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My baton has been passed to the next generation

Laurynn is in the hospital with pneumonia

Amy is by her side round the clock. That's what Moms do. 

Three days ago I had the twins overnight and 
Téa was sick the entire time.

Logan came to visit them right before he left for work. 
I asked if he would bring 1 or 2 popsicles for his fevery daughter. 
He brought 27. That's what Dads do.

Last week while Elora was staying with me she talked while I 
made dinner. I mentioned to her that her Dad called to ask how she 
was doing. She rolled her eyes and sighed, "My Dad is paranoid. 
He even checks on us when we're sleeping!" 

I told her that's what parents do.  (I have to say hearing the word "paranoid" made me smile and feel happy.
I'm glad to know my baton has been passed.)
Get Well sweet Laurynn. We are praying for you.  

Meanwhile the twins are playing with Tyler's old Star Wars figures for Four FIVE hours straight,
only breaking for dinner. Then I will package them back up, and save them for Tyler and Ka…

August 1926

Recently I was at my cousin Ron and Yolanda's home  when I saw this picture.  Immediately I was mesmerized by it.  It's one I had never seen before so Yolanda sent me a copy!
Those are my Dad's 4 older siblings…taken August 1926,  before my Dad and his brother Gene were born. 

So that is Irving, Ann, June and Leonie up front. 

I just keep studying this picture and wondering things like….Most 
people were poor back then, so how did they put their oldest son in 
a 3 piece suit? His dress shoes look worn so did he dress up like 
this often? I've heard that my Grandma (their mother) was a great 
seamstress so I wonder if she made those 3 darling dresses….
The curls Leonie has…..LOVE those curls and they are a rarity in 
this family. The children look very well mothered. My 
grandmother, the mother of these 4 beautiful children, (along with 
2 more that were born in 1927 and 1930), died less than 10 years 
after this photo was taken, at the age of 42. 
One of my granddaughters looks very m…

A hard and special week for Dennis

The night of Father's Day, Den's only brother  died peacefully and unexpectedly in his sleep.  Just like that, he quietly slipped into the next life.
Den flew to Logan, Utah to attend the funeral of his brother  and give the eulogy. 
He called me and gave his talk over the phone. As he was  reminiscing over his childhood, he cried and I cried. 
Days gone by. Days that seemed ordinary at the time.  But they weren't ordinary. None of our lives are.  They just may seem like it at the time.
The 5 siblings: Debbie, Sheree, Pam, Dennis, Reed.

Debbie, their Dad, Reed, and Den (I think Den looks like his girls in this picture)

Den and Reed making pumpkin pictures and cutting them out.

Den's Grandma who lived to be 98.  I even got to meet her in 1998 when Den and I were dating.

Finally a picture of Den's angel mother. He's always adored her.  Reed is next to his Mom and Den is on that high rock.

And isn't this one a gem.  Reed and Noelle on their wedding day in 1969.  Den, the best ma…

I sort of blew it.

While Elora, Téa, and I were on our way to Red Robin last night, 
Elora felt like venting. She said she is offended when people offer 
her the Kids Menu at restaurants. She's 11 now, and how could 
people not know she does not need one of those anymore!
I listened intently and empathized with her because that's what 
Grandmas are suppose to do. What an insult for people to think she 
is 10, when she is in fact 11!
So we sit down at Red Robin and the first thing the waitress says to 
me, is, "How many Kids Menus do you need?" So far so good, 
but guess what I did! I said, sort of on auto pilot, "Two" As soon 
as I did it, Elora opened her mouth in silence and just stared at me. 

Oh no, what did I just do! "I'm so sorry Elora….oh my goodness, 
I didn't mean that." I looked at the waitress and said, "ONE 
please. We only need ONE Kids Menu for Téa!" Then I turned 
to Elora and whispered, "I am so sorry." Sweet Elora gave me a 
forgiving …

She really did say that

The tech who put my 30 day monitor on Friday went over all the instructions with me. This thing is
very high tech. The information from my heart monitor goes through the cell phone towers around here,
and this is how they pick up the info for their labs. So they can tell, back in Pennsylvania what my heart
is doing here in California.

The tech explained I would be "getting a call from heart headquarters if my heart goes into any kind of
stress." I wanted to make sure I got this right so I asked, "You mean, if my heart shows that it is 
doing unsafe things, they will call me? They will know before I know?"

She said, yes, they will call me. But then she added, "But if it happens in the middle of the night, 
then they will wait till morning to call you."

"Really, they'll wait till morning to call me?"

"Yes….say for example…say your heart stops in the middle of the night….they will call you in 
the morning to let you know."


My hospital adventure

Last Monday about 3pm, out of no where, my heart suddenly went into a very fast rate. I was having a
great day up until then….getting lots of things done around the house.

I've had this fast heart rate a few times before in the past year or so, but didn't think much about it
because it would always resolve itself within about 5 minutes. Not this time.

I tried all my tricks….drinking ice water, putting my face in ice water, holding my breath, etc,
….nothing would bring that rhythm down. About 20 minutes into this Den asked if he should call an
ambulance. I said no, not yet. I took a cold shower. Still no change. Okay, call 911.

We soon heard the sirens coming towards our neighborhood. I could hear a fire truck too. In Clovis
they all come. Den looked out the window and said, "Yep, the neighbors are out watching this."

I felt a little ridiculous because I had no symptoms except for the racing heart.

First in comes the fire fighter asking questions and Den trying to ans…

A warning

A friend of mine, Beth Swann, put this on Facebook today and I just had to repost it 
here….especially for those living in our area…although this could happen anywhere! 
Beth's mother, Mary Moore, is my Family History teacher each Sunday morning, and one of the 
sweetest and kindest people I know. 

I copied it just as Beth wrote it:

I want to share a story in case it happens to spare someone else the frustration of theft, deception, or a 
fate that’s far worse. Last week, my mom was driving home from some errands in the afternoon. While 
stopped at a stop light, a couple pulled up next to her and told her that her back tire was about to fall 
off the car. The driver (male) said that his wife (the passenger) insisted they follow her (my mom) to let 
her know about the problem and had been supposedly trying to let her know about the problem for 
over a mile now. My mom hesitated for a second but remembered a fender bender that she had a few 
months ago and thought it might be true. The couple …

Random thoughts about my Dad

Here are just some random thoughts on my mind today about my Dad:

*When I was a teenager I casually mentioned how some guy I didn't know  kept trying to put his arms around me after school…. So next day here comes my Dad at school just at the time I told him that guy usually appears.  The guy was a no show that day, but I have never forgotten how my Dad came to my rescue.

Dad with 4 of his 8 children back in 1958
I still visit that neighborhood in my dreams.

*When I was recovering from mono (and it was a very long recovery) one evening my Dad brought me  a Shamrock shake from McDonalds. It tasted wonderful and I told him. He brought me so many after  that, I got sick of them. But I do think of Dad's sweetness every March, even all these years later.

*Dad would often buy old cars on the side, and clean them up and sell them.  I would watch the potential customers in our driveway ask him questions like, "So are the tires good?" They're older "How about the b…

Dancing the night away.

When I was a little girl I'd always wanted to take dance lessons.  I DID get to take them for a year when I was about 8 and SO loved  it. What a dream. But then that was that, and Mom said it was over.  However, I can't complain because I got a year more than my 3 sisters. 
Watching my granddaughters perform last night was pure joy to me.
Cami and I, trying to entertain ourselves with selfies before the dancing begins….
Our little Camers is such a beauty. Agree?

Such a sweetheart she is. I am awestruck by her.

And her sisters… This just gives you a tiny taste of what we got to see last night.
Violet has her own style of dancing as you will see…. And I love how she waves to Mommy on stage at the end!

Bed update

Time will tell. But for now, it seems Dennis has figured out a 
solution to our new bed buying decision:
I don't know if you can see this or not, but Den put 2 pieces of particle board
between the box springs and the mattress, on his side of the bed. 
Total cost: $18.
We have slept on it this way for 2 nights so far and he's happy.  I've always been happy, so now that makes 2 of us.

This also fits in nicely with the motto we try to live by since we 
got married, "Why spend money if we don't have to."
(mostly his motto)

Thank you for your suggestions! 
I checked them all out and when we go back to the bed drawing board someday, 
I hope to remember them. 

The Bed hunt is back, this time with Violet.

Many months back we were on a hunt to find a new bed. We never 
did find one and then just gave up. But now Den can no longer 
tolerate the one we have, so like it or not, we are back on the hunt.
This time we took Violet with us.
She was "so a-sided" about going to a bed store…..
until we actually arrived and then she wasn't so sure.
I did ask the store clerk if I could take pictures in his store and he 
said, "Of course!" Then he added, "You wouldn't believe the 
things people take pictures of."  ...Uh, yes I would.

Violet is not one to keep opinions to herself. Even when she 
doesn't verbally express them, they are written 
all over her little face and body.

She looked up at me as if to say, "This is not fun Grandma Honey." But give this girl a few minutes and she finds the good in anything...

So she slowly decides to give a bed a try….

Although her way of checking out a bed is a bit different than ours.
and that's okay. We just want our girl…

Ugly and dead as it is….

Driving home from a friend's house on Sunday evening we spotted 
a Christmas tree all by itself next to the high school. Just sitting 
there on this 1st day of June. I have no clue why that old dead tree 
was there but it reminded me of a story I read in a magazine many 
years ago….

One December there was this mom who was so sick she was in the 
hospital and couldn't come home for Christmas. Her husband 
decided he and the kids would not celebrate Christmas until his 
wife was released from the hospital. That took until APRIL.

As her husband pulled into their driveway with her that springy 
day in April….the wife looked out from the car window and could 
see this dead Christmas tree with hardly any blades left on the
branches, peering through the crack of their living room drapes. 
Up until that time the wife had no idea the family had been 
waiting all those months for Christmas.

I remember reading that story aloud to my Mom and saying to her, 
"Wasn't that the sweetest story!"…

He's still got those great lungs!

My Dad turned 84 on Friday and look what he was able to do….
With just one regular blow…..
ONE blow, and he knocked the fire out on all 12 candles!  (one for each decade and one for each year = 12) We watched in amazement. He didn't even make an effort.  All those years of running and he still has the power lungs!