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Fighting the enemy

We've had a very wicked enemy with us the past 12 days and we 
are trying to kill it. It's called Pertussis/Whooping Cough. I've got 
it. Dennis escaped it, thank goodness.

I didn't realize until yesterday that we need a Pertussis booster 
every 10 years….To quote my Dr, "Actually the booster only lasts 
3-7 years, but we offer it every 10 years." And then she turned both 
her palms up as if to say…'I know, doesn't make sense.'

Something about how the shot is not as strong as the one we had 
growing up. …which would explain why Pertussis is back with a 

So I've been homebound for the past 12 days. But since I've been 
on antibiotics, I'm no longer contagious. Strange that before this 
illness is even very bad, the contagion period is over already. But
the symptoms continue to progress. Or like my Dr explained 
yesterday, "You are no longer contagious, but when you are 
around people, wear a mask to make them feel more at ease."

Toddler Turkey

If I had a toddler in my house today, 
this is what we'd be doing…

They look so festive and happy.  A Mom of 3 toddlers came up with this idea
She'll tell you how it came to be on her blog.
My only concern are the toothpicks…

We just never know.

Whenever I bring my laptop into our bedroom, a sign flashes 
across the screen saying that Clovis Unified School denies access.

This has been going on for over 2 years!

I kept putting off calling the elementary school across the street 
who is "denying access" thinking they would just be really nice 
about it, apologize and then refer me to their main office. In other 
words, they wouldn't know what to do about it either. 

But I had lots of extra time today so I called.

The office lady answered and seemed polite enough at first.

I began: "I have a problem I'm hoping you can help me with or at 
least point me in the right direction. We live on the next street 
over, and we're not able to get the internet in one room of our 
home because Clovis Unified is denying access."

I don't know why that struck a cord with her but it did. She came 
flying back with, "You need to quit using our provider and get one 
of your own."

"I'm not using your provider. …

No one laughs like Chickie

I need some happy tonight and I think this video works from a few weeks ago.
I love hearing Chickie's (aka Wendy) laugh in the back ground. That's the best part.

Amy is teaching the twins, and Grandpa, sight words.

My newly found relatives

We did it! We met them!

Thanks to I was able to connect with family who live just a few miles from us.
Family I never knew about. They also go to the same church (although a different ward and stake than
us) so NO WONDER they looked so familiar to me!

First, here I am with is my newly found cousin Sterling Ingrim. His great grandmother is the sister of
my great grandfather….which also means we have the same great great grandparents.

sorry my eyes are closed.
and next is …

Sterling with his wife Sheri. (If I told you how old they are, you'd never believe it.)…In back of them
is their daughter and son-in-law, Monique and Anthony Garcia…with one of their daughters, Sarah,
on the end. These pictures don't do them justice. They are a very cute family.

I could feel such a wonderfully loving spirit in their home as soon as Dennis and I walked through their
front door. We traded stories and family history….they made us feel comfortable right from the

We lear…

A family history mystery

Last week there was this mystery person adding data to our family tree on

So I thought I would just email this person to see if I'd get a response.
I wondered….who is this person and where did she get all the info to share? is free to all, but the majority are still from our church.
So I wondered….could this person making all these entries also be LDS like we are?

I had never found anyone who is Mormon in our family tree, except of course my parents and
siblings and then on from there. But no one else. Although I've often figured that as fast as this church
is growing, there must be someone somewhere who is LDS that we are related to.

I am still in awe how this unfolded.

The best way to explain is to share excerpts from emails over 2 days of time.

First is the one I put out there for the mystery person adding to our family tree.

(Keep in mind as your read below, that these are only small excerpts from our emails. 
And I will call her M until I get …

Oh the things we take for granted….

"Dedicated to the women who service seems small."

And to one woman who was rescued by it.
Go here to see what I mean. 

Richie likes his Great Grandpa

Our grandson Richie loves his Great Grandpa. 
Watch this little video and you'll see what I mean.

Richie is only 3, although he looks older since he's so tall.

Family from Logan, Utah!

We got to have lunch yesterday with Den's daughters,  Kim and Kris,  and we didn't even have to enter a drawing for it!
...unlike the conference they are speaking at for several  days….where a lucky winner will be chosen to eat lunch with  them. Whoever the winners are, they will love being with Kim and  Kris. Everyone does.
But especially their children.

So we got to keep Rachel and Robbie here with us for several days. Being around these two we are often finding ourselves 
stifling laughs from the things they say.

On the way to the restaurant the other night I asked them 
what they usually have for breakfast at home.
Rachel said she loves these "little packets of dust" 
they stir into milk. 
Sounds tasty! :)

They are incredibly helpful and polite.

I snuck in their bedrooms yesterday morning 
and this is what I saw…..
Not only did they make their beds, 
but they had their Halloween costumes laid out just so….

Cracks me up the way Robbie has even his hat there at the top,  and the rest of…