4 questions you should ask your doctor

On one of my favorite podcasts, Something You Should Know, a neurosurgeon explained 4 questions you should ask your doctor before agreeing to surgery, or testing or even taking some medications. 

From there I found his TED talk.

I like his honesty. 

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I really did try!

Den is so hard to buy for because he won't tell me what he wants!

But last week I actually heard him say he sure wished he had some wireless ear buds. I thought... perfect!
So Friday night we go to Costco to buy some fruit and pick up a few gifts for the grandkids. While he parks the car. I go inside and there just happens to be this lady promoting wireless ear buds...I tell her, “My husband wants these for Christmas. But I don’t want him to see them so I can’t put them in my cart. He’s parking the car now.”
She says to me, “I’ll you what... after you get all finished shopping have your husband go to the car and tell him, “Sorry I forgot something. This will be real quick.” Then come back in and purchase them.” Okay, I thought, that’s a plan. 
Just as I’m walking away from her I see Den enter the front door of Costco and he goes right to the ear bud display like a child goes to candy. The ear bud lady looks at me from afar as if to say, is this your husband? I laugh and point to Den a…

A special blessing this week

While we were happily eating our Thanksgiving dinner yesterday...

...I read McKay's post on Instagram to everyone, as he had written about a very unforgettable blessing this past week. 

Since not everyone gets Instagram, or looks at it, I wanted to also include McKay's post here.

"autism_understanding  After a difficult weekend with
Grant, Sunday night concluded with one of the sweetest 
experiences I have had with him in a long time.

As I was putting him to bed we watched one of the 
Book of Mormon videos on YouTube and then I asked
him if he wanted to say a prayer. He began his prayer
with the same few lines he has said since he was 2
years old.

"Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for Elsa, thank you
for Mommy, thank you for Grant."  (I don't know why 
he says thank you for Elsa. He doesn't even like 
Frozen. It's just a routine thing.) 

I then interrupted him with a prompt to try and derail
him from his routine prayer with the words, "Please

Grant t…

People doing good in the world

One day last week Den and I went to The Habit for dinner. 
He ordered....uh, I don't know what he ordered. But I got the southwest chicken salad which I pretty much love.

(If you order this salad there don't expect it to look like mine.  I brought some of those toppings from home.) 
But that's not what this post is about.
I noticed 3 people of various ages,  sitting in the booth near us.
They were all wearing yellow shirts that read across the front,  "Good News Club."
And they smiled alot.
So I walked over and said,  "You all look like you must be doing good things in the world."
They explained they are volunteers that teach about the Bible as an  after school program in an elementary school. And that this  program has been around since 1937.
I was thinking this and then I said,  "Really? I didn't know that was legal."
They assured me they have to get written permission from the  parents before the kids can join the club. Then one of them said,  "Many c…

The best day to go to Costco

Den and I discovered a secret about Costco several years ago, 
that either no one knows about...or no one cares. 

If you want to have the whole store practically to yourself, 
go on Black Friday in the evening. 

We usually go about 7pm, the day after Thanksgiving. 

It's just so pleasant strolling through the empty aisles.

I took these pictures last Black Friday, just for you.
You're welcome. 

PS  I have no idea what's it like there on Black Friday afternoons.

The solution could be worse than the problem...

A speaker at church last Sunday mentioned how here in California, ever since January 2018, when we had to start bringing our own bags to the grocery store, shop lifting has sky rocketed. 

People bring their own bags, back packs, whatever, making it SO easy slip stuff in there.

The speaker made the point that the solution is turning out to be  worse than the problem. 
He compared this to raising children. Sometimes our solution is to make life so easy for them that they grow up not knowing how to handle adversity. They end of having more problems in the long run, more pain and heart ache. 

So he gave these tips:

This generation is use to instant results. Teach them delayed gratification.
Teach that it's hard to wait and be patient for good things to come.
*If we make their lives too cushy now, later when life doesn't go well, they won't know how to cope and think they have failed. 
Losing proceeds winning.
Praise efforts, not just results
"Prepare the kid for the road,…

Do you want to see what pure joy looks like?

Our little 10 1/2 month old granddaughter, Daisy, is SO proud. 
And SO happy!

I love how Daisy looks to her left, where her Dad is, 
making sure he is watching, too!