Tuesday, September 26, 2017

This is a new favorite

Oh this new Primary song the children of our church will be learning soon! 

I LOVE it and I can feel it. 


Thursday, September 14, 2017

A girl and her purse

With 8 year old Téa in the backseat of our car (minus her twin 
brother this time) we were on our way home from Cafe Rio. 

As we were driving along, Den and I were busy talking, 
while she was reading her bird watching book 
she'd had in her purse. 

I was talking to Den about a friend of mine who is 41 and 
expecting her first baby. How she and her husband, and her entire 
extended family and friends (including me!) are just in awe over 
excitement for this baby boy to arrive soon. 

I told Den, 
"Can you imagine the love that will surround this 
baby!? He will have SO much attention. Oh my goodness. 
They will probably never lay him down!!"

That's when I heard Téa come to life from the back seat. With a bit 
of accusing tone, she asked me, "Well what about you Grandma? 
What if you were to have a baby?"

"I'm too old for that."

"I know. But what if you did have a baby?"

"Uh...well...okay" (not knowing where we were going with this) 

"Would YOU lay your baby down??"she slammed right at me.

"Uh, no, I guess I wouldn't."

"Well then!!" 

Like we thought it was a bad thing to hold a baby so much. She was 
trying to stand up for them.....which I thought was SO endearing, 
and SO sweet. 

Especially since she doesn't even know the people 
we were talking about.

We have noticed that Téa has become 
more Téa since she got her first real purse.

Not only does she try to protect people she doesn't even know, 
but she's become very protective of me as well....

Like later on that evening while I was on the phone,
she was across the room, but when she heard me say to my friend, 
"Okay, I will try to remember that..." she quickly pulled out some 
sticky notes from her purse 
and waved them in front of my eyes and gently whispered to me, 
"Grandma use this to write it down!" 

Or right before eating at Cafe Rio she gave me the choice of 3 hand 
sanitizers she also had in her purse,
"Here Grandma, which one do you want to use?"

On the other hand, 
give a girl a purse and look what happens....

 If I worried that night about her suddenly growing up...

the thought disappeared when she wouldn't even consider being alone for a few minutes while I took a shower. 

Nope, she decided to take her bird book down the hall 
and hang out with Grandpa. 

And later on when her sister Laurynn came by to pick her up...

the contents of Téa's purse were all over the floor.

I found that rather comforting. 
There's still lots of little girl left in our Téa. 

Monday, September 11, 2017

Not my circus, not my monkeys, but here it is anyway.

My empty nest started 12 years ago.

But my sister Robin, hers and Dave's starts this week. 
There won't be much explanation here, since it's not my story.

But I couldn't help but share some of the pictures she texted me, 
while taking their youngest, McKenzie, to Rexburg, Idaho 
for college. 

After arriving in Rexburg she heard our nephew, Ty Kennington 
being paged....and there he was! 

(our sister Peggy and Jeff's son)

Then who should she run into but our grandson Austin!

Keeping with the Rozier tradition of maps on the wall,
looks like McKenzie got her apartment room all set up. 

Must be easier leaving their baby girl in Rexburg, 
since her cousins Kaidy and Ty near by. 

Or did she move in with cousin Kaidy? I don't even know.

And then Robin and Dave went onto 
Provo to see Brooke and Davey. 

Not sure if Alpine came before or after Provo, 
but Robin and Dave also got to see our brother Richard and Wendy!

And that's all I got! 

Robin, this one's for you: