Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Smoky day in California

The air was so bad today from all the fires surrounding us, especially the Mariposa fire. We had high hopes of taking the girls bowling but instead, we just tried to keep them indoors. We have 4 air filters going round the clock. My lungs do not handle days like this very well.

Jessica and Emily slept for 13 hours last night! All the swimming the day before, I think, made them sleepy. Didn't seem to bother Katie however. When I got up this morning she was on the counter in the kitchen looking into the cupboards for the granola bars. Yep, she feels at home here. I love it.

My sister's daughter McKenzie came back to play games and have lunch. Also about 12:30 my daughter in law Erin, along with her very sweet visiting friend Rachel, and Elora and Cami came over for the afternoon. Seemed everywhere I turned there were little girls playing. I couldn't help but think back to years passed when I was raising my 4 sons. Life sure has changed. Who would have thought?

While I took a nap, Jessica made chocolate chip cookies with Aunt Erin and Rachel near by.
Aunt Erin with Katelyn, Elora, Emily, and Jessica

While Cami slept the afternoon away
Katelyn and EloraWe watched the Benji movie today! It started out so slow and I kept thinking....were children different back in 1982 when it was made?? About 10 minutes into it Elora asked me if she they could play Hi Ho Cherry Oh just in case they get bored. In other words, she WAS bored. Then suddenly the movie became very intense with the 2 kids in the movie getting kidnapped and only Benji the dog could save the day, and those girls could not keep their eyes off the screen. Turned out we all loved the movie. Now we want to see the sequels!....I think there are several. The music was quite good and it was fun seeing Betty Box's name on the credits.
I'd like to see it again just to hear the music.

By about 5:00 all our company left. Grandpa came home from work and then after dinner cousins Kylie and Macie came over to swim. The air looked better at that point so we thought the exercise would do everyone good. It quickly became smoky again however so the swimming didn't last long. We won't even tempt it tomorrow.

Katie, Kylie, Macie, Jessica, and Emily

Katie told us from the first night here that she wanted to sleep in this room. She refused to sleep in "a boys room" where Jess and Emily are sleeping. So sure enough, each night she snuggles right in to this room by herself. Emily says that Katie "needs to be around flowers when she sleeps".


Lisa said...

The adventures of Grandma sure is wonderful by looking at these entries!

Kris said...

Katie sleeping with the flowers? That is so cute. It's true! She is our flowery and happy little gal! :)

Looks like it's been a fun day!

Rachel said...

They are so cute. That's what I should have said when I stayed there. "Thanks for letting me sleep in the girly room. I really need to be around flowers when I sleep." Ha ha.