Sunday, June 8, 2008

Never knew the gray hair grows back...

Last Friday was my granddaughter Elora's last day of kindergarten. I picked her up from school as I always do on Fridays. We came home and had lunch together. While were were eating, this is how our conversation went:

Elora: "Uh, Grandma Honey" (squinting up her eyes)...."I hate to say this, but.....well, you have a little gray hair showing."

Me: "No I don't. I just had my hair colored 2 weeks ago."

Elora: "Yes you do, I can see it."

Me: (I keep shaking my head) "No, I don't have any gray showing."
(So what if I did? What's it to her?)

Elora: "The other night I was really embarrassed because your gray hair was showing."

Me: "You were?"

Elora: "You know how my hair grows and then I have to get it cut?"

Me: "Yes"

Elora: "Well the same thing happens with your hair. It grows and then the gray comes back."
(Glad she explained this to me. I never knew this.)

This is from a 5 year old.
Since Elora was just 18 months old she would hear words or phrases and then try to use them in sentences later on. She must have heard the word embarrass recently and wanted to try it out on me. I was also thinking later that I recently had a few highlights put in my hair. Perhaps she is thinking those lighter strands are my gray hair.
Is it any wonder I love Fridays?


grandmapeg said...

As Art Linkletter used to say, "Kids say the darnest things!" I think that is what we love about these little ones. They are so amusing..but honest. Thanks for sharing this one.

Brock said...

What a monster!!! I am glad that you enjoy your time together! --Erin

Anonymous said...

I love knee slappers! This was a funny entry. I also loved Rachel's encore performance. : ) lb

tyler said...

That kid's awesome. I like the Elora entries. Keep those coming.

Rachel said...

Elora is one of a kind, she kills me. You know that one show called "Kids Say the Darnest Things?" I totally think she should be on that...but I don't know if they even have that show anymore. Thanks for posting that picture! I think it is so cute. Especially during the moments when she didn't choke me.