birth to the twins. Yesterday we all got to have lunch together!
Why do we love Nurse Tracie so much?
*Before the babies were born Nurse Tracie came in and put 2 bracelets on both Amy and Logan.
I kiddingly said I wanted a bracelet too.
So Tracie, made me one up that said, "Grandma Honey" on it!! 
*She was behind talking the Dr into allowing Logan to deliver Jonas.
*She was behind letting Austin stay with us throughout Amy's labor.
*And this is my most favorite part: Suddenly when Amy went from a 6 to a 10 and was ready to push, Karen (Amy's Mom) and I were handed ONE set of paper scrubs. So they are flying her out the door on a gurney and Karen tells ME to put the scrubs on. I told her that she needed to put them on. She INSISTED I wear them saying, "I don't want you to miss out on this!" But how about HER??? SHE is…

Three is the number of the day.

The twins turned 3, and then five days later their Dad turned 33 .  So what could we do, but celebrate together...
In not just one pizza parlor, but TWO.....or maybe it should have been 3. I didn't ask, but I guess they liked the pizza better at Me N Eds  (or Mister Eds as Den calls it)
And the games better at Chuckie Cheese.

Is it just me, or do you think these two look alike?
One family member can make a nice picture a bit, uh, creepy. Karen (Amy's Mom), Kylie and Austin
And some family members just like to have a crazy good time.
One family member does not like to open her gifts until she is sure the rest of the fam is watching.
Two family members can't get enough of each other. And unbeknownst to one of them, the other surprised him with an overnight trip  to Bass Lake right after the party! Just the two of them!

I think I know which birthday gift this boy liked best of all!

I am anxiously awaiting tomorrow. We are having lunch with a special guest....

The best job in the world

I wish I could show this video to my Mom!

The answers to my Tagging questions

 I was tagged by Stephanie from The Mount Laundry News.
(she's an excellent writer, btw)

First, the rules, which I am apparently required to follow:   you must post the rules   answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post   create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged   let them know you tagged them   No tag-backs
Now here are my answers to her questions:

1.  What do you wish people understood about you?
That I mean well, but it doesn't always come out that way.

2.  If you could go back in time and have a do-over for your life (all or just part), would you?
Yes, I would like to do over the period of time after my sons returned from their missions. I didn't know how to be a Mom to adult sons. Teenagers were a piece of cake compared to adult sons. (And they were all great...the problem was me.) I had to grow into it. I love my Mom role to them now. And I love that they are all married.
(On second thought...I don't want to do over that period of tim…

Her mother's grave

Last Sunday we took Hailey to see her Mom's new grave marker.  She asked that I not put her actual grave on my blog so of course I won't.
The day was so special and I want her to remember it when she is older  and I'm hoping these pictures will help. 
Chickie bought some tulips and just as we were walking out the door,  Hailey saw me carrying them and asked if she could hold them in the car.  Of course!
Once we arrived at the cemetery, Hailey could not get out of the car fast enough.
She walked with such determination and focus.
We could barely keep up with her.

She wasn't even sure which way to go, but she did not want to slow down.  She just pressed forward ahead.
She was on a mission to feel close to her Mom.
She had the flowers, she had the glitter.  She was anxious to make her Mom's grave pretty.
After placing the tulips gently beside her Mom's grave, she sprinkled glitter all over it. She stared at it for a few moments, then she took off with Elora.... walking side b…