What we did and what we ate the week Karen and Tyler were here...

I couldn't do much that week, 
but I did get a front row seat to lots of it....

And some really nice visitors came to see me while I was resting my leg...

(Leo would visit too, but he's over at my desk trying to figure out the lock.)

We had Chinese Food one night....

Notice the hearts on our mirrors? Brock and Erin tried to sneak in one evening and decorate when Den was in the hospital last August. I had just gotten home that night so it wasn't the surprise they were going for, but it meant ALOT to us.

I love those hearts so much I still can't take them down. 

One day it was pizza for lunch. 
They requested Marco's this time rather that Pizza Hut.

And these were a big hit in the mornings.  Even those who didn't like sausage, liked these.

Not exactly health food though. 

 The kids loved the "dinosaur tails" I finally tried them... 
They are the "upper crust" of chicken nuggets.

Not your typical soft rubbery oven chicken nuggets. I promise.

Dinners for…

Oreo Peppermint Ice Cream Dessert

I know, Christmas desserts are over, but I don't see why this 
couldn't be adapted to other ice cream flavors. 

Since I don't eat desserts, I rate them by how quickly they disappear.

This one flew out of the pan. 

I also rate it by how easy it is to make.

It was, very! No baking. Just 4 ingredients.

And what I truly love, is it can be made weeks aheadthen just stored it in the freezer where it belongs....with an attached baggie holding the additional smashed Oreos that belong on top (plus cool whip in the fridge)

Check out the recipe HERE.

The interviews

I interviewed our Idaho grandkids separately,
 and their personalities came through....

10 moments in December

Here's 10 things before Christmas, I don't want to forget:

1. One evening while Den and I were out having dinner, I got a text from a friend that read, "Run! Don't walk to the craft store to get these for Tyler's kids when they come to visit."

She had remembered I looked EVERYWHERE for these last Christmas. ...The grands loved them, btw.
2. A lady in our neighborhood bookclub made these bookmarks for all 8 of us in the club. Pictures of all the books we reviewed since we began 2 1/2 years ago. 

Disclaimer: I didn't read all of them. 
And I can't recommend all the ones I did read, but there were some good ones too!

3. Den wasn't able to set up our tree this year due to his back hurting. 
We sort of missed having a tree.
Our ministering brother from church, who knew nothing about this, brought us over a poinsettia the week before Christmas. I would never had known that a simple little red plant would have brought us so much joy, but it did!

4. Everywhere we …

Violet came to the rescue

Violet may be only 8 1/2 but she's mighty.  She said she would come to help me.
And she did!
She got the dirty spots off our tile.
And she brought me new ice packs for my leg when I needed them.

She even found Juliet's missing Cinderella dress (that Violet handed down to her!..btw, that picture was a re-enactment)

She opened and closed the windows when I needed them. 

I was glad I had Violet's happy food in the freezer.

And she in turn, was glad she had happy food for her friend Vi.  Finally that plastic mac and cheese  we've had hanging around all these years, made sense.

Violet always always asks for frozen cookies so I made sure to have some waiting for her.

We also shared one of these GF bars.

They were good, but she liked them more than I did.

At bedtime, I told Violet I couldn't make the bed,  and would she mind just sleeping with blankets this one time?

She hesitantly said:  "Well I've never slept without sheets....but okay." She's a sweetheart.

Stealing diapers

While Den and I were going through check out at Savemart last night, the manager quickly came up and threw several large boxes of diapers near the register. 

(Actually the diapers last night were red, so I think they were Huggies)
Then he announced to the checker that he just intercepted a man trying to steal them. The manager said he could even see a driver ready to take off after those diapers were loaded up. 
But instead, he was able to stop the thief and rescue the diapers, which he estimated were $120. worth.
Listening in, I asked the manager, "So what did the guy say when you took the diapers away from him?"
"Did you call the police?" 
He shook his head and said, "No, no need. I got the diapers back so all is well." 
All is well? But that thief is just going to try it again at the next store. 
When did this become okay? 

Den told me on the way home that shoplifting is hardly considered a crime anymore. Really??
This world is worse than I t…

They're back!

Even though I never gave birth to daughters, I hit the jackpot with step daughters, daughters in law, and granddaughters. 

It starts early, too....Juliet is only 3 1/2 here.

The grands come back from Idaho... from Jill Shelley on Vimeo.