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Dennis' Sad Barber Story

Dennis asked recently if I'd heard anymore about those tests to see if a person is immune to COVID. 

I said, "No, why do you ask?"

"Well when those tests are available, I want to get one for me, and one for Andy, my barber."

"Why the barber?"

"Because I want to get my hair cut!" 

Spoken from a man who has hardly any hair. 
But what is growing bothers him. A lot. 

But I think even more than that, 
he likes his barber and misses talking to him. 

So a few more weeks pass, and Den's hair is getting curly and bushy and he doesn't like it. 

Then last week suddenly says he wants to send some money to his barber. He feels sorry for him with the loss of income. 

So he goes to his computer, and tries to get an address. 

I suddenly heard Den from the other room, "What?!! Oh no oh no." 

"What happened?" I say as I head down the hall towards him. 

He said as he searched for Andy online, up pops not his address, but his obituary! Turns out he died in March. 

Den just felt so sad about this, for days. 

He talked lots about him and what a good man Andy was. 

He said he had a sign in his shop that read, "No salty language allowed here," and if words ever got out of hand with his customers, Andy would just point to his sign. 

Saturday morning, we drove by Andy's barber shop. I got out and looked through the windows, and then got back in the car. 

Den turned to me and asked, "Well?"

"He's gone all right. The place is totally empty."

"How about his two barber chairs? Are they still there?"

"No. Nothing is left. Everything's gone."

It's just so sad. We have no idea what he died of. 
Den said he always looked so healthy. 

The funeral home has a very short obit on him that really doesn't tell much. He called there, and of course they wouldn't give any information. 

I just noticed... Den keeps this right by his computer....

Looks like now I will be his barber. 

It won't be the same for him. 

Unlike women, men have very few men to talk to...

(not to mention I have no idea what to do with those clippers)

I look up to her.

Many years ago we were asked by some good friends, if their newly married son and his wife could spend the night in our home. They had come into town for their wedding reception. 

They had been married all of a week, I think.

Since I was single at the time, I got my room and bathroom all ready for them while I took the guest room down the hall.

Next morning I woke up to find McKay and Tyler (about ages 10-11) standing by the newlyweds' bedroom door. As soon as they saw me they excitedly whispered, "I think they're awake!" 

I'm sure I whispered something like, "Get away from their door!"

That's about all I remember from that night.

Now I'm going to take a flying leap, and move ahead at least 2 decades. 

Those "newlyweds" now have 9 children!

A few weeks ago I saw a letter on Facebook from the woman in that couple, who btw, I have known and respected all those years since, so I read it....

I had no idea there's such a war out there on Facebook...

"Dear Friends,
I would like to express a deep concern. Like all of you, I am worried about the spread and impact of this virus and the heavy blow it is inflicting on people’s lives and the economy. But now I am starting to worry about something else. 
There is great divide in opinions of what we should do in regards to restrictions. Though I know my knowledge is imperfect, I have done my best to research and study, and I have come to my own conclusions about what our course should be which I hope would result in the least harm to as many people as possible. I am seeing by many posts here that my view is in conflict with quite a few of the members of my family, friends, and those who attend my church. Those with whom I often agree. It has been hard to be at odds with those I am normally close to, but I acknowledge that their own research and perspective has lead them to a different conclusion which they also believe is in the best interest of all.
Two weeks ago, my church held a worldwide fast in hopes of receiving blessings from God to help us through this time. All were invited to join, no matter their faith, views, situation or background. A Facebook group was started to help invite all to join and unify us in this effort. People of all types and persuasions responded and posted of their commitment to join. Many belonged to religions whose beliefs I don’t share, or whose lifestyle choices I don’t agree with. But there was an overwhelming spirit of welcoming extended to each of them. It was emotionally and spiritually uplifting and healing. It’s something I’m sure many of us have not felt in a long time. People went out of their way to be kind and gracious and, because of that, I felt a connection and unity with them in spite of our differences. I felt power in it. It was a blessing in and of itself.
That feeling is rapidly slipping. While I see people around our country that I don’t know engaged in protests that can be downright ugly, people that I do know are posting and commenting in order to express their opinion on the matter, and what they are saying to each other is smug, snide, condescending and condemning. It is hurting people, whether that was their intention or not. I fear that no matter how and when this lockdown ends, when we gather together again in our meetings and congregations there will be deep wounds and divides that remain between us if we are not very careful in what we post and say. At worst, I fear that we will not be deserving of the blessings that we came together and fasted for in the first place.
In the earlier days of my church, the members were struggling with contention based on differences in political views. The prophet of the time, Wilford Woodruff, said this:
“Every man has as much right—prophets, apostles, saints, and sinners—to his political convictions as he has to his religious opinions. Don’t throw filth and dirt and nonsense at one another because of any difference on political matters. That spirit will lead us to ruin.”
I feel that same spirit that he spoke of will hurt us today more than this virus or financial ruin. Please, let’s not let it in! I have been no better than others at this. I have not been as patient, kind and charitable to those I disagree with as I should have been. I want to do better. I will work harder to be respectful and loving in my interactions. I will not post articles that frame the opposition in a demeaning way or call them hurtful names. I will not presume to know people’s minds and hearts and why they believe the way they do. I will not blame people’s situations on their own choices or be dismissive of their fears and concerns. Everyone is hurting. I want to help them, not add to their pain. No matter what happens or who is shown to be right, I will strive to be happy that we found a solution and feel neither superior nor resentful, whether I am right or wrong. Please help me! In spite of our diversity, I need to feel connected and unified with my fellow man to get through this."

I think her humility is what makes all the difference. 
Just reading her sweet humility, takes all defensives away.

McKay, Tyler, and cousin Lauren back in 1993

What teenage boy wants his 2 little brothers plus his little cousin to accompany him to his doctor's appointment?

We had cousin Lauren for a few days, Brock got a bad ear ache, so we all went to Dr. Weinberg's office together.

Then we went to visit Lauren's Grandma Nellie at her bakery.

The very last little clip we are our way to San Francisco to see about getting McKay's heart fixed. I guess I wanted to film how Tyler fell asleep on top of McKay.

27 years ago! 

Lauren was the sweetest little girl! We enjoyed her so much. 💗

Some people amaze me!

This morning as I went to get the newspaper off our driveway, 
I noticed it looked a bit fuller than usual. 

After taking the plastic off 
(Josie, our carrier always wraps it in plastic for our safety)....
I found two colorful things inside of it. 

I quickly realized there were 2 masks she made for Den and I.

Was not that the sweetest! 

She made them complete with nose shaping flex wire! 
So they will have a tight fit, and not fog up our glasses. 

So many good people in this world, 
and I get to have one of them deliver our paper each Sunday! 

A typical summer's day in 1993

What I find so remarkable about this video, is that Tyler is nothing 
like this now. He is a very patient and kind and loving husband and 
father to their FOUR children.

If this were not so, I would not be showing this now. 😊

Tyler was a tad bit on the bossy side growing up. 

Sometimes I forget that until I run into a video like this. 

Here's just a typical summer day when he was about seven, 
swimming with McKay and our neighbors.

I especially appreciate what my very-dear-to-me-neighbor says towards the end of this video.

My shelf cooking

So about once or twice a week I do shelf cooking now for dinner.

Since we can't go out to eat, and I'm not doing take out, 
shelf cooking is sort of my break.

It will be about 5pm. I just go to my fridge, see what we have, and 
then go to the pantry...and just come up with something on the spot. 

However, tonight I found all I needed in the fridge.

It's kind of fun actually.

For example tonight, 
I put on the counter what I had in the fridge that needed to be eaten.

Some left over baked potatoes that I cut up. That would be my 
base. Then I cut up everything else and made a big stir fry. 
(I decided to opt out of the kidney beans.)

I did cook the bok chow on the side and 
put it on top of our concoction. 

And I had some baby greens that we put dressing on, 
and a mandarin. 

And that was that.

We both loved it. 

Sometimes brown rice will be my base. Or pasta. Or salad. 
Just what ever I have. 

I just noticed that little piece of bread on Den's plate.
I got extra hungry while cooking and found that in the fridge too 
and ate part of it before giving it to him. 
That's why it's so small looking.

I often take bites of his sandwiches too, and he's fine with it.
He's very easy to live with. 💘

Dennis' Sad Barber Story

Dennis asked recently if I'd heard anymore about those tests to see if a person is immune to COVID.  I said, "No, why do you ask?&...