Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The grands set the table

Our grands from Vancouver, Wa (soon moving to Idaho) set the table. 

We don't eat in this dining room every night, but for some reason 
this room seems to have a calming effect on us all. 

They get to use the goblets in here, we put the music on, and just 
before we start to eat, we bring out the candles. (the turning on 
kind) What a difference it all makes. 

But the best part for me is watching them set the table. 

They know I like the comfy chair in the corner so that's where they 
set me up! So thoughtful they are. 

Friday, July 13, 2018

Memories of Romie

20 years ago this month, 
my little nephew Romeo very sadly left this world. 

He will always be a part of our eternal family. 

In the process recently of trying to restore many of my VHS tapes, 
I came across about 4 1/2 minutes of Romie, taken just weeks 
before he passed from this life. 

On a side note, notice my nephew Nick all dressed in his cub scout uniform. I didn't think 
he was 8 yet so I couldn't figure it out. Until he explained he wouldn't be an official scout 
for another 5 weeks. He was ready!

Monday, July 9, 2018

The part of the story I didn't tell....

When Brock and Erin were over a few days ago, 
they told me I left out a part of a certain blog post I did.

They said I really should have included it.

I told them I wasn't too comfortable 
about exposing my Grandma fail. 

But then, they talked me into it.

So a couple weeks ago I did a blog post about taking their daughter 
Violet to visit two little neighborhood libraries. 

If you want to refresh your memory, Go Here. 

Right before pressing publish on that post, I was curious about the 
name of the book Violet chose at the first little library. 

I don't have the best eyes anymore, 
so I made that picture bigger and this is what I saw:

Okay, I don't want to do this, but here's a bigger version of it.

When I saw the title of it I gasped and thought....."Oh no, I just sent 
her to visit her Grandma Lynn with THAT book!"

I kept thinking, I HOPE she hasn't started reading it yet! 

I quickly found my phone and sent a quick text message to her 
Grandma Lynn explaining what happened, including that picture 
above, and a plea for her to find that book and get it away from her. 

Then I waited.

No response.

More waiting. Time sure slows down at times like this. 

I had to remind myself...sometimes it's even a day or two before I 
see my texts on my phone. How can I expect instant text back.

Finally, I decided to call her. I asked if she saw my text. She said 
she had been in the pool with the girls. Oh, of course. 

Then I told her my story. 

She said she would find the book and take care of it. 
Lynn was so sweet and understanding, as always. 

She soon sent me this text:

As for Violet's parents. They checked out the book and laughed 
their way through it, knowing their 7 year old never saw it!

Update: After reading Richard's comment below, I decided I'd better show a review 
I found about this book on Amazon:

"So sorry to have to say so, but this was not at all what I expected.. I thought it would be full of funny 
Southernese, sort of like Fanny Flagg or Lewis Grizzard. Nope. It is about sex, sex, and more sex. Some 
chapters are just downright crude. It held a lot of promise, and could have been hilarious, but the Queen chose to 
take the low road too often. Too bad."

After reading several similar reviews I feel the need to 
THANK GRANDMA LYNN again for rescuing me that day!

Saturday, July 7, 2018

The grands visit the great grand

Rich and Leo explain to Great Grandpa that they are moving, 
although they have 2 different versions. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

A moment with Karen and Tyler....

My son Tyler, and his wife Karen and of course Richie, Leo, and 
Juliet arrived Saturday to spend lots of time with us. (more on that later)

We had a very early fireworks display tonight....

I laughed because it was so early
we were the only ones out celebrating on our entire block.

Leo said as he was smiling, "This is SO much fun!"

Afterwards, I couldn't resist capturing this. 
They truly are a very sweet family. 

(6 1/2 year old Richie is in the next room over reading book 2 of Harry Potter.)

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Elora and Hailey

They don't look like this anymore.

But it was funny that this was the very picture I decided to get 
made into a canvas right before they arrived last week....and 
coincidently Hailey sent this very picture to Elora the same 
week...right before they came.

It was fun to see these 2nd cousins being reunited after 2 years.

That very evening we all went to the school 
while Elora fed and walked her goat, Aida.

Chickee could hardly believe the name of the Elora's goat.
She said, "That's my Grandma's name! Grandma Aida!

The girls spent lots of time just talking.
I DO remember that about being age 14 and 15.

Snacking on granola....

Out to lunch at Cravings...
we take the girls there every time they are together.

And Sweet Tomatoes.
Lots of history here, too!

Elora, Steve Cleveland, my brother Richard (AKA Papa to Hailey)

Wendy AKA Chickee, Kip. and Hailey

As you can see, I did little cooking that week.

Salsas for Mexican Food

left side: Dave, Robin, Wendy AKA Chicken, Hailey
right side: Richard, Den, Grandma Honey, Elora

Thanks to the waitress who offered, I got to be in that picture.

Chickee took the girls on a few adventures too. 

Then it was waffles and .....

and as Elora was saying, "This is the part I don't like" 
...it was GOODBYE.

I have to say I felt Hailey's mom a few times during those 3 days. 
I'm convinced she stays close to her baby girl. 

For days I've been trying to find the picture of the very last time I saw Hailey's mom....still looking.
Hopefully I will be back with it.

Found it! Here it is....

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Back together

It had been 2 years since my granddaughter Elora, and my brother 
Richard and Wendy's granddaughter, Hailey, had seen each other....

Come back and I'll show you how they spent their 3 days here together. 

Friday, June 22, 2018

Little Libraries

When reading hits, new worlds open!

When we asked Violet if she'd like to go to Costco with us, 
she asked, 
"Can I just sit in the cart and read my book?"

So she did.

But as our cart starting filling up she had less room 
to actually open her book.

The next morning we took her to TWO neighborhood libraries.
Have you ever seen these? 
We have three of them within a mile of our house, 
that I know about. So there may be even more. 

This one was so neat and tidy.
It runs on the honor system. Take a book or leave a book. 

The 2nd one was at the park 3 blocks from our house. 

It wasn't nearly as appealing with books all jammed in there.

But she still managed to find two she liked.

The next day after Violet went home, 
I checked in her room and saw this...

Strewardess Barbie all set with food. 

How thoughtful Violet put a bottle of water on Barbie's lap 
for her convenience.

None of her new books in the room to be found. 
She took them all home with her. Good!

And she told me before she left the next time she comes back she 
wants to go back to those "little libraries again".

You can go to:
to find one near you.

(But I have to say, the two we went to with Violet, are not even on their map...I guess all are not 
registered? So I'm thinking the best way to find one in your area may be to ask around. If you belong 
to the Nextdoor app you could ask your neighbors on that.)

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Accident

Just a few blocks from our house, 
my sister Robin had a horrible car accident 10 days ago.

She is fine...or she will be once she quits hurting...
but it could have been SO much worse
and I will show you why. 

A teenage girl ran a red light forcing Robin to run into her car.

And if that weren't enough, she then ran into a brick wall.

You can see (above) her skid marks in the street running right 
towards that wall, which finally stopped her car.

She also took out a few bushes.

We happened to be at that corner 2 days later 
while the city crew did their clean up.

Humbling to look at.
It could have been so so much worse. 

As my Mom use to say..."We never know what a day will bring."

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Thank you to our special guest

Jessica, just off her mission 2 months, 
took time off her busy life to come see the grandparents!

We had lots of extended family time all crammed into 2 days...
I was too busy to remember to photo much of it.

Violet could not get enough of Jessica.

And Jess got to watch Grandpa in action teaching 
the 9 year olds at church on Sunday.

Den had always wanted to teach Primary.
And finally at age 69, he is SO happy he finally gets to do this!

Grandpa told her lots of stories.
Mostly about how he found the church 
and why it means so much to him.

And finally just hours before she was to go home on Monday
we actually got to take her out to eat.

Jessica is so sweet, and patient, and loving...
and she tries continually to do the right thing.

Do you know what this means?
It means she has a great future ahead. 
We just know it.

Thank you Jessica for coming!
We know the day before you arrived you had just returned from 
being girls camp director....a week of hardly any sleep!
Yet you still got on that plane just for us!