Friday, June 20, 2008

An 8 day adventure on its way

Dennis is on his way to Bakersfield to pick up 3 of our granddaughters. I so wanted to go with him but I have had an unrelenting tooth ache the past few days and finally got in to see the dentist this morning. The girls live in Logan, Utah and are flying out to California to stay with us for 8 days! Their Moms (Den's twin daughters) and Dads will be vacationing in Hawaii. This is going to be an adventure for all of us. First time the girls are flying alone (they are almost 9, 9 1/2, and 11).

Den wanted to make sure to get to the Bakersfield airport at least an hour before their plane is due in. He never wants to be late for anything, but especially he does not want to risk these 3 little girls being by themselves in an airport even for 1 second. I agree!

I found this book recently and it is full of ideas. Not so much in there for the ages of the granddaughters coming tomorrow (9-11) but I did find a few. Dennis asked me what in the world" unplugged play" was about. I told TV, no computers, no IPods. no video games, etc. Those items have their place, but as a grandma, I wanted to find other avenues of play...more the old fashioned kind. After all, I am a grandma.

I use to spend some of each summer with my grandparents when I was growing up. Those were such wonderful memories for me! I am anxious to create some memories now with Jessica, Emily, and Katelyn. Stay tuned.


Miranda said...

You are the funnest Grandma! It doesn't seem like mothering young children has ever left you. Thank you for the creative ideas. I really like the lunch in the muffin tin idea. My kids are really picky so they would probably think that was really fun. A six cup muffin tray would work great for that.
I cannot wait to hear about your adventures with your grandkids! You are so awesome Jill!

Amy Nielson said...

My mom would probably like that book too. She likes to do things without all the cell phones & video games, etc. I'll have to tell her about that book.

Jill said...

Thank you for reading my blog! I'm enjoying yours too! It is such a fun way to know what everyone is up to. Even little Arden talking on the veg phone!

Your mom is the queen of unplugged play. I learned much from her about mothering my sons. I just found a picture of you Amy when you were in our home...I think you were about 4. And now I get to read your blog about your little Jacob!