My soup adventure

So it started like this....
Nearly a year ago, I was trying to think of some way to preserve the beautiful produce we'd pick up every Saturday at the Farmer's Market. 
I would buy more than we could eat in a week because it all looked SO good. Then I would end up, sadly, throwing too much out at the end of the week.
Then I would do the same thing all over again the following week.
Not good.
I would think....if I only knew how to make really good soup with all of this produce, then I could freeze it for later.
So slowly I started studying recipe after recipe. 
I discovered I can use one same basic recipe for several of these vegetables. 
I also learned that what works best for us, is freezing the soup in individual 1 cup servings. That way I can put one frozen serving in the microwave for 3 minutes and it's ready to eat whenever we feel like it.
Also, all of my soups are whirled up in the blender before no mushy tasting vegetables. But rather a nourishing, hot cup of c…

They do what it takes....

So we got this call from Brock asking us to come outside.  He assured me they were all locked up in their van. 
When we got out there, one of them said "Look behind you."

I looked at all the love drawings and wondered...

How long had they been out there anyway??
Serious drawing went on here.  Violet on the left, and Cami on the right.

Violet even drew Baxter!

"What's with all the 'Happy Birthday Mom''s not my birthday!"

Erin said, "We don't know when we'll be able to see you again!"

Violet summed it all up best...

On another related note,  when Karen sent me her schedule today...
I was so happy about their Bear Hunt!
We're certainly ready for ours.

Genius idea whoever came up with it. I wonder if Bear Hunts are just in the US, or global?
And just in case you haven't seen this.... Love it...(except for the drinking part...don't start drinking!)

Just a dinner at Mom and Dad's house 22 years ago.

Sometimes, you just want to see your parents. 

I didn't even know I had this until a few days ago. 

I took out very little, so if you want to skip me rudely on the phone 
during dinner, just fast forward to 2:15. 

I don't know what was going on with Peggy that day at Costco, 
but I gather from the call, we were worried about her. 

I sure miss them.

Learning from home....

Okay, so about the little grands....
they are all home, but apparently learning more than ever.

Karen sent me this a few days ago from Idaho....

And then an update from her later that night:

McKenna is doing the homeschool now too in Montana...

I stay entertained by the variety of clothing they wear with each text. From swim suits to coats to princess dresses. 

Scarlett is writing so well...

Annie learning her letters!

Now you may not know what it is Grant drew  but when I tell you, you will see it. 
I'll give you a hint. It's a Disney character.

Daisy Duck! Are those not the best high heels ever?
So what Disney character did he draw here?
Goofy! (I want to do a whole post on Grant soon.)

When I wrote and asked what was happening at her house,
Amysent me this one of the twins...

And LOVE what Erin had to say after they all hunkered down as a family :

"...We want them to remember a ton of fun time together and forget what caused it."

Looks like Erin might be accomplishing her goal.

Are you adjusting?

One of my daughters in law asked me recently: 
Have you ever seen this happen before?
I said, "No, not at all."
She asked, "Not in your life time?"
"No, not in my lifetime." 

I think she was hoping I'd say, 
"Oh yeah this is nothing new. It will be over soon."

But nope, can't say that. 

I've received so many texts and emails lately describing what people are going through. 

We have been in isolation for about 2 weeks now and it's not been too bad. Mainly because we have each other. My heart goes out to those who are alone right now.

At first I felt restless. We are use to going out in the evenings. 

But still lots of family time. Lots of connecting, even though Dennis is the only one I actually see in person. 

Love getting emails and texts from my daughters in law, and learning how they are doing this new life. 

Tomorrow I will show you some of that, with their permission of course. 

Plus later on, I've found some old family videos I hadn&…

Stay Home

If you possibly can, please everybody, just STAY HOME. 

Medical, police, fire, and grocery people are taking risks for us. The least we can do is bring down the curve to help keep safe those who serve us!

A medical person on Instagram said this morning, "We also have family but we can't stay home...Be responsible. Stay home because we can't."

We are 11 days behind Italy. This virus is so rampant there, they are putting previously healthy individuals on palliative care simply because they don't have enough resources to help all the sick ones. 

Even if you aren't worried about yourself, you could easily be a carrier and not even know it, putting many at risk. 

And watch this. It makes me feel better every time I hear it. 

I want to show you some things we've been doing since being home so much. More on that in a day or two.

Brussel Sprouts with Grapes

That's a before picture... before I roasted these and put the walnuts and seasoning on.
Here's Martha's picture and recipe:

A friend of mine was raving about this recipe  so I couldn't wait to try it, a few days ago.
Who knew pairing brussel sprouts with grapes would work. Even Dennis, who has to eat a new recipe about 2-3  times before he likes it, said he loved these. 
It's a keeper. Just had to share.