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Saving Mr. Banks and my questions

After the movie was over and we were walking out of the theater, I heard a lady say to her friend,
"There were so many hidden messages in that movie." And can I say some were so hidden I had a
hard time figuring them out...

For example, the mother of the 3 little girls. What was she all about? Maybe I missed it since I was busy
trying to figure out the odd relationship Helen/Pamela had with her Dad. Her Mom seemed to be the
supportive wife and mother. And she usually had the baby in her arms. She was burdened with lots of
work, little money, and a drunk for a husband but does that make her weak (as she was portrayed)??

To me the movie was a little slow at first but it was all worth it for the second half. LOVED the ending.
It was magical and very emotional. I think we could all relate to this movie in some form because of
our past love of Mary Poppins.

I've been also pondering a quote in the movie from Walt Disney: "We restore order with 
imagination."  Imaginat…

This is how Grandpa turned 65.

First, the Grandma Honey took 3 of their grandchildren shopping for party supplies.

This was the week their mothers were out of town…. which is obvious by the looks of Violet and Téa's hair. 

Oh you think I should have fixed their hair?  Let's just say there's a reason I had all boys.
56 …. 65   What's the difference.

 Miss Violet may be little and not even 3 yet, 
but she's mighty and she has opinions 
and not afraid to express them!
After Téa listened to me talk to the clerk about 'back in the day when I was raising children', she asks me in the car, "Grandma, where are all your kids?" 
"What do you mean?" 
"Where are they? Are they all dead?"  
"No my children aren't dead. One of them is your Dad.  Logan use to be my little boy. He's one of my kids" 
She was not buying any of that answer. "But where did your kids go?
Anyway, back to Grandpa turning 65…
So yesterday all the local offspring 
plus their children arri…

Kitchen before and after…..and a problem

We started November 12th and it was suppose to be a 2 week job.
But it took a little longer than that since we just sort of finished up on Monday!….
except for one problem that we can't figure out how to solve.

First, the "before"...
Okay, enough of those. I took these pictures the night before the tile was all ripped up. 

And, here are the AFTER pictures:

Just taking you for a walk around the kitchen.  Ignore the hole in the ceiling….I'll get to that problem in a sec.
THANK YOU to Donna Miller for giving me the idea of a two-toned kitchen! I never would have thought!
Patrick Rea, our Irish painter who we LOVE, used the color Revere Pewter in our kitchen, 
and all through out our FR and entry. 
THANK YOU to both my niece Natalie and Dee Dee Harmon for suggesting the color! I'll tell you, with me it takes a village!
Patrick also took this hutch home with him for a few days 
and painted it same color as some of our cabinets. 
I got this at a garage sale 23 years ago a…

He was feeling sorry for his Grandma Honey

I love it when life just happens, and it's good.

Last Friday I had 3 of my little grandchildren for the morning, Jonas, Téa, and Violet.  I knew I would need to go somewhere with them as soon
as the electrician arrived to work on our kitchen. 
But the man arrived 30 minutes earlier than expected! No time to pack lunches for us all.  So I just basically scooped my 3 little people up and out the door we went.
Shopping with these three!…..well let's just say we all worked up an appetite.  McDonalds was right there handy so I decided to get them all Happy Meals.  I know the Food Babe would not approve, but sometimes you just do what you have to do.  Besides, Happy Meals make them: HAPPY!
I was hungry too. But being gluten free it's hard to find food on the fly.  So the best I could do was order a fish fillet sandwich with no bun.  I know the fish fillet is not completely gluten free but I had to eat something.
This is how it came. That fish fillet was actually tiny, and the one…

Babies born in 2014

I saw this in Time Magazine last week. Doesn't surprise me, but it still very much concerns me.

A life span of only 69 years?  I think at least in part, it's going to be all the GMOs (genetically modified organisms) that have quietly slipped into our food since 1996. 
If you are concerned, follow the Food Babe. Because of her, Cheerios just this month has  agreed to take the GMOs out and return it to the way we use to eat it. 
Also, she got Chick-Fil-A to change their recipes too! Meanwhile we need to read labels.  Or we could all move to Europe where most GMOs are outlawed.

As soon as Dennis finishes getting the hardware on our cabinets,  I want to show you the before and after of our kitchen. I don't know if you'll like it, but we do.
And if you live in our area, I also have a most wonderful painter to recommend.

The anniversary of the first shooting

Can you believe it's been 25 years! Someone told me yesterday it was time to crack out the old Rescue 911 video.
But no, thank you. If I never see that again it will be fine with me.

But I did coincidentally just two days ago come across this picture of Bill's paramedics. Because these two people did their jobs very well back in 1989, Bill was able to live another 7 1/2 years.  That was 7 1/2 years with his family. Watching them grow up a bit more.
These two, Lori and Steve, got married after Bill's incident. I also heard that Steve Braun, in the picture above,
passed away unfortunately just last April. I wish we had kept in touch but we didn't.
As I was reading my scriptures last night I was reminded again, how Heavenly Father is in the details
of our lives, even before we are aware what will take place. That day 25 years ago, Logan, (9 1/2 years
then) was home from school recovering from a fever. I always kept them home an extra day after their
fever went away just to…

I am feeling very regretful

I got permission to share this. I'm still going to use only first names though.
I wanted my family and those who knew me back then, to have this update.
I had quite the shock last Wednesday in the middle of the night. First I will explain. Shortly after Bill and I were married in 1974, we moved into some apartments on East Yale in Fresno. In order to afford our own apartment, we managed the 9 unit complex. I also made daily morning and evening calls for the Disabled Vetarens, and I took care of 3 baby girls, Kari, Carrie, and Rochelle after placing a small ad in our local paper for infant care. I've always loved babies so I thought this was a pretty sweet deal.

(Can you even imagine answering an ad in the paper looking for care for your little baby?? 
This was almost 4 decades ago and I think we were all a lot more trusting back then.)

Carrie and Rochelle moved away after a few months but I continued caring for Kari. I had her every week day from 7:30-6pm. Often her Mom would hav…