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Just because I like it...

Not sure when Henri said this, but somewhere mid 1800s. 

Do you know why he would do this?

A few days ago we had someone ring our doorbell, but he didn't 
wait for us to answer. But he didn't really leave either. He hovered 
by our garage door for at least the 30 seconds of this clip. 

I can understand someone ringing the bell and then standing back, 
so as to give us our space...but clear back by the garage?

From kindergarten to this....

So we had just barely gotten tonight, 
when I get this call from Elora, 

"Grandma Honey, come outside." 


"Just come out here and you'll see." 

She has her permit!
It was so exciting when my boys went through this.
But it's different being the grandma of the driver! 
As a Grandma the decades pass by like the years use to. I keep can this even be?
I think one of my friends said it best  after I texted her with this news...

Tyler's email yesterday

With Tyler's permission, here's what he sent me yesterday.  I'm still thinking about it.....what causes the decline,  especially in 2017. 

Mom, You’re gonna think this is a weird way of saying thanks.
I saw this chart this morning about the births per woman in the United States from 1960 to 2016:

I think it’s interesting that you had all of your children in some of the most unpopular childbearing years (of the past 55-60 years).

So, uh…thanks!
I saw in my healthcare newsfeed this morning that 2017 was the lowest number of births (not births per woman) in the U.S. since 1987. I think this will continue to decline as motherhood becomes less popular. I hope I’m wrong.


Favorites from April

1. I saw this at Homegoods. Food for thought, anyway.

2. McKay and McKenna went to the Bahamas in April. 
Here McKay (standing far left) got to play bocce ball 
with the UK Surrey champion!

3. During Den's last illness he had a cough that lingered for awhile,  especially at night. My friend Pam told me about these:
So every night before we'd go to bed,  I'd place a few of these pills for Den to use.
He'd put one under his tongue, the cough would stop almost  immediately, and he'd go back to sleep.

What's nice about these little homeopathic pills, is, unlike cough 
drops, he's not going to choke on them in his sleep since they are 
under his tongue and small. 
4. This was a fun weekend for me. Not because I was there, but  because I knew Karen got to be with her mom and sister!
They were all together at a beach house  celebrating her Mom's birthday. Aren't they beautiful!
5. My Grandma taught me this trick many decades ago,  so when I saw this, I thought of her!

\ 6. T…

Memories of Grandma Gaynor

This video was filmed last the grandkids are older, and I 
guess that means we are too. 

In some ways I don't want to show this (which has much to do with  the fact it's taken me this long to share it here)....because I sound  bossy. Am I that way in real life? Apparently so since this film is  real life. I do NOT want to be a bossy person. 
I need to work on that.
But my sisters and everyone else who shares memories of my Mom  here, are fabulous! 

A miracle is the only explanation

When I answered the phone 2 Sundays ago about 8pm and heard it 
was the husband of my good friend Pam, I knew this could not be 
good....especially considering it was 11pm their time in Michigan! 

In the 44 years Pam and I have been close friends, I've probably 
only talked to Tom a handle of times. I braced myself for bad news.

So Tom began like this, "About noon today Pam was checking 
the meat in the crockpot and took out a piece of it to try."

The beginning did not sound reassuring. Tom and I had never 
talked about food before.

He went on to tell me after she put the meat in her mouth she 
headed down the hall. The piece of meat slid just enough down to 
block her airway except for a pin hole area. 

She started choking terribly. I heard things like, the Heimlich 
wasn't working...called 911. She quit breathing. But somehow, the 
paramedics saved her. Then he gave me her hospital phone number 
and said she wanted me to call.

Hearing her story made me realize once again, how frag…

The club no one wants to join

A few days ago I got a text from Amy  that Téa was on her way by ambulance to the hospital.
She had a fast heart rate for several hours, but she is fine now. Hmmm wonder where she got that from.
(In case you don't know, it seems to run in our family.  The club no one wants to join.)
It's a good thing she recovered quickly because  she has lots of puppy tending to do at home.
The 5 girls and 5 boys were born 6 weeks ago. 
All have been sold but won't be old enough  to join their new families for another 9 days. 

Meanwhile, they are LOTS of work.

Hunt, Astro, Maximus, Sadie, Serene, Stone,  Zoey, Snowflake, Poppy, and Gunnar. 

Just in case they feel like being creative...

When I saw this little container at Home Goods last week, 
I thought it would be perfect to put art supplies in it for the grandchildren. 
(which at the time were all over the house. Not the grandchildren, but the art supplies.)

Then just a day later when some of them came to dinner, 
I wondered how long it would take Violet 
to see it all set up in the guest room. 
Just a few minutes after arriving, Violet came up to me and asked, 
"What are those art supplies for?" 
"For just in case you ever feel like doing art!" 
She said, "How about now?" 
I said, sure, but let's eat dinner first. 

If you notice in this 2nd picture Violet has already disappeared.
I found her hard at work.
I didn't want to tell her to come back for dessert,  so I just brought it to her. She made time.
By the way, Elora laughed at the dessert I put together (ice-cream, whip cream, sprinkles leftover from Christmas, raspberries, and a stick cookie) but she requested seconds as did her Dad