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My Dad's Song

My Dad has been singing this for years. 
He changes the words to fit any family occasion....
weddings, birthdays, and this one is his Christmas version.

I'm not sure, but I think the title is, "It's not very long, see ya."


Let me Introduce you to my family!

This is not one of my shorter videos. I wanted to do something different this time and introduce 
every person who attend our annual family Christmas Eve party. So that took lots of minutes.

If you have lived in our area for any length of time you most likely will know some of these people.

And as a side note, I don't want to confuse anyone by the first song you'll hear.
It just happened to be on our car radio at the time.

Okay, keep an open mind. I made lots of mistakes....
and how did I forget Ty Kennington and Wendy!!
So thankful to be part of a large extended family who are not easily offended.

Rozier Christmas Eve 2015 from Jill Shelley on Vimeo.

Another baby coming soon....

Merry Christmas!!

Isn't this a glorious week! Tonight is our annual Rozier party and with any luck, and semi cooperation
from my extended family, I'm hoping to come home with a video introducing all 51 who are there!

Meanwhile, I just have to share the video below of Karen singing to Tyler last week.
I hope someone is on here today to see it! 

Just when I needed it!

I was one wiped out Grandma Honey last night. We have had SO much fun with the
twins the past 4 days their parents have been out of town.....but last night I was longing for
a major night's sleep and it was only 7pm!
Right about then my sister Heidi happened to stop over for a visit. I asked if she would
mind reading the twins a bedtime story. Not only did she jump right up and happily do
that, but she listened to them read, got excited about all their little their advent
calendars, and the gift their school teacher gave them…she oood and awwd about the
comfy soft bed they sleep in at our house, and helped them brush their teeth. 
At one point as I was sitting on the couch totally relaxing, Heidi came in and asked
where I keep my small ziploc bags. I didn’t even ask what she wanted them for, nor did I
care “They’re in the 3rd drawer under the cutting board.” Then after she got them all
tucked into bed, she even offered to help with prayers but I heard one of them say,
“Grandma does that with us.” 
I wish I would have thought to take pictures of it all for my blog! They so love Aunt
Heidi. And at that given moment she was angel relief to me. 
Then this morning as I was packing up the twinsies to go home, I noticed on the top of
both their overnight bags, there were 2 little ziploc bags with their tooth brushes inside.
Heidi even thought of that!

To Heidi I would like to say:

We said no thank you

So tonight when the waitress placed the chips and salsa in the middle of our table
it was meant for all 4 of us.

Den and I soon decided against it.

I didn't have the heart to inform our guests about double dipping.


The cage is empty, but it's all good.

Last night Den and I watched an old episode Andy Griffith. It was 1964.

Opie was taking care of some baby birds who had no mother. He kept them in a cage and fed 
them worms and bugs, but then the day finally came when Andy had to convince Opie it was time 
to let them go. 

Opie was so worried his little birds wouldn't be able to fly on their own. He fretted but finally let 
them fly off one by one. Afterwards Opie was sad and said to Andy, "The cage looks awful 
empty don't it Pa?"

Andy's response: "But don't the trees seem nice and full!"

That was exactly what I needed to watch yesterday on Tyler's 30th birthday!

Here's that part of the show I'm talking about. 
Forget the first part (I don't like it so don't watch it) just go to about 4:00.

Some people still have it!

Take Susan for example.

Some really like to go to tea parties in style. Wings included.

She didn't know pictures were taken until her daughter sent them!

And while I have your attention....
Look at my Dad's curls.

My Dad's still got it too.

Look how handsome he is. 

The Jared Box Project

While at church a few nights ago I overheard a few ladies discussing the website
So I went home and looked it up.

I scrolled through many service opportunities until I came to the Jared Box.
I immediately thought...hey, this is something I can do with the grandchildren!

So today after talking to Elora and Violet about the many children suffering in hospitals.
I gave them each a plastic shoe box and we headed for Dollar World.

I told them to fill their boxes with items they would like to have
....and then we would mark the boxes: Girl age 4, and Girl age 13.

The girls seemed to quite enjoy putting things in their boxes for 
their new friend "they will help, but never see."

I would often hear Violet say things like, "My new friend would like this."
Or, "No, she doesn't want that!"

Too bad some items were just too big to fit in the box.

It was such a happy adventure!

Violet however, wasn't much interested in the decorating so Elora obliged. 
The shopping was more Violet's passion. 

All that service worked up their appetites.

Hardly any pictures of our sweet Cami today. She was just not herself.
 I think her tummy was upset as she not once came into the kitchen 
and was not interested in eating today. Very unusual for her.

The projects are complete and ready to be delivered later to the Children's Hospital

I told Violet and Elora they will never see the smiles of the child who is handed their box,
 but rest assured they will be making someone a little happier who is suffering. 

If you are interested, go to
Plug your zip code in and it will tell you which hospitals are looking for these boxes.

Most likely a children's hospital near you 
would love to have more Jared Boxes to give to their little patients. 

PS   While I knew Elora would be 100% on board , 
I have to admit I was a bit concerned about Violet. She's only 4. 
I thought she might have a problem giving up all those fun items she chose. But no. 
She was fine with it. I think she got it! 

Elora's always had a servant's heart. I know I've shown this video before, but it's one of my favorites 
so I have to show it again. I especially love her last line because she not only was concerned about 
the people of Haiti, but she didn't want to stress out the donaters either! 
She was only 7.

Her great granddaughter Winnie is a fan

My Mom's enchiladas live on...

in her great granddaughter Winnie.....because...

 according to her mom Lindsay, she loves them.

Winnie ate them on Great Grandma's 86th birthday this week.
I hope it becomes a tradition.
I know someday Lindsay will tell Winnie all about her Great Grandma Gaynor.

Thinking back, I'm amazed how many people have asked for my Mom's simple enchilada recipe. 

A few years ago her friend Elaine (and Ernie) Weeks emailed me for it.
They were very close friends to my parents in the 1950-1960s.
(Is not that the sweetest picture?)
But Elaine remembered those enchiladas from probably 45 years prior.

And each time Terri, (below) had a baby she requested Mom make enchiladas for her.
Not sure why my Dad is lying down for the picture.

By the way....A good friend commented to me through email that I should try softening up the 
tortillas in the microwave, instead to dipping them in the warm sauce on the stove.
Perhaps that would be easier. I wonder how most people roll enchiladas.

Mom's Enchiladas

What could be more appropriate for dinner on my Mom's birthday than the enchiladas she use to
make for all her children and grandchildren?

She'd often drive house to house to her local married children, and deliver pans of enchiladas.

She would bring me a pan or 2 like this....and slip them into our fridge. 
Usually on a Saturday night, so we could just bake them for Sunday dinner. 

The ingredients.
corn tortillas, enchilada sauce, browned salted hamburger, cheese, green onions, and olives.
(Mom would use real cheddar cheese, unlike my cheeseless cheese here.)

Put a little of the sauce in a pan and warm.
Put a tortilla in just until soft (few seconds)
Then put some meat, green onions, and cheese. And then roll up.

Do them individually until you have your pan full.

Dennis does not like olives but in honor of my Mom I had to put them on today.

Put a little more sauce over all and throw some more cheese and onions if you like. 
(I only made 6, but that 28 oz can above makes about 10-12.)

Bake uncovered  @400' for 15-20 minutes. 

Or more specifically:
And I just make half this amount unless we have company:

Heat on stove 1 large can La Victoria or Rosarita enchilada sauce. One by one, dip each corn tortilla (11 or 12 so buy 2 pkgs), then put 
a little cooked hamburger (salted) and cheese and green onions. Roll up in 9x13 pan. Sprinkle more cheese and put olives over all. Pour 
rest of sauce on.  400' for 15-20 minutes

And right here is where I need to show a picture of my mom holding a pan of enchiladas on my
doorstep. But I can't.  Because I never took it. 
I hardly ever took any of pictures of her. Why? Because she was my Mom and she would always be
there. Or so a part of my brain thought.

I also should have taken a picture of the large stack of blankets we donated to the Poverello house
yesterday. The only reason I bring that up is she was my inspiration for doing so. She had much
concern for the homeless. She helped serve meals to them every Friday until her Alzheimer's
interrupted all that.

To me, every day is her birthday because I probably think of her at least hourly.
Not in a grieving way. She is just a part of me.

Reflecting on last Sunday

I'm still thinking about last Sunday....
A talk was given in our Sacrament meeting that is still on my mind.
(this is the first meeting where we all meet together with our families) 

John, the speaker, quoted Elder Joseph Wirthlin when he said:
 "I have learned that the 3 most loving words are “I love you,” 
and the 4 most caring words for those we love are “We can’t afford it.”

Then John went on to explain that growing up he thought his family was very 
poor. His Mom mixed powdered milk with regular milk to make it last longer. She 
also had many tricks she used to make old things seem like new ones. She made 
so many tuna casseroles while he was growing up that he says he gets nauseous 
now just thinking about it. 

As John grew older he realized they were not poor since his dad was a judge and 
his Mom a full time school teacher. But his family was able to save so much 
money through sacrificing that his parents were able to help many people. He 
remembers how his parents were able to pay for siding for a widow's home, and 
another time how they were able help a needy family buy a new roof. 

Looking back John, the speaker, says it was a great way to grow up because he 
and his siblings learned to work hard, and not take things for granted.

His childhood reminded me somewhat of my childhood. I believe my adult life has 
been much easier because I was not just handed things that I wanted. If it wasn't 
my birthday or Christmas, I had to find a way to earn money to buy it.

Back to the speaker on Sunday....He told the story of a friend who really wanted a 
particular game so he took out a credit card so he could purchase it. Then from 
that day this friend over time ended up getting more and more credit cards. Then 
one day he was shopping with his friend at Target. John watched as he made a 
$20. payment on his Target charge. But at this same shopping trip the friend 
bought $40.worth of stuff plus took out another $20. in cash. What sense did that 

John went on to explain that by living providently, we can help others since 
we will have the means to do so. 

We sang one of my favorite hymns for the closing song, 

Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd

I especially love the 4th verse and the chorus:

"Make us thy true under-shepherds;
Give us a love that is deep.
Send us out into the desert,
Seeking thy wandering sheep.”

“Out in the desert they wander,
Hungry and helpless and cold;
Off to the rescue we'll hasten,
Bringing them back to the fold.” 

We have a name!

And I LOVE it!

Annie Katherine

They called her Sophie for a day, 
but then realized her name was Annie.

She was named after McKenna's two sisters.

Katherine (Katie) is to the left, and Annie is on the right.


McKenna, McKay, Grant, Scarlett, and Annie

A family of FIVE.
And now the fun begins.

I can't help myself

This is what a Grandma does when she can't be there in person, yet.

If I should be so lucky to get more pictures today I will just add them here. :)

Scarlett looks SO happy to be back with Mommy and with a baby to love.

Who do you think she looks like?

She's here!!

McKenna was given her spinal about 8:14 tonight,  
but then the doctor had to leave to deliver another baby.

What suspense I felt....right during our RS meeting at church. 
Thankfully the Dr. returned and let this little girl out at 8:39 pm.

7 lbs, 11 oz
20.5 inches

This little beauty doesn't have a name yet 
but I'm sure the McKs will come up with something beautiful. 
(the one above was taken at 4:30am...LOVE how Dads get to stay all night)

Congratulations McKenna, McKay, Grant, and Scarlett!!

We are having a baby tonight!

McKenna was due to have a c-section on my Mom's birthday, December 8th,
but the baby has decided to COME TONIGHT instead!
The McKs are at the hospital now.

The first picture was taken while they were trying to decide if they could stop her contractions.

Then she called to let me know the decision has been made. 

She will have her surgery tonight! 
I will post more later tonight. Meanwhile I will pace the floor.

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