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Our granddaughter's news!

When Emily called us a few weeks ago and said she had some 
news, we thought she was engaged! 

Nope, not that. 

She told us she decided to serve a mission! 

When we asked her where she wanted to go she said ANYWHERE.

Then Friday night, thanks to FaceTime, we got to watch her open 
the big white envelope! 

Her Mom, Kim, and her Aunt Kris, were in Texas at a quitting convention which I know was SO hard on them not to be there....but they didn't want her to wait the 4 days for their return.

10 pictures I've been liking or living lately...

Just a few quick pictures that have been on my mind lately...
(in no particular order)

1.My friend in Utah served Hawaiian Haystacks  at their women's conference....  I'd always wondered how they would do this for a large group.  So here it is!

LOVE food pictures. 

2. I guess Den and I stayed a bit long recently while we were at 
Dad and Susan's. We got to see their nightly ritual of massaging 
each other's feet. 

(Some of Susan's family in the background.)

3. We got to watch Elora turn 15. Yep, FIFTEEN.

4. Annie (21 months) passed out, so spent the night in the hospital 
and then had to wear a monitor for 30 have an EEG.

Annie's tests all came back good!
(HOW did they keep a 21 month old from pulling off her monitor?  McKenna kept telling her how pretty she looked! Don't think this would work with a toddler boy.)

5. Dennis went by to get our mail at our old house and then new  owner showed him what they had done to our their back yard.
They extended the patio,…

I'm glad I was there to see this

There was this moment in time yesterday, that I’m still thinking 

I was at Kaiser pharmacy ready to pick up my prescription. The 
entire pharmacy was busy and I could hear quiet chattering all 
around the room. Each line had several people waiting. Things 
were moving quickly though. Perhaps this was just a typical busy 
Monday morning. 

Soon I notice what looked like a young mom come in with her little 
daughter who I’m guessing was about 6 or 7 years old. I noticed 
them because the daughter was in front of her and the mom had her 
arms wrapped tightly around her…both facing forward, and 
walking in this way. 

This cute little girl with blonde pigtails was making continual 
screams and screeching and crying sounds. Horrible, sad, and loud 

All the while the mom was smiling as they both made their way to 
the very front of the line where a pharmacist was waiting to give 
her their prescription. No waiting in line like the rest of us. 

The mom never took her tight body hold off her dau…