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The big move and the song

Today we (and our village) moved my Dad and Susan out of their home in Clovis...

and into a very lovely assisted living facility in Fresno. 

Before their home was completely empty, I had a stack of papers I needed to fill out for the new place. 

Lots of questions on those papers....

"What is your greatest accomplishment in life?"
His answer: "My children"

"What gives you the most pleasure in life?"
His answer: "Being with my grandchildren." 

"What is your favorite kind of music?"
His answer: Rock and roll

"What is your favorite song"
His answer: "Slip Slidin' Away." 

Uh, really? I remember that song. I never liked it much....But today, for the first time after decades of hearing that song, I actually listened to the words.... 

"Mom, I am so ready for tool"

Our granddaughters, Scarlett and Annie.
Two sisters. Two very different personalities. 
Or to quote McKay, their Daddy:
"One is calm and thoughtful while the other is wild and crazy. 
Both of them are so much fun."
You can easily see in this video, who is who.

Magical Rice

I don't like white rice, but Dennis does, so last night I tried this recipe for him, but also because I was curious about it, and it sounded fun to make. 

I like how you bake it in the oven for 17 minutes and then it comes out looking like pilaf. 

And have to admit, it tastes good too. 

It comes from this cookbook. 
The recipe on page 83:

I made it with white long grain Jasmine rice. 
Tomorrow night I'm using brown rice instead, adding 1/2 c more broth to it and baking it for 45 minutes. We'll see how it goes. 
I'll report back. :)
Meanwhile, try this white rice version. I think you'll like it.
Update later: Last night I made it with brown rice using the changes (above) and it turned out great. The brown rice gave it a different flavor obviously, but still very good.

She's here!

Brynn Aly born this morning.
8 lbs, 10 oz

More pictures later after she is introduced on Facebook.

We're on Baby watch tonight!

Look who's in the hospital tonight...

This will be my DIL Amy's 2nd grand baby!

Baby will be about 3 weeks early. 
Maybe she will look like Kylie...

What 9 year old girls talk about

While her parents were hiking up in our smokey mountains, 

and her twin brother at his friend's house,  Tea moved in with us for several days.

I wonder how we must seem to her. Probably very old.

Yet still it didn't stop her from chatting away.

So many important things.... like she's trying to decide what color of  glow in the dark bands she wants on her braces.

She tells us how she has to "watch" her sister  when she has her friend over. "Her friend is a boy but he is just a friend," she tells us.
Then she adds, "He sent her flowers on her birthday."  That doesn't sound like "just a friend" to her grandparents!

She tells us about the hike she took last week with her she didn't like getting so tired and sore. And about  eating cold oatmeal, "It was disgusting."

She tried to count on her fingers how many friends she has.

We did have one little problem.
While Téa was getting ready for bed Den took me aside and said,  &qu…

I actually got up this time

Very early last Thursday morning Tyler and Karen loaded up their 
van, along with their 3 littles, to begin their new life in Idaho. 

We were blessed to get to spend lots of time with them this summer 
from the selling of their Washington home, to the waiting for 
escrow to close on their Idaho home. 

It's always hard to say goodbye. Truthfully I usually sleep through 
that part. But this time I decided to be brave. 

As I saw the kids all cozied up in their van I wondered just how 
much they will grow and change before I get to see them again. 

Next time they will return with one more to love.  Baby sister arrives in December.
As much as we will miss them, I felt calm as I thought that no  matter where my sons and their families go, they will always have  their church family waiting for them. 
Which indeed has been the case.
To help explain here is a part of what Karen posted on FB:
"A super huge shout out to our wonderful new ward members who spent their (very hot)  day watching and playing …


We all have problems. I've never heard of anyone saying at 
the end, "I've had such an easy life."A good life maybe, 
but not an easy one. Elizabeth Smart came out with a new book this year...
I couldn’t bring myself to read Elizabeth Smart’s previous  book about her kidnapping ordeal. 
But this newer book is more about what she is doing to heal.
She also takes us along as she interviews several others who have gone through horrific life changing challenges of their own. 

So one of those she interviewed was Ann Romney, who  talked about her MS diagnosis. What I found particularly  interesting though was a story Ann shared about her mother  in law.  Mitt’s mother had a multitude of health problems. And 
towards the end of her life she was going blind.  Harold B. Lee, an educator and the president of our church 
many years ago, was close friends with Mitt’s parents. He 
said something to Mitt’s mom that Ann never forgot. He said, 
“Only the wounded can fight in the Lord’s army.”  She go…

Always polite

Juliet may have been angry at the end of this very short clip, 
but she does not forget her manners!