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And this is how they entertained us

My niece Carly and her 6 children was our entertainment at the end 
of our Easter party. 

(Unfortunately several people had to leave early and didn't get to 
see this part!)

I am in awe by the way their voices come together! 

And I'm also in awe that Carly teaches them a hymn every morning 
before they begin their home school. Or I should say that is part of 
their schooling. 

They all work on a hymn each morning together for about 3 
months. Then they move on to the next one. This is the hymn they 
are currently working on.... 

(As the camera goes around the room you will see their proud Dad in the kitchen.)

Rozier Easter Party 2018 a week early

First the food....
I started baking these beans at 7:30am (the party started at noon)
Let me pause right here and just say this:
Thank you to my niece McKenzie for taking the pictures! My camera did not always cooperate. So if people are missing (and  they are) it's because the pictures were blurry.... not McKenzie's fault!
Back to the party....
We also had.... fresh berries (and another yummy fruit salad from Heidi but she  wasn't there yet when I took the pictures.)

Chicken pasta salad from Peggy  (how I wished I weren't gluten free!)

Not sure who bought the french bread, but  Carly brought the beautiful green salad. 

Robin made our Mom's chicken brown rice salad in the  background, and Amy made her popular potatoes. 

Katie's strawberry pretzel salad. I heard several requests that she bring it next year, too.

I told Den he was in charge of roasting the hotdogs. He googled how to do it, and they came out looking great. (400' for 10 minutes...he did them for 20 min because we h…

The Sabbath can make a difference

Our teacher in our woman's group at church today 
talked about this analogy:

What if you were walking in an open field and people were 
continuing to throw things at you all along the way? 

Now picture walking this same field and people were still throwing 
things at you but nothing touched you.

She compared this to staying unspotted from all the bad things of 
this world. She said the Sabbath can help with this.

I love how this short little video shows the contrast between 6 days 
of the week, and then the difference Sunday can be. 

I can hardly wait for this one.

I had NO idea they were making a movie about Fred Rogers! 
It comes out in JUNE.

I am a huge fan of his, mostly because of the big influence he had 
on McKay and Tyler growing up!

McKenna actually gave McKay a Mister Rogers t-shirt 
for his birthday this month. 

So I texted and asked if she could take a picture of him wearing it. 
She said that will be easy since he had it on today!

Here are all my past blog posts about Mister Rogers. 

Ever notice how sometimes life goes in an odd sync?

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5 special things about yesterday

Cami's annual Birthday Ball Party yesterday was 
extra special to me for 5 reasons:

1. Soon after I arrived, Cami spotted me and was just beaming as  she stood there looking up to me. She makes me feel like the most  important person ever. AND she is a teenager now....13! 

2. I was SO surprised to see my 2 nieces, Lindsay and Whitney at  the ball party! I had no idea they were even in town. 
(They are the youngest daughters of my brother Richard, and Wendy.

And here's my best attempt to get all 8 of them in one picture...  Bret, Jay, Kit, Whitney, Lindsay, Leigh, Gard, and Winnie.
I had a hard time keeping Winnie in the frame (Would you believe Whitney is 6 months pregnant in this picture?)

3. I'm loving Violet's new golden dress, and boots and glasses. And  I love that her 2nd cousin Winnie is next to her here.

4. My Dad asked Elora who she was.  And no, he is not losing his memory.  Elora has changed a lot lately!  What was Elora's response to her Great Grandpa saying that? "…

She looks like an actress from 1927

I've been keeping this movie on our bedroom dresser 
since Christmas....

My sister Heidi gave it to me.  I thought, how nice, I will watch this! 
Then the next day I picked it up, and did a double take.  What??!  
Why does the actress on the cover of this look just like  our granddaughter Elora!
And seriously, Elora looks more like the actress in person  than she does in this picture!

So a few days later (this is still December), Elora's parents were  over playing games with Karen and Tyler, and I showed them!

And no, that look on Erin's face right there was not the moment  when I showed her the movie cover. 
Instead, Erin pretty much had the look below when I showed her.... (although this was a different day)

And Elora pretty much acted like her look above, when her Mom  sent her a text of the movie cover.
In other words, Elora could not see the resemblance at all!
The rest of us, are still amazed!

Juliet and Karen

Our 2 year old granddaughter knows what she wants to sing!
(And, yes, Karen is always that patient.)

I like how right after the ABC song, just by Juliet looking at her 
Mom, she can tell what the next song will be. Must be a mother-
daughter thing.

My Mom knows how we feel today

I've been typing up my Mom's old journals. This week I'm on 1980. I think we may be able to relate
what she said, especially today:

April 28, 1980
Daylight Savings yesterday and I am shot. Stayed up too late. 
Richard came by this morning and said he finally understands 
my thoughts on D.S.T. He couldn't get his kids to bed last night 

And then this one, just because I like it:

Feb 25, 1980
We had a nice FHE about personal prayer. I am really gaining 
a testimony of it. We have to be real dummies not to take 
advantage of such a wonderful source of help and strength.

Our Dinners for February

For some reason I got it in my head to keep track of our 
dinners each month. This has actually proved to be helpful to 
me as I can go back for ideas that I may have otherwise 

Not sure anyone will read this but me, but that's okay.  :)

(But if you decide to keep track of your own dinners, I would 
sure love to see your list!)

Feb 1: (appetizer: carrot sticks), Salmon croquettes, kobacha squash with butter and brown sugar, 
asparagus, baked yukons, grapefruit

Feb 2: leftover turkey/veg soup, toast, and grapefruit for Dennis. I had a frozen GF chicken pot 
pie, and a red pepper, carrot, some kidney beans and 5 pecans (somedays just gotta eat what 
sounds good)

Feb 3:Cafe Rio…this time I not only told them to skip the rice but asked for 2 scoops of the 
pinto beans and it was great.

Feb 4:Crockpot Apricot Chicken, Brown Rice, broccoli, Crockpot Acorn Squash

Feb 5:It was neighborhood book club at our house tonight…so all 8 ladies brought a dish to 
share. Chili, and lots of salads, and …