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Look at the nesting McKenna has done!

This seems to be family week on my blog. 
And so it continues because, McKay and McKenna made this video for me last night. It's a tour of their new apartment...the one they recently moved in to to make room for the baby. He's due injust 2 weeks!!

Baby Richie can hardly wait for his cousin to get here! 
I just know it.

The mystery of my grandson's face

So Téa notices something on the side of Jonas' eye
How could some gunky green stuff get there? And what was it? "Owie, Honey," she says to me. (she calls me Honey for short)
He can't figure out what the big deal is.
She was becoming increasingly worried.
Little girls are programmed before they come to earth to take care of everyone.

It wasn't until Amy got back and they were painting, that I was able to solve the mystery.  I suddenly remembered that I must have kissed him there while drinking my Green Smoothie!  I kiss them so much I lose track.  By that time, it was caked on his face and required a bit of scrubbing to get it off.  He could care less, but Tea seemed happy we got that "owie" off of him. I had to look this town over before I found a 'paint with water' book. It's perfect 2 year old entertainment. And then it was the very last one at Target! This was the hit of our morning.

So much so, that Téa was heart broken when it was time to mov…

The grandbabies are back in school!

Campbell Michelle

Cami with big sister 4th grader! Elora
Little sister Violet
Class of 2029!

This great bunch also started school.

Their pictures aren't transferring very well from Amy's camera to my computer,
as you can see from the blurr here... So hopefully in a week or so I'll have some really good pictures to post. 

Our Utah grandchildren started school a few days later....
so we are hoping we get some pictures.  :)

Good news from a previous post

Do you remember a post I did last April about Carolyn and Sean Savage, a couple who learned their fertility doctor had transferred the wrong embryos into the wife's body and she became pregnant with another couple's child? And then instead of aborting this baby, or even fighting for custody of it, she carried this child to term and then in her grief, gave the baby boy to the correct parents. 

I've been following their story since reading their book. 
So here is a link to their blog so you can see their happy news!

The uncommon joy of wisdom teeth extraction

Whoever said getting your wisdom teeth out was not a fun experience?
Our grandson Austin proved this wrong 5 days ago.
None of my sons had quite this reaction to the 'coming out from the going under.'
We all have our own way of doing things, right?

I must add though, that apparently the party is over now because Austin has developed dry socket. That is SO painful. Poor Austin.

Earlier this month, while he still had all his teeth, 
Austin and his brother Chandler climbed Mt Whitney! Does that sign say over 14,000 feet?! Takes my breath away just thinking about it.

The picture below about does me in as a Mom and Grandma.
Good thing Austin and Chandler like each other!

Why we need to take care of each other.

This is worth watching. I promise. 
(Thank you Krista for passing this on.)

The Help movie

Has anyone seen The Help yet?
Did you LOVE it as much as I did?

My thoughts:

*I normally try to wait a few weeks after a movie is out, but this one, 6 days out and I couldn't wait any longer. Of course I read the book...I don't know many who haven't. And maybe it's just me, but the characters, the houses, even the homes "on the other side of the railroad tracks" were just as I pictured them! I didn't expect that.

*I generally have a hard time sitting through movies, which is why we don't watch many. But this one, I was not bored not even for a minute. We packed our lunch and while Den ate his, I hardly touched mine. I was just too gripped by the movie.

*I loved going back to the 1960s. TV trays, Breeze detergent, cat eye glasses, wall phones with dangling cords, The Guiding Light, Jergen's Lotion, typewriter ribbon, peas with pearl onions, white gloves, and The Twist.

*The decor of the homes and hair styles was enough in itself to captivate me.


My 2 newly discovered Trader Joe finds

Seriously, I can't get enough of this..  I don't like things hot, so to me this has just the right amount of spice. It's great with tacos, eggs, chips, raw vegetables, etc. Only 30 calories per 2 T. No preservatives or enhancers or other junk. Look at these simple ingredients: black beans, water, tomato paste, onion, distilled vinegar, honey, salt, jalapeno, spices, garlic.

And this one is equally as good but in a different way. For example, one night this week I served this over fish and it was DELISH. . And then another evening, we had this Pineapple salsa over tacos. I can't see eating it with chips as it's a rather sweet flavor.  I've also heard you can marinate chicken in it and then grill or bake it, although I haven't tried it that way yet.
I shop Trader Joes more than anywhere else. But it would be worth it to me to make a trip there just for these two items! Although it might be a bit far if I lived in Utah.

And I like this one even better!


The good little patient

Richie is 12 days old and up to 5 lbs, 8 oz now.
What a happy day it will be when his parents get to bring him home!
Not sure when that bright day will be, but we keep praying for it.

Remote control blinds anyone?

Have any of you heard of remote control window coverings? Or maybe they are called motorized window coverings. I'm sure they must have them because what do people do if they have windows with blinds or shutters way up high that they need to open or close?

Lowes didn't have any.

We did find some online at Home Depot,
but just to put the motorized part in the blind, it cost an extra $212. per window!
There must be a better way.

And no, Den and I don't have any high windows in our home. But we do have one that is difficult to get to. And while it wouldn't bother me to just keep the blinds open round the clock, he thinks we are suppose to close them at night. But neither one us wants to climb into our bathtub twice a day to twirl that little attached stick.

While looking around Home Depot who should we run into but my sons' middle school drama teacher, Ron Martin!
I had not seen this man in 8 years! Since he and his family moved to Newport Beach to teach drama ther…


Several weeks ago the teacher of our Miamaids (girls ages 14-15 in our church) taught a lesson on forgiveness and showed us this very unforgettable video.
I'm still thinking about it, so I know I want to share it here.

'The DIY Chicks' and an odd happening

While Dennis was in Utah earlier this week, it just so happened on Studio Five (where Kim and Kris are frequent guests) an odd circumstance about them was mentioned. Den taped this from Kris' TV to his it's not perfect, but I think you can still hear it ok

You'll see what I mean on this 1 minute clip!.

What my husband missed, besides me..

It had been a long 4 is always the case when Dennis is not here.
I did have plenty to do. But I just MISS him so when he's not here.
We are like two peas in a pod. We do most everything together.
And then we spend the rest of our time talking about it. That's how we like it.

But on the other hand, I'm glad he got to visit with our Utah family.
Doesn't little Rachel have a teenage look on her face? She cracks me up. What beautiful girls.
And he was able to attend a special class at Kris' fabulous My Girlfriend's Quilt Shoppe in Logan.
Women come from all over Utah to shop there.
Word of it is spreading like wild fire that this is the happening place.. Yes, he was the only man. Do you think it bothered him? Of course not. He did however, imitate several of the woman to me when he got home.
Like how they acted when Kris announced a new pattern was available.
I never said he understood any of this.
He's just very proud. And when Kris introduced her Dad to…

A view into Baby Rich's world

And some photos....Thank you Karen and Tyler for letting me show these. 

Just to give you an idea of what Baby Rich's temporary home away from home is like.
They have him bundled up so comfy looking.
I've heard they keep the lights down low in there and try to follow Rich's cues on when he wants to eat,
rather than put him on a schedule.
Hospitals sure have come a long ways.
McKay was in the hospital several times as an infant and they thought he should eat every 3 hours, regardless.

I know what you're thinking....Stacy is much too young looking to be a GRANDMA. But she is!
I'll never forget the fun time we had talking back and forth late into the night when Karen was in labor. 

Tyler probably felt like he was taking a cram course in building a baby dresser.

This is only the beginning.  This Dad will be putting furniture and bikes and toys together for the next bagillion  years.
And the drawers even work!
A++ Tyler...Good Job!

Jonas singing....and a Baby Rich update

When Amy and Logan invited me to lunch on Friday I thought I would just take my own car and meet them there. But then the selfish side of me came out and I called and asked if they would pick me up. I thought it would be fun to ride in their car. So glad I did, or I would have missed this!

Every time I hear him trying to sing, "I've learned to live half a life." he makes me laugh. 
One thing is certain, this little boy does not live half a life. He embraces it all.

Baby Rich is 3 days old now, and already up to 5 lbs, up from his birth weight of 4'11". I've had full term babies who took much longer than this to get their birth weight back. Karen was released from the hospital yesterday and it was very hard going home without her baby. They go to the hospital 3xs a day which means they spend about 3 hours a day in the car since the hospital is about 25 minutes from their home. I'm so grateful to Karen's mom for being with them right now!

Baby Rich taking a look at his parents

He isn't even a whole day old yet but here he is.
Oh and his name is officially Rich Tyler. He got his Mom's maiden name for his first name, and of course his Dad's first name for his middle.

He doesn't look a month early.
I love the way Karen says "Hi Baby"....It does not seem like that many moons ago I was saying that to my babies!

Thank you McKenna for taking this picture!

McKenna did the best she could not being able to go inside that window. And it was SO SO SWEET of her to send it to me. She said it wasn't a very good picture but I said I will take whatever I can get.

This doesn't even look like the NICU....

I'm wondering if Baby Rich will look anything like this Indian baby. His Daddy Tyler December 1985
And yes, he was born with a mustache and his hair was so long it stretched down the middle of his back.
Thank you Jay for just sending me this one. Isn't Karen beautiful?
More pictures to come....I hope I hope I hope.

Sorry I keep coming back but....

I can't help it. Besides, some day I want Richie to read this.

I just talked to Richie's Uncle McKay and he was looking at the baby through the NICU window. He says he's "a good looking boy with short curly dark hair", and McKenna thinks he looks like Karen. Then as McKay was talking he got excited and said, "Oh my goodness he is opening up his eyes and looking out the window!" I could hear the excitement in his voice. Tyler was busy talking to the pediatrician.

Do you think I can just go to sleep after this? I don't think so!
I feel so blessed.

He's here!!!!!!!!

Little Richie was born at 12:17 pm Utah time. Only 25 minutes of pushing.
4 lbs, 11 oz and 17.5 inches. Tyler says he's very cute. My baby is a father. WOW.
He said it all went really well and Karen did beautifully! I can hardly wait for pictures. I want to see this little guy!

So far he's doing well. He is in NICU and may be there awhile.

Labor update

She's at 9 1/2 now! I'm pacing the floors with the phone in my hand. I've never done long distant grandparenting before. I'm use to being right there at the hospital. This is so frustrating but oh so exciting. I'm so glad the McKs are with them.

Karen's in the hospital

Since I've heard it's all over Facebook I guess it's okay to announce it here too. Karen and Tyler's baby is not due for 4 1/2 more weeks but he's coming today. Last I talked to Tyler (15 minutes ago) she was dilated to an 8! So it won't be long now! McKay and McKenna are with them (of course)....and last I heard McKenna was in the room with her.

I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have no right to judge this...

But you can if you want.

Den and I saw this bumper sticker today as we were driving along.
At first I thought, what an uncharitable person this is! Then I remembered I don't own a truck. And I've never owned a truck. So I'm not entitled to an opinion on this.
AND THEN, I kid you not, less than a minute later we saw THE SAME BUMPER STICKER on another truck. What's up with this! Is this a popular bumper sticker that we are just today noticing?? Twice in one minute? Had you seen it before?

The last Dirt post of 2011

Before we completely let Family Camp of 2011 become only a memory, I have 2 more things to share. First a 'poem' by my brother John capturing his 50 years of Family Camp. Then some assorted pictures taken by my daughter in law Amy.

Below is the only picture of my brother John up there this year (the writer of the memories below).  See him waving in the back?  In front are 2 of my sisters, Robin and Peggy...along with Peggy's granddaughter Hosanna. 

"Family Camp is Forever..and ever

In 1964, I was 8 year old
I asked for berry pie at my baptism
I vacationed at Family Camp

1967 was the “Summer of Love”
I was almost 11 at Family Camp
I still had to go to bed by 9
--No “love”

Family Camp of the 60's and 70's
–open air dining hall
–three meals a day
–every toilet worked
–tent tops on the cabins
–Harlines and Spencers and Holleys and Fletchers and Durans and Davies and Mayorgas and Olsens and still only one Rozier family

49 years of camp history–missions and marriages–a couple of div…