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This is the part I don't like

...saying Goodbye.
Who knows how long it will be till we get to see them again, but Karen, Tyler and baby Rich left this afternoon to go back to Logan, Utah.

Here's a few memories of the past 8 days with them.

This little guy may be just 4 months old but he is so aware of everything.  Back at the hotel, Rich watches his parents say goodbye,  leaving his grandparents in charge.
This picture cracks me up.  "What? I'm staying with you?"
Our little guy was rather lost looking in our big hotel bed.
Some more  Karen/Tyler/Rich favorites:

Christmas morning I think McKay and Tyler realized they already had their presents!
Grandma Honey lovin on her baby Rich.

And finally, Last night...making the most of each hour.  Knowing the next day Karen and Tyler would start their new life in Logan,  while the McKs will return to Provo on Monday. (Lovely floor, huh?) '
We went to bed at 12:30 and they were still playing strong! Since both couples won't both be living in Provo anymore,  they ha…

Home is the best place to be

We all checked out of our hotel rooms yesterday (Hooray !!) ....
but is it any wonder we went out to dinner again last night?

Not back to normal around here yet,  but the last of the machines left last night.  It'll be several weeks before we get the floors in,  but that's okay.
The day was sunny and bright around here  so we had "the boys" outside for awhile.  It's so good to be home! Rich and Grant Best Buds

Richie has a thing for Aunt Amy. 
 Daddy Love

Look at our waitress last night!

Karen, Tyler and baby Richie fly home tomorrow.  :(((((

Okay, so we have a question. Both babies have colds right now. Probably simple colds, although it doesn't seem simple because they are not sleeping well at night because of the congestion. When I was raising my babies we were told to just give them a little Triaminc ....that cleared up their congestion enough so they could sleep. But of course now, all baby cold meds have been taken off the market. So what do Moms do now when their ba…

9 reasons I love being a Rozier

Something about holidays brings certain things to light.

Like our annual Rozier Christmas party.
Looking around I noticed just a few of the reasons I love being a part of my extended family:

1.  Always doting aunts ready to view and be excited about the new members of our baby Grant
Aunt Karen loving on Richie

2. We have our unique Calvary's hair. She was born with a one pony tail on the side of her head. I've never seen anything like it. What a nice little bonus.
 My sister Peggy with her Calvary (her youngest grandchild)
3. Even when members of our family arrive 30 minutes late for dinner because they accidentally go to the wrong party down the street, no one is upset....only happy to see them.

4. At any given Rozier party, during any given year, there are always little ones to love
and give great meaning to life.
 Love Téa's apple that I found on one of the tables.
5. We have the best food at our family gatherings!

6. There is always catching up to…

another unexpected event....and poor Laurynn !

So while Christmas Story was running in the hotel lobby yesterday...

and we were having our breakfast, look who's carried Santa!
A Christmas breakfast to remember.

On the way out to the parking lot McKenna excitedly found this: Even with many empty rooms at this hotel, apparently I'm not the only Grandma Honey here!
We broke the rules for 2 hours,  and turned off all the blaring fans in our house so we could have Christmas morning there.  Not what we were suppose to do,  and I usually follow rules to the letter,  but it was Christmas morningand all our presents and tree were at the house.... and try as we did,  we could not figure out a way totransport our tree to the hotel.
more on that in another post.....

Then on to church, where besides Christmas,.... it was Grant's blessing day ...more on that later too.

So sweet Amy said we could move Christmas dinner to her house after church.  since ours is still unlivable
Just as church ended Dennis got a call from Amy  saying Laurynn wa…

Plan B, or maybe C

So yesterday my Dad called and suggested we ask the insurance to put us all up in hotels. At first I thought it would be more trouble moving, than staying here in this mess. Besides who wants to leave home on Christmas, especially since we have flown our married kids out here to be with us??

Besides, I had already asked the insurance, and they said no.

Then one of the 4 workers taking out our flooring said to me, "Ma'am, you need to make other plans for Christmas. We will be putting 5 industrial fans in here that will be so loud you won't be able to hear yourself talk."

That did it. Several phone calls later (to the insurance) and here we all are at the Hilton Homewood Suites. This is a new, very lovely hotel. We have 3 rooms, all next together. Each complete with a kitchen and living room area.

I keep thinking....and this is all because of one little drip drip drip under our dishwasher! But then I started thinking how often lives are turned upside down because of …

A Christmas to Remember!

The insurance claims department called and said they needed to take our flooring up now.

So it's going to be an interesting Christmas. But we are so very thankful to be together. 
More pictures later but for now.... Rich Boy, as they call him. Isn't he totally adorable?!!
And sweet little Grant got his new braces today! So far, he seems to not mind them so much.
More later. Merry Christmas!

Hailey got baptized today

We wish we could have been both here, and also there in Sacramento today.
But with the McKs here along with baby Grant...
and Karen and Tyler flying in today (more on that later), it was not meant to be.
However, THANK YOU so much Susan for taking these pictures for us!

Great Grandpa Rozier with Hailey
Hailey and her Dad with Uncle Jordan

Great Grandpa, Aunt Whitney, Great Aunt Robin,  Brooke, McKenzie, and Hailey

I'm certain Hailey's Mom was there in spirit.  No doubt about that.

I heard they read a letter from Hailey's mom at her baptism.
I would sure love to read that.
Our prayers continue to be with Hailey's Papa and Chickie in Alpine, Utah.